Title: Haunt
Word Count:
Summary: It baffles John, how Sherlock changes so quickly.
Author's Note: This is the first one of my, hopefully many, drabbles...vignettes...oneshots, whichever you wish to call them. Enjoy.


They've only known each other a few weeks, but the more John gets to know Sherlock, the more the younger, much smarter, man fascinates him. Not just his idiosyncrasies and his razor-sharp intelligence the things that the rest of the world sees, but the peculiar ways he manages to integrate himself so firmly in John's life.

How, quite inexplicably, John has become Sherlock's shadow, second opinion, and stand-in skull. How, also incomprehensibly, Sherlock's managed to become John's cure for a limp, main subject in his blog, and a jolt of adrenaline in his lifestyle.

And, most of all, John is fascinated by the way that Sherlock's ability to float through a room silently and invisibly as if he's a ghost. Because John knows how potent and fiery Sherlock is, how his usual presence and personality is such a...such a force of nature, that he's stunned by the ease with which Sherlock is able to turn it all off and just haunt him.