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Today was going to be a different. It's like a feeling I got when I woke up. I did my same routine but something was different. In my drive to school with Beck, we didn't really say much besides our normal morning greeting. He had bag underneath his eyes and his hair didn't have it's natural brightness. As we walked into school hand in hand people glanced at us before going back to their lives. Might be a little narcissistic of me to want them to be talking about us but it was what they always did. We were the couple that everyone talked about, either we broke up or got backed together. But today no one even flinched. It was as if there was something bigger going on. Nothing besides the drama with Beck and I ever happens at this school. If there is other drama, usually I'm in it. Or it's a play.

"You're back together! Yey!" Cat cheered as she raced towards us. I nodded and gave her a quick smile.

"Coffee?" Beck asked as if he didn't know the answer. He kissed my cheek before going off to buy some.

"Holly J. told us already!" Tori chimed in as she, Andre and Robbie walked towards us. I raised my eyebrow.

"Told you what?" I asked.

"About how Fiona lied to us all and how she broke you and Beck up so she could get Beck to herself!" Cat explained. Tori nodded in agreement.

"I just can't believe she fooled us like that. We're sorry we blamed you, it's just Fiona is a very good actress! I hope she doesn't show her face today because I will confront her about this!" Tori said. I chuckled and shook my head. Just as I was about to speak, Holly J. came through the doors. Alone. I gave her a pitied look. Her eyes were swollen but she still held her usual morning smile. No one said anything about it though, or they were too stupid to notice.

"Morning." She greeted.

"Where's the infamous Declan Coyne?" Tori asked with a smile. I saw Holly J. flinch.

"I don't know and nor do I care. I'm done with the Coyne's." Holly J. spat bitterly. I frowned as well as Tori did.

"Both or just Fiona?" Andre dared to ask. I sent Andre a glare, which he did not see.

"If Declan can't stand up to his sister then I'm done trying to compete with her. Honestly, it's sickening the way Fiona is so jealous of me spending time with her brother. And it's even more disgusting that he doesn't say anything to her." She sneered as she shook her head.

"Maybe they're just a little too close." I mumbled. I instantly regretted it because of what it caused. Holly J. sent me a side glare but worse then that was when Rex shouted,"Coyne twincest!". catching everyone's attention. Holly J.'s eyes went wide, as did everyone else.

"Shut up! That's not funny!" Holly J. exclaimed. Robbie held his hand in surrender.

"It's not me, it's Rex!" Robbie defended. I grabbed the puppet out of his hand and threw it across the hall. Robbie yelped and ran after his flying puppet.

"Let's just hope no one heard his idiotic comment." I said. Cat looked confused, her innocent mind probably had no clue of the meaning and no one was about to explain it to her.

"I think the damage was already made." Andre suddenly said as he looked around the hall. Students were looking at us and whispering too loudly.

"The twins are...together?"

"No way! That's disgusting!"

"But I heard the girl wanted to date Beck!"

"Coyne twincest!"

Every one had heard. I heard heels rapidly walking away. I looked over and Holly J. was practically having an anxiety attack.

"What has he done? What have I done?"

"Whoa,it wasn't you that said it!" I replied to her. She shook her head and ran through the halls.

I looked at Tori, who looked just as confused as Cat.

"This is bad, isn't it?" She asked with a worried look. Cat looked at us.

"What's bad?" She questioned innocently.

"What Rex just said, everyone heard. It's a lie though, we have to make them believe that." Andre said. I rolled my eyes.

"If those idiots want to believe it then let them. It doesn't matter! It's not up to us to fix it." I told him. I walked to my locker and they followed.

"Jade, you're the one that talked about it." Tori said. I turned and glared at her.

"Wrong. Rex said it. Besides, I'm sure this thing will blow over." I commented. Before she could reply. Beck came back with two coffees in his hand. He had a blank expression as he handed me the coffee.

"Have you heard?" He whispered. We all looked at each other confused.

"About?" Andre asked. Beck looked around before leaning closer in to the circle we subconsciously formed. He took out his phone and went on . There he went to the seniors daily news report and in bold letters read "New Twins Equal Twincest!" I heard Tori gasp as she snatched the phone out of Beck's hand.

"New really does travel fast..." She mumbled as she stared at the phone.

"Its not true, Beck! Rex made a stupid joke about it and people took it too literally." I explained. Beck shrugged.

"To be fair, you did imply it." Andre said. I turned and glared at him.

"No one heard me! It was Rex that shouted it. Besides it's not true." I defended.

"Doesn't matter if it's true or not but what they'll think." Beck said as he pointed towards the infamous twins. Fiona had shades on and I couldn't help but to notice her wrapped wrist. Everyone stopped to look at them. Some gave them scowls while others simply shook their heads in disgust. Fiona stopped walking after noticing this. She reached out for Declan but he had already stopped. They were close together and looked almost afraid. Declan held his guard, not letting it show but his sister was drowning with the gaze of everyone.

I could just tell someone was about to blurt it out. Some idiot was about to tell them. They looked around for answers but Declan's gaze held mine. I turned away and grabbed Beck's hand.

"Let's go before this turns bad." I whispered. Beck nodded and we left. Though it was not quick enough because the same person who had unintentionally started the rumor, just blurted out the same word.

"Twincest!" Rex yelled from behind some students. We paused and looked back.

Declan and Fiona were suddenly standing apart from each other.

"That's so disgusting!" Some one shouted. Suddenly it was like the movies where everyone joined together to scold the outcasts. In this case being the twins. Yells and teasing comments were all joined together. I caught Fiona's eye sight and she gave me a questioning look as if asking if I was the one to start this. I shook my head slightly. She had tears in her eyes and in seconds she was crying. Holly J. had been standing in the corner, tears in her eyes as well. Declan looked at Fiona, unsure if comforting her would help or worsen the situation.

"Jade! We have to get them out of here!" I heard Tori's voice call out. The halls were becoming crowded and all circling around the twins.

Tori pushed her way through with Cat and Andre.

"As much as I hate how she fooled us, she doesn't deserve this. She's mean and vile bu-"

"And what do you want me to do!" I cut Tori off. She sighed.

"You're Jade West, everyone fears you! Just go tell them to back off! They listen to you." She exclaimed. They all looked at me as if expecting me to fix this. I couldn't do it. They don't deserve it but how could I stand up for them when it was kind of my fault?

"Its not our war..." I said before walking away. I expected Beck to follow but he stayed behind. I didn't stop though. I kept walking until I found an empty hallway.

I could hear faint noise. Was it all still going on? I leaned against the wall and looked back.

Suddenly I heard a loud and familiar yell. I heard Beck's angry voice, his words were unclear. For seconds everything was quiet before the sounds of doors slamming shut were heard, followed by cheering of the students. I raised my eyebrows and had the urge to return when my phone began ringing. Beck was calling me. I picked up.

"Jade,Andre has Trina's car. He, Tori and Declan are waiting for you in the front of the school. Get there fast, ok?" He explained.

"What? Why? What happened?" I asked frantically.

"I'll explain later just please go with Tori." He said before hanging up. I was confused and lost but I did as he said and ran to the front building. Robbie was talking to his "senior friends". I pushed him against the lockers before leaving the building. Students were gone and returning to normal when I left.

"Hurry up before we get caught!" Tori yelled from inside her car. Andre was driving, Tori and Declan were in the back and I took the front seat. I glanced at Declan who had his eyes shut and his head in his hands.

I said nothing more. The guilt of making the comment was starting to get to me. I didn't want to admit it but I started the rumor. If I hadn't have said my comment, Rex (Robbie) wouldn't have shouted that comment out. Nothing would have happened if I would have kept my mouth shut.

What almost killed me was when I glanced back and saw Declan's tear running down his face. It wasn't so much that I felt bad for Fiona, it was Declan I really felt bad for. It seemed he was the one caught in the middle.





I woke up feeling weak and tired. The sound of my alarm clock was giving me a headache. I sat up and reached over to shut it off. I rubbed my eyes and saw my hand that was wrapped up.

Things were going to change today. I just felt it and I think he did too. When I got out of the room to shower, Declan was already up and dressed. He only glanced at me before returning to his business. He was cleaning up the mess from yesterday.

"Thought I told you to stay in home this week." He suddenly said before I could close the bathroom door. I sighed and shut the door. I didn't bother to respond to his question. I had forgotten about that. I groaned and proceeded to my daily routine.

I should just listen to him and stay in bed. He knows I wouldn't listen. He knows I would disobey him and come to school anyways. It's not that I want to cause him anymore trouble but that little annoying voice in the back of my head keeps bugging me to apologize to Holly J. Even though I hate Holly J. with a strong passion, she means something to my brother. It's for him that I'm apologizing because honestly, I don't want to. I don't want to apologize for something I'm not entirely sorry for. Besides she should be the one to apologize for trying to split me and my brother apart. She should be the one to blame not me. Maybe if she hadn't excluded me from his life then I wouldn't mind her as much.

There I go again. If I keep rambling about how much I dislike her, I'll never apologize. And then Declan will always resent me for that. I care about him. I'm not selfish. Not completely at least. He's the only person I've ever had and I can't lose him. I won't lose him. If Holly J. is the only thing that keeps him happy then I'll hold in my rage so that he can be happy. I don't want to have the only person I can depend on hate me.

When I finished getting dressed and was ready for school, I went out to the kitchen. Declan was reading while eating his breakfast.

"Declan-" I tried but he didn't want to deal with me.

"Hurry up and eat so we won't be late. I'll be down in the car." He said before leaving.

I sighed and let him go. I leaned against the counter not feeling hungry anymore. This was not how I wanted things to go. I was too self absorbed to really see the damage I created.

I waited a couple of minutes before heading downstairs. Out in the front was our driver. I gave him a small smile as he opened the back seat. Declan was facing the window and refused to look at me. I took the hint and stayed as far away from him as possible. The sound of his music was all I heard. He didn't want to talk but I did. I reached out and nudge his shoulder. He took a deep breath and turned off his music. He took off his headphones and turned to me.

"Say something?" I began. He shrugged.

"Say what? I have nothing to say to you."

"Ever since we've gotten here all we do is fight!" I exclaimed.

"I wonder who starts it." He replied. I glared at him but he simple rolled his eyes.

"Damn it, Declan! You're suppose to be my twin! You're suppose to never give up on me. I'm trying to fix things here." I yelled at him.

"I didn't give up on you, I just don't know what to do with you anymore." He said angrily. I shrieked in frustration and slapped him. He shoved me and glared at me.

"I'm not doing this anymore. Do what ever the hell you want, Fiona." He sneered before exiting the car. I hadn't noticed that we arrived at school. I sat in the car for a couple of moments before getting out of the car.

"Declan wait! I'm sorry!" I said as I tried to catch up to him. He walked through the doors first and I followed. I only walked five steps away from the door and into the building when I notice everyone was looking at us. I looked around at them. Their expression's were hard to read. I looked back at Declan and reached out for him but he had already noticed to. I touched his hand and looked at him.

"What's going on?" I whispered. He shrugged and we looked around. I spotted Holly J. who was hiding amongst the crowd that was forming. Declan had spotted her as well. We began walking slowly, I was almost pressed against him, when someone shouted that awful word.

"Twincest!" We heard. My eyes went wide and I looked at Declan who looked even paler than usual. I pushed him away. I shook my head. No, it's not true! I wanted to yell and deny it all but\

"That's so disgusting!" Someone else shouted. I felt like I was being suffocated. I felt disgusting myself. How could they think that? What did we do to- Jade! She's the only one low enough to start something like this.

I scanned the crowd to find her. She was with Beck, Tori, Cat and Andre. She was starring wide eye as well. I gave her a questioning look to which she shook her head. I heard people's taunts and comments towards us. Holly J. was holding back her tears. Had she done this? I felt tears running down my face. It was like living my worst nightmare. I dared to glance at Declan who tried to get past the crowd but he kept getting pushed back to the center. He glanced back at me and gave me an apologizing look. I tried to leave the building but the students were blocking my way.

"How could you like your own brother?" A blond girl said. I glared at her and tried to push by but she wouldn't move.

"Hey! Leave them alone!" I heard his voice. His tough voice rang in my ears. Everyone went silent.

"What is the matter with you? It's all just a stupid rumor started by a stupid person!" Beck yelled. I looked back at him. He was angry and glaring at everyone.

"Leave them alone! They didn't do anything wrong!" Tori backed him up moving to the center with Andre and Cat following.

"Get them out of this school! They're infecting Hollywood Arts!" Someone shouted. Suddenly all the yells started again.

"I want to leave!" I told Beck. He nodded and grabbed my hand. I didn't care if he had just rejected me. No of that mattered. I just wanted to get out of that school. Beck pushed aside the people blocking the door and got me outside. I didn't know what was going on anymore. My head was spinning. I thought this drama would only ever exist in Degrassi. I was wrong to think that.

Before I realized it, I was in Beck's car with Cat and Holly J. I was in the back with Cat while Holly J. and Beck rode up front. I glanced back at the school as we drove away and saw Andre, Tori and Declan climbing into another car. I shut my eyes and rested my head on my hands.

As we drove I faintly heard Beck's voice talking on the phone. I sat up and looked at Holly J. who kept silent.

"How?" I asked. I got everyone's attention. Holly J. looked away. Did she start this?

"Holly J...?" I tried to ask. She let her tears fall. She did this?
"How could you? To Declan?" I exclaimed. I waited for her reply but she only shook her head.

"I-" She was cut off by Beck.

"Let's just calm down. We'll talk about it when we get to there." Beck said calmly.

How could she do this? I know she hated me as much as I hated her but I never thought she would do something like this. Declan is my brother. My twin. He wasn't talking to me before. Now there is no chance of him ever wanting to speak with me. Not after this.