Okay so first village fanfic. don't be too cruel. Little notes:

'blahblahblahblahblah' = thoughts

"blahblahablhablahblh" = spoken words. enjoy

I sit quietly in the rocking chair. I turn to the doctor. "Is it true what you are saying?" I asked, praying that it is not so. He says nothing and bows his head sadly. I turn back to the setting sun and massage my head. So long it has been going on. And for it to now turn into something this dreadful. It is my worst nightmare. "No. No. No no no no no! This is not right! This is not what we had hoped for! This is not what I had hoped for!" I bang my fists against the arms on the rocking chair.

"I am sorry Edward. It was all I could do to save the child! To ask for anything more would be to test the patience of God." Victor protests.

I slam my fists down harder onto the rocking chair. It surely will break from my wrath. "Leave me Victor, for I do not want to speak things that I do not mean."

The kind doctor nods his head and retreats from the porch. I cannot help but think, 'This is my punishment for the lies I have conceived against these people. This is the punishment for my sin. It is a hard thing to recognize, lies. It is even harder, when you are being lied to by those you are closest to.

I remove myself from the rocking chair. The only constant thing I have found in this world. I gently rub my hand against the old wood and brace myself to talk with my now blind daughter.

So clearly, this is very short. This is in Edward's view from the rocking chair that is on their porch. It's always facinated me so I thought I'd do a Fanfic. I acctually have the last two chapter printed but I won't add on until I get at least three reviews. Tell me how I did. that means pressing the little green button down there and writing a few thing. Thank a lot. Love ya bunches! - Laynee