Raoul's Conclusion

I watched her eyes, like a sorrowed river.

The remorse in them caused me to shiver.

Watery pools, blue as the night.

I watched her weep, what a horrible sight.

He sang his passionate music tonight

When I heard him I knew I'd been right.

Her heart beats with forbidden love of the most exquisite kind.

I guess I always knew in the back of my mind.

I knew that we could never be

But I closed my eyes and refused to see

I forced myself to be, what I'd always wanted to be

Her little Hero who saved her scarf from the sea

But now I fear I must concede

It was never her and me

She's shown me the truth clear as day

For she has never looked at me that way

I see now that she cannot stay

For the words, 'I love you' she cannot say

My governess was right, our dream was a game

But in the end we were both to blame

I see now that my heart untamed

Made me lose my life's true aim.

I am a Viscount, a powerful man

She is beneath me from where society stands

Because of her station, our love was banned

Now at last I understand

No, not our love the feeling was mine

And now I'm cursed to find

I'm tied to a gate, struggling against my binds.

Watching her give him a gesture that is more than kind

Her lips embrace his and her kiss becomes deep

This is an image that will haunt me in my sleep

She pulls away and he starts to weep

My heart hurts and my tears begin to seep

Welling high, because it's true

I see something I wish I knew

I close my eyes, my heart splits in two

For I see now why she would have to choose

And she would pick him, give the man his due

Because that man will love her

Her teacher will be true

Christine Daaƫ, your Angel loves you

Far more than I do.