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Dahlia POV

Eric and I sat in his office for three hours just talking about everything. He asked where I had lived, who I knew, what I did in my free time, what was my favourite time period. Every possible question you could think of and more. I asked him the same back. It was strange but although we had only meet, it felt natural to just sit here and talk, like we had always been brother and sister.

The only thing that stopped us from going on all night was his "daughter" Pam. I liked her from the off. I loved how she just walked in, demanding attention but never seeming rude. We were going to get along. "Eric, the Queen is here..." she stopped as she noticed me sitting on the couch, "well hello. How could you keep such a fine specimen away from me Eric, I'm hurt."

"You would be if you had a heart," answered Eric. "This is my sister Dahlia. Dahlia this is Pam, I am Pam's maker." Pam just stared at me in shock, mouth open, eyes measuring me up. I walked over and held out my hand, Pam didn't seem sure on how to react at first but eventually she took it. Behind us Eric was laughing, which also seemed to shock Pam. Between laughs Eric explained, "I have never seen Pam shocked or speechless so to see both at once is very...very funny."

I turned and smiled at Pam who was smirking, "well, I can see the family resemblance. I have to say, if I was to fuck either of you...I would definitely go for Dahlia."

Now it was Eric who was speechless. Eventually he asked "Pam what do you want? And I thought you were off."

"I sensed you were upset so I decided to nip in but as I walked in Sookie phoned to see if you had made a start on...you know I can only stand her in small doses so I hung up. But Sookie called. Dahlia I love your shoes. Eric, you have to fill me in later." Without another word Pam turned and left.

"Well, she is just delightful. I can see us getting along. But it seems you have things to do so I'll get out of your hair. Why don't I go and see Sookie, I feel I need to apologise for earlier."

"I believe she is working. Anyway you can stay here."

"I'm not going to run away, and I feel I'll be seeing a lot of her so I may as well get to know her."

An hour later, I pulled up outside Merlottes. The place had a homely and welcoming feel to it but what else would you expect from a bar situation in a small town. I turned off my 1967 Chevrolet Impala and headed into the bar. I was welcomed by pale red head who looked too young to be working in a bar. "Welcome to Merlottes, my name is Jessica, just a table for one?"

"Hi, yeah it's just one." She led me to a little booth in the corner and placed a menu on the table in front of me. "I'll just take a true blood."

"Oh, you're a vampire too. Cool, working here means I don't get to meet many other vampires. Are you just passing through?"

"Hopefully not, I have family in the area."

"How nice," I respected how she didn't press further. "Well, your server will be Sookie, she will be with you shortly."

Lucky me, I imagine she will be a bit apprehensive when she saw me after how things had happened at Fangtasia. I looked around the room, checking out what sort of people hung out in a bar like this, it was completely different to the ones I usually spent time in in New York.

Everyone had a country element to them, be it a plaid shirt here or dirty jeans there. I then noticed Sookie was talking to a group of workers, one in particular that I assumed was her brother. He had his sisters eyes and was well framed which he clearly liked showing off by wearing a vest top. Sookie must have sensed that I was looking and turned towards me. I could see she was shocked by my appearance in her area. She excused herself from her brother and headed towards my table, taking two shaky breaths on the way. "Hi, what would you like?" she was grinning from ear to ear but it was clearly fake and I could sense her discomfort.

"Hey, I am not here to cause trouble I promise. I offered to come over and apologise for what happened earlier. I guess we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Dahlia, Eric's sister."

"It sure didn't look like you were related. And do you mean Godric was your maker too or..."

"Both, I survived and Godric turned me. It is a long story. I hoped maybe we could chat. I feel I need to prove myself to my brother, and I can sense you need help finding Bill Compton and therefore I would like to help you, if you would like my assistance?"

"I...I don't know...we just...can we talk about this later, at fangtasia?"

"Sure, I have nothing to be doing anyway. I guess I can meet you then. But your brother may not be too keen on the idea." I looked behind her again to catch her brother staring at me, trying to figure me out. I smiled and looked back at Sookie. "Well, I will see you later then." With that I got up and left, leaving a $40 tip on the table. I had taken up her time so it was the least I could do.