Disclaimer: I own a tent, a sleeping bag and a packet of biscuits but not Doctor Who; the BBC does instead.

A/N: This was inspired by watching "Coach Trip" on Channel 4; who'd've thought watching Reality TV had it's uses?



"So, whose idea was this again?" demanded Donna; irritation poured off her in waves.

"Yours, if I remember correctly," the Doctor informed her calmly.

"Mine? I don't think so, Sunshine! This idea has 'you' written all over it!" Donna exploded back. She was really 'p'ed off with this lark.

"You were the one who suggested getting to know the local culture more," he returned. Anger was starting to build in him now.

"Yeah! From a posh hotel room, preferably; with hot and cold running water, room service…. Warmth!" she bit back.

"And how exactly would that be learning the local culture, eh?" he retorted.

"It's… not, I admit… but at least I wouldn't be sleeping in a cold, damp tent on a deflating bed arguing with someone who eats all the biscuits!" Donna whined.

""I do not! You were offered some!" he protested.

"True! But I didn't eat them!" Donna argued.

"Maybe. It's a bit hard to squash in some biscuits when you've filled up on chocolates!" the Doctor glared at her.

"Look! For the last time, it is NOT my fault I was given pear-flavoured chocolates. I didn't know you could even get pear-flavoured chocolates! And it is NOT my fault they rewarded ME instead of YOU!" she huffed, and changed her position on her bed.

The Doctor sulkily moved into a cross-legged position on his inflatable bed, and eyed Donna with his best puppy-dog look.

"Oh, all right!" Donna burst out, "I'll buy you your favourite chocolates as soon as we get anywhere near a shop. I promise!" Donna moved to squeeze his hand reassuringly. He immediately relented and smiled back at her.

"And the ones with the little sprinkles?" he pushed.

"If they've got them, yes!" she replied, "or, how about the ones with caramel centres?"

"Mmmm! Now you're talking! You have such good ideas, Donna. You're brilliant!" he exclaimed.

"I have my moments," she concurred.