Nobody warned you,
Nobody told you, to make up your mind.
Nobody told you, that I could just waltz through
and shake up your style.

I'm inside, like a wrecking ball through your mind,
and I change it all from inside.




Early in the morning, Elena walked idly through the fields around her Uncle John's estate. She ran her fingers over the tall weeds and reminisced about her old life in New York. Her father's sudden death forced her to relocate to Virginia. It was only last week that she stopped wearing the customary black mourning gowns. Her mother continued to wear black and remained in a constant state of depression. She cursed her brother Jeremy for running off, she needed his support. She willed herself to stop thinking about Jeremy.

She heard the foot falls of a horse, but was unable to determine its direction, only that it was going incredibly fast.

Damon was racing through the high grass. He pushed his horse faster than proper, because he was angry and distracted.

He failed to recognize the lady not too far from him, when he glanced up, it was almost too late to rein his horse. His horse reared and force of the movement made him fall off. His body slid across the grass. He groaned from the harsh landing. He was cursing his bad luck.

Elena lifted up her dress and raced over to the rider. She stroked the frightened horse and tried to calm its movements. It was black and absolutely breathtaking, with the softest mane. She had never seen a horse like it, it probably would have scared most ladies away.

"Sir! I hope you are not injured. I could try and fetch you some help." She said politely.

Damon stood up and tried to remove the grass from his overcoat. It was exceptionally fine, imported from Italy. He hated being dirty. He winced from the scrapes on his legs. "I do not think I could handle anymore help from you, madam." He said without glancing up at Elena.

"You were the one riding like a demon! You could have injured me and your horse." She said annoyed, but continued to caress the animal's mane.

Surprised by her fiery spirit, Damon looked at the lady for the first time. She was beautiful and young. She could not be more than 18 years old. Her dark brown curls fell perfectly around her face. Her dark eyes were intense and direct. Her eyes could tear anyone apart. Her cheeks were flushed from the encounter. He knew the rest of her had to be beautiful, but she was wearing a black dress cape. The hood was loosely covering half her head.

"Forgive me, madam." He gave her a charming look, the type that made all the girls swoon. He smirked. "I thought I was alone out here."

His charm did nothing to her. She did not bother admiring his blue eyes or his jet black hair. She was not affected by his handsome form. She was alarmed that he did not have better manners. She glared at him in angrily. Gentlemen never treated her this way.

"Sir, let us hope this incident does not repeat. Be kind as to ride responsibly. As I do often enjoy my morning walks."

"I have never seen you around here before. I know most people in town, if not they certainly know me." He said arrogantly.

She rolled her eyes. He was the most conceited man in all of her acquaintance. And she knew a lot of men. He clearly thought too highly of himself.

"How quaint this little town must be, if you are the only person deemed worth knowing." She fired back with a raised brow.

His brows furrowed at her insulting remarks. How dare she!

She curtsied elegantly, her head bowed, with a hint of a wicked smile. She knew he was bewildered.

"I bid you adieu, sir." She said politely and walked away. She acted like he was insignificant.

"I do not know your name, madam." He called out.

He heard her laughing in response. "You will not miss hearing it tomorrow night."

"I do not understand." He called back.

"All in good time." She said cheekily. Her gown was going to make such a statement. She could not wait to dance and laugh. Hopefully, this town had other gentlemen that were handsome, but with better manners. She giggled and could not wait to write in her diary.

Damon tried to figure out her words. She clearly had a game plan. He did not like feeling uncertain, it was not in his nature. He figured it out, tomorrow night was a Gilbert ball. Could someone have invited her? Who was she visiting? Where was she from? Did she have a dance card?

She haunted his thoughts throughout the rest of the day. There was something about her, it was more than her beauty, she knew how to laugh. She was intelligent and vivacious. She could be his match.

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