Dr. Horrible flicked his camera on, dressed in his new red jacket and black gloves. The goggles are perched precariously atop his mess of blonde hair. He picked up a black and silver gun that looked a lot like his exploded death-ray. "I have the new stun gun here in working condition. It uh, seems to be in perfect shape, ready for its first trial run." He gave a smile to the camera and hefted it in a shooting position. "Thought I'd try it out on camera, heh!" His thumb flicked the on-button.

Glitter exploded everywhere. In his hair. All over his red jacket. Smearing his goggles.

Gold sparkling glitter.

Dr. Horrible was…glittery.

Dr. Horrible was sure he was even inhaling the stuff, coating his lungs in shiny flecks of..of…whatever glitter is made from. It couldn't be healthy that was for sure. It was still raining down on him and the "stun gun" he was holding.

Blinking most of it out of his eyes so he could actually see, Dr. Horrible looked down at the gun and the sticky white tape with pink lettering. "Glitter Gun" it read in place of stun. He let out a cough and glitter spewed from his mouth all over the desk, keyboard and computer. "That was…unexpected." Tossing the thing aside further down the table he brushed at the glitter to no avail. The bright shiny pieces of stuff were sent flying around again to settle pretty much where he'd been cleaning it up from.

"Bowie, I know it was him," he muttered, brows furrowed in agitation. Bowie had been interrupting all of his new experiments, trying to persuade Dr. Horrible to work with him, and being downright pestering since Dr. Horrible had joined the ELE. Only one person could have done this…catastrophe.

A knock sounded at the lab door and Dr. Horrible looked up with a very Billy, very pathetic look. "What?"

Dead Bowie walked in and looked at his fellow villain covered in gold glitter. "Oooh, pretty!"