Dr. Horrible sits down at his computer, wanting to go through his Blog entries and see what he has covered this week. Normally he goes through each one before posting them but it seems that as of late, there isn't much time for him to do that. He has been so caught up in heists, plots and dealing with Dead Bowie's infiltrations of his lab that Horrible has been putting off his reviews.

Clicking open the program he has to record his Blog sessions, Dr. Horrible sees something different than usual. He cannot pin it down right off but he sees that something on the opening set up screen looks off. He shakes his head and hits the "open file" button, going back to Monday's entry. As the files pops up he sits back to watch his camera-perfect face come up on screen.


It's not so camera perfect. The image is mirrored, some odd affect that teenagers like to use on their myspace pages. How in the world…

Dr. Horrible leans forwards and watches as he conducts his entire Blog cast in mirror vision. Having a horrible feeling hit his gut, in true ironic fashion, Dr. Horrible opens each of his other Blog posts. Each one is running in some odd, non-serious effect. He cannot believe he'd posted a weeks worth of work in this stupid, stupid manner.

With a growl, Dr. Horrible goes quickly to his mail inbox for the Blogs. Yep, it is filled with comments on his new manner of presenting his Blog. Some good responses, mostly jokes about it all. Then one catches his eyes. It is under the name "Bowie-rific".

Rolling his eyes, he opens it up and finds that Dead Bowie left a Blog response in yet another effect. "Hey Dr.! I thought I would try to spice up your Blog! Hope you liked it."

Dr. Horrible gets up and swipes the camera from atop his computer and chucks it in the trash.