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Summary: During a late night investigation of a sleeping disturbance, Raven finds out something she shouldn't have. If she's glad she knows, she can't decide.

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Raven groaned as she got out of her bed and made her way out of her door. It was late and she couldn't sleep, something that had been going on since around the time Terra came back. They weren't entirely sure how, but Raven had guessed that her reversing the end of the world was probably a factor at the least, if not the answer. The others had welcomed her back, though more cautiously this time. She also seemed very depressed for the first week before starting to cheer up some. Raven had avoided her, but not to the point of ignoring her. Beastboy, surprisingly, had been keeping a very keen eye on her, which Terra didn't really mind. She knew that they may never trust her again, but knowing she had another chance was all she wanted and Raven herself would admit-albeit vaguely and possibly in the form of an insult-Terra had been living up to their expectation.

One strange thing Raven noticed was that Terra had been more tired in the mornings compared to how she used to be. She had assumed that was because she hadn't been used to using her powers for a while. Even stranger was the fact that Beastboy seemed oddly happy and sedated those mornings. Now that Raven thought about it, Beastboy only wasn't like that on the days Terra wasn't tired, which wasn't very often. There was defiantly a connection there. What, she wasn't sure, but she planned to find out tonight.

She had been about to pass Beastboy's room, when she paused as a strange mix of emotions leaked from the room, and it felt like more than one person was in there. She pressed her ear against the door, but couldn't hear anything. She was about to leave, thinking Beastboy was just having a dream, when she felt an increasing amount of anger; annoyance; etc. being directed at...her? 'That means Beastboy's awake and knows I'm here,' she thought somewhat worryingly.

Waking up Garfield Mark Logan when he's asleep usually wasn't an advisable thing to do these days. Over the past year, Beastboy had gone through some changes. He was taller, just a few inches below Starfire, and a lot stronger. He, or his powers, seemed to have 'evolved' at one point, allowing him numerous new abilities stemming from his ability to alter his own genetic structure. His speed and strength had drastically increased, despite his lack of muscle capacity. Not to say his muscles weren't developed, just that his strength increased without his muscles expanding. His brain and senses had developed in a way that kind of creeped the others out at times. Half the time, he could smell emotions better then Raven could sense them. He could almost see what happened at someplace, a crime scene usually, without having ever been there. They still don't know how he figured out it Red X was behind a robbery when it looked like Mumbo did it.

His personality had changed somewhat as well. He was more..Animal at times. Territorial, precise, brutal, and he had saved the day a few times by under-minding Robin. Those two had long since had a tense friendship, if it could even be called that. Robin hated it when anyone disobeyed him, they all knew that. The trouble here was that Beastboy only disobeyed him when he had a truly better way of doing it or when Robin was wrong. So, it was hard to blame Beastboy when he had come out on top every time. It wasn't too hard to figure out that Beastboy's instincts were part of the reason behind this increasing tension. Raven had discovered a while back that Beastboy's instincts affect him in a way similar-yet very different- to how her emotions did, though Beastboy himself was about the only one that understood them. Whether he had a mindscape, she didn't know. She had tried going into his mind once. She never told anyone what she saw, she only said, "Never. Again." What she glimpsed at was not meant for mortal or even half-mortal eyes. She never insulted his brain after that, intellect was another subject all together.

All this amounted to the fact that Raven was at an impasse. While Beastboy certainly wasn't one to get violent with his friends, he got very grumpy from being woken up, and his annoyed glare freaked her out, especially since there was a good chance of him being right in front of the door when she opened it. On the other hand, this weird feeling might just be what had been keeping her up at night.

'Oh for the love of Azar, just open the damn door before he gets any more annoyed!' Rude shouted in her head, her voice grumpier then normal due to the lack of sleep.

'Bu-but w-what if he ge-gets mad?' Timid stuttered out worryingly.

'News flash Cry Baby, he's already ticked off! Can't blame him, I'd hate being woken up by a rude friend,' There was a brief pause at this, as everyone raised an eyebrow at her comment.

'I'm afraid I must agree with Rude. He's already annoyed so we might as well as see if he might know or be the cause of our sleeping problem,' Wisdom commented as sagely as ever, before yawning.

'This is one of the exceptional occasions that I must dispute with you. If we inquire him about it at this present time, he may not be willing to answer with his current mentality. He'd be his general disposition. A single and final additional night of near insomnia wouldn't be detrimental to our health,' Knowledge attempted to reason as everyone paused to decipher her words.

'All in favor of doing this tomorrow, say aye,' Raven said, having found this to be a good way of ending such argument fairly quickly.

'Aye,' Knowledge answered.

'A-Aye,' Timid.

'Aye,' Rude grumbled out.

'Aye,' Brave said. They had all seen what Beastboy did to Cyborg when he played a late night prank on the changeling. Rage was taking notes when she found out the next morning.

'All against?' Raven asked, having a good guess what would happen next.

'Nay,' a very exhausted Happy commented. Since she wasn't the one least used to the extent of happiness she was, she suffered a greater amount of exhaustion first.

'Nay,' Wisdom answered.

'NAY!' Three voices instantly rang out after Wisdom.

'Wait, Three?' Raven wondered as she turned a mental eye towards the three. It was Love, Lust, and...'Lust! I thought I told you to keep your fetish versions of me in your own domain! Sorry..Slave Raven, you don't get a vote here,'(1) She said to a version of her that was dressed in nothing, but a customized version of the Slave Leia outfit, chain-leash and all. Raven tried not to think about her or any of the other things Lust came up with in her own realm.

'Ohhhh, and I wanted to meet Master Gar,' Slave Raven said sadly as she walked back to Lust's realm.

After several minds were pulled out of the gutter, a few bloody noses were cleaned, and one case of fainting was barely avoided; they turned their attention to Rage. She usually only voted when the emotions were tied and always voted last. While she no longer had four eyes, they still glowed red- if only for the intimidating affect they had.

She didn't seem like she was going to answer until, 'Aye,' at their surprised looks, she explained, 'He answers, we either find the problem or cross off one possibility. He gets ticked, and I might finally get the match I've been wanting. Win-win for me,' she said. It was no secret in Nevermore that of all the beings on earth, or in the universe for that matter, Rage wanted to fight no one else as much as she did Beastboy. The reason was fairly simple- She saw him as someone whose rage might equal or even surpass her own. Getting him to fight Raven seriously was hard. He had truly taken few people serious in a fight since his 'evolution' as they called it, and possibly before it. The few times he did, Rage drooled worse than Lust and Love at the mere memory of Beastboy cutting loose.

'Well, guess that settles that,' Raven thought, more to herself then her emotions. While the decision was ultimately her's, what good was advice if she didn't use it? "Beastboy? It's Raven!" She knocked on the door, getting no answer, but she could hear what she thought was a shushing noise. A moment later, the door opened to reveal a VERY annoyed Beastboy in a black T-Shirt and purple boxers. The T-Shirt was probably for her sake more than his.

"What is it?" He asked in a deep voice that was grumpy and strangely sounded like he was faking tiredness.

"Umm, I was wondering- What's that?" She asked as she saw a lump on the top bunk-bed and she swore it twitched a little. It was too big to be Silkie, but she was getting some emotions off it; annoyance, anticipation, worry, and- was that Love and/or Lust? 'Way too many emotions coming off at once,' she thought as a small headache started.

"Nothing, now what do you need? I'm tired here and you interrupted something great," He complained lightly.

Raven grew suspicious as she sensed a lie in there. What was hard to tell since he was telling some truth with it, "I've been having troubling sleeping for a while now. I was hoping to find out what's been causing it," She answered as she looked intently at the lump on the bed. A wave of resignation hit her a moment later.

Beastboy sighed about the same time she felt it, "Can't guarantee you'll like what you see, but if you're that curious go ahead," He said, though reluctantly. He figured someone would find out eventually. The fact that Raven was the first could be good or bad, but at least she wasn't one to spread secrets.

Lemon Warning

Raven raised an eyebrow at this before floating up to the top bunk and staring at the covers a moment before taking them off. Her eyes and mouth went wide with shock. There lay Terra, in Beastboy's bed. If she were naked, this may have been a bit less surprising. Instead, she was wearing a black latex bondage suit, hugging tight against her skin. There was no mask for this suit, but she did have a ball-gag tied to stay in her mouth and a blindfold covering her eyes. The ball-gag also had a large hole in it, the purpose of which was obvious. A green collar was latched onto her neck, a large ring dangling in the front. Her arms were tied together from elbow to wrist by black straps behind her back. The front of the suit had two holes that the blonde's now B-cup breasts hanged out of. Her legs were held apart by a pole attached to her ankles, spreading them just short of an uncomfortable degree. Finally, there were two openings on the groin of her suit, one for her pussy and one for her rear hole.

The last thought that went through her head was, 'Beastboy's a sadist in bed?' She thought, which oddly made her blush. She promptly fainted and was caught by Beastboy.

"Well, that could have gone better," He said to the still restrained Terra, who could literally only nod in agreement. Beastboy looked at Raven, then at Terra, then at his hard-on that Raven failed to notice in her attempt to avoid looking there. "Umm, Terra, we're going to have to cut tonight short, but could I...?" He asked almost shyly. He normally wouldn't ask since Terra actually loved it when he just took what he wanted, but since she wouldn't be getting much tonight and he needed to release to calm down, it seemed like a time he should ask. The fact they'd be finishing right above Raven might also have something to do with it.

Terra gave him a look, which he could tell even with the blindfold, in his general direction that said, "Why are you asking?" That was all the motivation he needed before jumping to the top bunk and resting himself in front of her after removing the boxers. He grabbed her head and lined the hole up with his eight inch cock. He pushed her head down slowly, enjoying the massage her tongue was giving him. After he reached the back of her throat, he started to push and pull on her head with more speed. She wasn't experienced enough yet to deep-throat him constantly during this oral service. As he reached his end, he plunged his manhood down her throat and released his seed. As the river of sperm finally ended, he slowly removed himself from her mouth as Terra savored the taste as best she could.

Beastboy chuckled as she licked the gag in an attempt to taste more of his cum, "You really enjoy being my cum dumpster, don't ya?" He asked with a grin which she return as best she could. He'd have to remember to think of a reward for her after that, especially since Raven interrupted before Beastboy could bring her to orgasm for the first time that night. Though, she might of had one while sucking him off. She was either addicted to his cum or his cock. Probably both.

End of Chapter

1. Slave Raven is basically a sub-personality, a potential mix of Raven's emotions. Lust is the one that both 'made' them and keeps an eye on them. How she 'made' them will be revealed later.

Well, there's number one, hope everyone enjoyed it. I know it's not much of a lemon, but this is more of a prologue than anything else, as most first chapters are. QTP-(Questions to Ponder) Are Beastboy and Terra together? IS Beastboy a sadist? What is their relationship exactly? How will Raven react to this? Any Questions?