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spycutie009- I-and Raven apparently-was going off the thought that a sadist is someone that likes causing pain, even if the other person is a masochist-someone that likes being in pain.

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Kenju-Second, actually. I know, I've read and learned from them. Originality is something I pride myself on, why no one else thought of my ideas is beyond me. As for the Titans, I've read many stories about her coming back and I found it weird how usually everyone-minus Raven half the time- completely trusts her again. It just didn't compute in my head. As for the emotions, I'm also adding another twist to them. Yes, we all have our tastes, mine just so happens to lean towards this stuff. Doesn't help that I'm irritated by the lack of it in the TT section and basically no dominate BB's.

AN: My info on Bondage and the like may not be completely accurate. If anyone who is involved in such things takes offense to anything in the story, sorry. I'm trying to be accurate.

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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

Translating to English

Raven sat on a chair across from Beastboy and Terra, who were sitting on his bottom bunk. Beastboy was still dressed in his T-shirt and Boxers with Terra sitting in his lap. Terra was now wearing white panties and one of Beastboy's white T-Shirts. The green collar was still on her neck with two of Beastboy's fingers curled around the ring as he used it to pull her closer while he stroked her hair with the other and nuzzled, licked, and lightly bit the area around her neck and collar bone. Terra looked like she was in heaven due to the treatment the changeling was giving her, almost purring at times.

The scene made Raven blush a little as she looked towards the floor in a rare show of nervousness. She felt as though she was intruding on something, which she basically was. It seemed she had interrupted whatever these two did in this kind of relationship. What that relationship was, she was unsure. All she could tell was that it involved restraints, a submissive Terra, and a dominating Beastboy. Raven knew about sex, but she was VERY ignorant about the...kinky side of it. Hell, the only reason Slave Raven existed was because she saw it in that one science-fiction movie, which made her want to pummel Beastboy for drooling at it. At the age of eighteen, nearly nineteen, Raven still didn't know much beyond the traditional missionary position, oral, doggy style, and that it supposedly could fit up her butt.

So, the scene in front of her made her a bit nervous. The fact that Lust was saying things that involved her and her two fellow Titans didn't help her much. 'How am I supposed to eat her pussy? And what the hell is a strap-on?' Raven wondered in her head as Lust giggled perversely, making Raven wonder just how Lust knew this when she didn't. It was embarrassing at times that she still knew this little. She expected herself to die by seventeen and never thought she would do THAT with anyone, she never thought it was really important if she wouldn't get a chance to use it.

She cleared her throat as they both stopped their actions and turn their attention to her, never changing their position. She shifted her gaze between the two for a moment as she thought of what to say, "Um, two are together?" She asked, feeling a little stupid.

They looked at each other for a moment before Beastboy answered, "You could say that," He said as he grinned a little. The smell coming off Raven told him she was either VERY uncomfortable or ignorant about what she saw. Probably a bit of both, considering the less than ideal events behind her existence.

Raven raised an eyebrow at the answer, "So what was with that...suit?" Raven asked, really not sure what to call that thing.

Terra raised an eyebrow before looking at Beastboy, who nodded to her, "How much do you know about BDSM?" She asked curiously, drawing a blank look from Raven, "Bondage? Fetishes? SM?" She listed, Raven's look never changing, "Wow, you really are sexually ignorant," She said, incredibly surprised by Raven's lack of knowledge of the subject. She barely repressed a reaction when Beastboy pinched her on the rear.

Beastboy sighed, knowing that explaining this could be hell if Raven took it the wrong way, "Look, we're not going to spend god knows how many hours explaining everything to you. To sum it up, there are people who are into not-so-traditional life-styles. In this case, we're talking about a person that likes to be in control and a person that likes being controlled. It may sound weird-" Raven raised a hand for him to stop.

"Okay, I think I get the basic idea here, I'll look the rest up on my own. And no Beastboy, it doesn't seem weird to me," She stated, getting surprised and slightly mischievous looks from both of them, "I'm half-demon, it's hard not to be open minded about most things. I just got a few questions about this," She paused as Beastboy gave her the go ahead, "What are you two exactly? I don't know about this really, but I figured there should be an exact name for you two," Raven asked, wondering if the question was a bit too personal.

Terra looked at Beastboy, who nodded to her again, "Well BB is the Dom/Dominate/Master, there are a lot of different names for it, but I'm the submissive. Masters are usually different by their methods, skills, preference, and attitude towards their submissive(s). Some are kind, others are cruel, which is what some submissives want. There are different kinds of submissives; pets, servants, slaves, and many others- though, many times a sub is more than one. With me so far?" Terra asked, getting a nod from Raven, "I'm mainly what is called a Love Slave. This basically means I do whatever my master wants because I love him," She paused, taking in Raven's reaction. It was semi-predictable. She didn't get the serve-for-love thing, "It may not sound right, but that's how it is with me and Master," She said as she looked at Beastboy, who nuzzled her lovingly.

Raven stared at them for a moment and realized just how happy they were. Their relationship was lightly strange, at least to her understanding of relationships, but love was love. That was one thing she had learned over the years, no matter what form it took. Raven felt a slight pang of jealousy as she thought this, wondering if she could ever find someone that could make her feel like that, without being a fake. The jealousy was also caused due to Terra being with Beastboy. She had once thought that he could love her like that, but she knew he could do better than her. He had Terra in his arms right now and he had plenty of fangirls that he could attempt a relationship with, especially back in Japan.

Shaking her head of these thoughts, Raven turned back to the pair that was now looking at her expectantly, "If it's not too personal, could I ask how or why you two are like this?" Raven asked, wondering the cause of this relationship.

Terra looked at Beastboy who looked at her as well. They seemed to have a silent conversation before they nodded, with Beastboy speaking, "Well, you remember how my "evolution" changed me?" He asked getting a nod, "Well, it caused a slight problem. It seemed that as I matured- and we both know I have!-my instincts became more and more..."riled up" you could say. Fighting helped cool them off, but it didn't satisfy them completely. That's when Terra showed up at my door once. In brief words, she wanted to try and find a way to make up for breaking my heart. That's when she noticed my slightly odd behavior with her in my room: A slight twitch, pupils shrinking and growing, clenched fists, and a few other things. I ended up explaining everything to her and why she should leave my room. Blondie on the other hand wouldn't listen to me. She said if helping me like "this" could help make up for what she did, she would," Beastboy finished as he nuzzled Terra.

"After that, we both began to realize that Master liked being in control and I actually enjoyed being under his control," Terra said as Beastboy held her both lovingly and possessively.

"You having a bit of an addiction for me may have helped some, eh my little slave," Beastboy said seductively as Terra shivered from the tone.

"Umm, before you both go at it again, I have one last question," She said, her blush growing a little as they nodded, "Umm, what won't you do?" She asked Terra tentatively.

Terra merely smiled as her eyes gazed over with lust and love, "Nothing. Anything he wants, I'll do without a moment's hesitation. Even if that something is someone else, including you Raven," Terra said with a grin as they both chuckled at Raven's gawking face.

"Is there anything else? We really want to get back to our fun," Beastboy said as he began groping Terra's breast through her shirt.

Raven took this as her cue to leave. Just as she exited the room, Terra shouted something, "Oh and Raven? If you ever want to join, just ask!" Raven turned just in time to see both of them grinning at her before the door closed.

Raven stood for a moment before numbly walking to her room and getting back into bed, hoping her mind would be working in the morning.

With Beastboy and Terra


Beastboy savagely kissed Terra after they removed their shirts. He slid a finger around her panties and slowly pulled them down. He pulled back when they were removed, looking over his slave's body with a hungry look. "That was a very naughty thing you did, teasing Raven like that," He said as she bowed her head with a smile. She then moaned as he rubbed the edge of her vagina with clawed fingers, taking care to not draw any blood.

"Master, please, I was honest with what I said," Terra pleaded as he continued to tease her. Her eyes widened as she saw him inspecting his free hand. That only meant one thing. Her moans increased in volume as he brought his hand down and massaged her left breast, feeling a jolt run through her as she arched her back. Beastboy knew how to apply just the right amount of electricity to be harmless and very stimulating. It was also the perfect torture if used correctly.

"So you invited another person to join us without my permission?" Beastboy asked in an almost mocking tone as he watched her squirm from the pleasure and the lack of release.

Terra's eyes widened as she realized her mistake, "F-forgive me Ma-Master, I mere-merely th-thought to ple-please youuuuuuuuu," She stuttered out as she tried to suppress her moans to speak.

"Hmmm? And what made you think I need another person to please me?" Beastboy asked, fairly curious as he stopped his teasing. 'A good master listens to his slave's reasons before giving them their punishment,' He thought to himself. He was still a bit new to this, but he figured he was doing pretty well so far.

Terra paused as she regained her breath, before looking up at her master, "Master, I have noticed that your limits far surpass my own. I thought if you had more submissives, you might be better satisfied," She admitted before moving into a kneeling position with her head pressed to the bed just in front of Beastboy, "I realize that I have over-stepped my boundaries and will accept whatever punishment you deem fit for me," She said submissively with an air of resignation.

Beastboy stared at Terra with a slightly surprised expression before smiling lovingly at her. Some girls would have wanted their master to themselves, but Terra had just admitted to trying to get him more submissives to help satisfy him. Better yet, she was accepting punishment for it. Not many would do that.

He gently cupped her chin in his hand and brought her eyes to meet his, "Given that you have already serviced me tonight and since you were not only doing this for my benefit, but are also willing to take your punishment, I will let it go this one time," He said softly as she smiled at his kindness, before his voice gained an edge to it, "Don't disappoint me for this show of leniency," He said darkly as she shivered at the tone.

Terra knew just how cruel Beastboy could be when provoked. He knew every inch of the human body and knew how to make someone feel as though they were being touched by angels or tortured by demons. It was like he held the keys to Heaven and Hell. He had enjoyed "teaching" her to be submissive. Most people needed to be "taught" to be truly submissive, no matter how much they were to begin with. She could leave at any time, as anyone else usually could in these relationships, but this is what she wanted. Being Beastboy's slave had made her happier than she had ever been.

Beastboy slowly pushed her backwards as he went back to kissing her. His hand creeped towards the edge of the bed and reached under the mattress and pulled out a black ball gag and hand cuffs. He would leave it off if it wasn't for the fact the others might hear Terra moan. Him making noises in his sleep was nothing new, but a feminine moan would catch their attention. 'I can't wait until we get our own place,' Beastboy grumbled in his head as he fastened it around her head and the hand cuffs behind her back.

His left hand went to her now-wet vagina, the claws dulling as they got closer, slowly pumping one finger to tease her. His spare hand went to work on her breasts as did his mouth. Terra moaned through the gag as she felt the electricity run through her every few minutes. He inserted two more fingers, causing her moan even more. Terra could feel the pressure of her climax building up until...her eyes widened as she realized she should have come by now. She then realized that Beastboy had used his electricity to prevent her release. He didn't use it too often, but it was the perfect combination of torture and bliss.

Beastboy smirked as his pet realized what he had done. 'Time for the fun part,' He thought as he suddenly flipped her over, her ass sticking up in the air and her head pressed against the bed. He removed his boxers to reveal his hard member, excited from the foreplay. He noticed that she was a little afraid from the smell, thinking he was going to do her raw. He smirked at her relief as he rubbed his manhood against her wet pussy, soaking it in her wetness. He then aimed it at her ass and slowly pushed it in by pulling back on Terra's bound arms, causing them both to groan from the sensation. He began to pick up speed after he was all the way in her ass, the tightness of it making him feel so good. He leaned forward as he continued without pause, a savage grin on his face as his mouth was right by her ear.

"You enjoy this, don't you? Being bent over like a bitch in heat with an alpha's cock ramming up your ass?" He whispered darkly as she nodded, "I suppose such a good little bitch should be allowed to cum. Is that what you want?" He asked teasingly as she nodded rapidly, "Well, okay then...if you beg for it," He said with a smirk as her eyes widened in horror at what he was doing. She tried to beg, but the gag made it incomprehensible, "Ohh, so you don't want to cum? You want it to build up even more?" He asked in his teasing voice as she looked him pleadingly, before she heard a cracking sound. Terra then felt a large tail shove itself inside her womanhood. It wasn't as thick as a dick, but it's constant chaotic movements more than made up for it.

Beastboy gritted his teeth as he felt his own climax reaching its peak. A devilish smirk came to his face as he thought of a climatic ending for this session. He brought his mouth to the point between Terra's neck and collar bone and sank his fangs into it, causing her to almost go insane from the pleasure as a final jolt of electricity shot through her, giving her her well-earned release. Her eyes went wide as her walls clamped on Beastboy's tail, and his load shot into her ass. As the moment passed, her eyes became heavy as Beastboy undid the hand cuffs and removed the ball gag. She turned on her side and smiled before falling into her own dream world.


Beastboy smiled as he watched Terra sleep, exhausted from his playing with her. He wasn't sure what got him off more, the sex or the control. His eyes rested on her collar, something she wore as often as she could. She had been right about him still being able to continue after she had reached her end. He could honestly say that he never planned on being involved with anyone else. It wasn't because he was some firm believer in the "One True Love" thing. He had grown up in an African village; there were men with multiple women there. No, the reason was because he doubted Terra would want him with any other women, just like he would hate her being with another guy. His mating instincts telling him to "spread himself around" didn't help much. He suppose that he would have to talk to Terra about how serious she was about that. 'Besides, I always wondered how much of a challenge taming Raven would be,' He thought pervertedly as he laid down next to her and went to sleep after covering Terra and himself up.

End of Chapter

So, Raven is an idoit sex-wise, Beastboy and Terra are really into SM, and Terra doesn't mind sharing! Like I said, I'm not sure how accurate my info on Bondage and the like are, so sorry if it's too far off. Yes people, more then half of Africa recognizes polygamy as legal. QTP; Was Terra serious about Raven, and possibly others joining? Will they get their own place? Would Terra really do whatever her master says? Will Raven join? If she does, will Beastboy "tame her"? What other abilities did Beastboy get out of this "evolution"? Any questions?