Black Wings


"What are you?" I stuttered out in slight fear, but as I looked into his emerald green eyes I was filled with a burning passion that had my stomach in knots.

He looked at me with sad eyes, and weakness filled his eyes, it was something that I never thought that I would ever see in those eyes, not of Trenton Cloud, the charming, mysterious, handsome creature of perfect that has haunted my every thought sense I have first gazed into his almost hypnotic eyes.

"I am an angel." He mumbled and his wings that had just ripped out from his black shifted slightly into the light where I could see them and what I saw made me gasp.

The wings were as black as the night, and huge.

"An angel of Chaos." He said lowly and backed away in shame, but there was an evil darkness in his eyes that had me shiver.

Some people are afraid of dying; others find countless ways of doing it themselves, sometimes without even thinking.

As for me I lean towards the side that fears death, and would try very hard not to die, so what had me in such confusion was that the one man that I loved could end my own life with the snap of his fingers.

In fact that was his job, to kill, I could tell deep down he really didn't want to, but he had to.

Surely death wouldn't be so bad if it was being brought by his hand.

I would easily let death come for me if it pleased him, or if he just had to do this, anything for him.

How could I deny him anything, he was my love, I was created to love this creature, and make him happy any way I can, and if that means he is to kill me so be it.

Did I wish to die, no, but for him, my heart, my soul, my moon, and stars, my angel…of chaos, yes I will die by his hand.

I can't help this thought especially when my heart is left in charge of my every thought and feeling.

Even as he unleashes his power, fear, torture, and destruction to the world my view of him would never change.

Is it really that wrong to fall in love with the person that could, and would eventually kill you?

Chapter 1: unwelcome

The light puffs of snow that had covered the ground in a rich blanket of white, and the small flurry of snow-flakes that seemed to fall endlessly down to the Earth had dampened my mood already.

I glared up at the sky as the sprinkles of snow glistened in my coffee brown colored hair.

It was a rare thing for anyone in good old Craig Colorado to enjoy the first snow of the season and I was no exception.

It only signals the end of a short, beautiful summer, and the beginning of a long tortuously cold winter, and the beginning of school to even make matters worse.

But of course my wonderful school decided that it would be great to start our school year earlier, in the end of August, totally destroying our last days of the warmth, and excitement of our vacation.

And now as I walked to my Jeep wrangler frowning at the cold air biting at my cheeks, and prayed that my Jeep would start, I had forgot how cold it was going to be today.

But to my surprise and delight it started up without a problem, maybe today wouldn't be so bad.

"Thank you." I mumbled to no one at all, and slowly began to make my way across the frozen roads.

The snow seemed to fall down faster now, and heavier as I drove through the old country town that was Craig.

It was true that Craig was more like the old west, and was more urban then other towns but that was what made it special, it's old country beauty wasn't common around the world, and all the folks here were proud of that.

And I guess the one thing about the snow that really was great was how much it made Craig even more breath-taking, it was so pure, 'like white crystals decorating the town', my mother had said, and she was right.

My mother Angelica was probably the person closest to not despising the long cold winters that we endure, she was even named angel for snow angels.

My father Clay was the exact opposite, he resented the snow with a burning passion, he's mood was always terrible for the first week of the snow season, mainly because of his job as a township worker had him out in the cold every day.

As for me I am in the middle, I hate snow, but at the same time I can see the beauty of it, even so I will never love the snow no matter how grand it may be.

But as I pulled into the student parking I was thrown into complete confusion at the sight of everyone.

They were glaring at the sky, kicking at the piles of snow, and instead of the almost depressed, sad atmosphere that had always haunted the school on the first week of snow, they actually seemed excited, and there was a certain buzz that hinted there was something off today.

I slowly got out of my Jeep trying to avoid the several snow balls carelessly being thrown around.

But as one hit my light blue winter coat right on my side I groaned in annoyance.

"Hey." I grumbled in the direction, but was shocked to see my two close friends running over to me with eager smiles.

I let out a laugh as they slipped several times before making it over to me.

"Hey Leona!" Chloe said with a bright smile, her bleach blonde hair filled with snow-flakes that trailed down past her shoulders.

"Hi, you all seem…optimistic." I observed suspiciously.

My other friend Daisy giggled, her muddy brown eyes filled with excitement.

"Didn't you hear, good old Craig County high is getting the first new students in like twenty years?" Daisy beamed as she played with her thick red snow covered curls.

This was big new, and something to differently get people excited, even now I was getting excited.

New comers were very seldom here in Craig, who would want to come here to this cold little town willingly?

"Wow, only one new kid?" I asked as we all walked together into school.

"Three actually, and get this they are all moving from Maryland." Chloe said in a low voice.

"You kidding, I would kill to be in Maryland, are they nuts?" I said exasperated as I opened my locker with a huff.

"That's what I said, but then again Maryland has been getting those nasty hurricanes lately." Daisy said shoving her huge winter jacket into her locker.

"Yeah but still, I would stay in paradise, not come move to this snow covered hell." Chloe said looking at herself in the mirror as she plastered her lips with lip gloss.

We all slammed our lockers at the same time when we were finished.

"See you later Le-Le, by Daze." Chloe sang giving us hugs, then skipping off to her class.

Daisy and I rolled our eyes at the nicknames Chloe had given us.

"Later Leona, I'll save you a seat at lunch." She said with a smile, and then was gone to.

I walked to my class alone, not having one class with either of my friends made the prospect of going to school worse, but with the talk of the new kids floating around I couldn't help but let myself get sucked into the mystery.

I had always loved figuring things out the long complicated way, and having someone new, that I knew nothing about was like hitting a gold mine for me.

I knew everyone kid in this school inside and out, which was boring, I wanted something new to challenge my mind.

The new kids sure didn't know what was going to hit them when their foot enters that door.

I would make sure to find every detail of their very existence, not to spread gossip, but well I love meeting people different from me, and learning about all the things that make people different, and unique, that was a problem for me, we never had new teachers, new students, nothing.

I would ask their likes and dislikes, their dreams for the future, hobbies, study their personalities, and hopefully in the end make a new friend.

I continued to think of all the possibilities that could happen as I walked into my classroom, and took my seat.

But soon the teacher came into the room creating a quick silence, and my thoughts were abruptly pulled out of my mind.

Time to hear more about these new kids, the teachers always had the goods on the students here, surely she could tell me something new.

"Good morning class, today we have a lot to do but first I'm sure you are all wondering about these new students that will be arriving here tomorrow." Mrs. Kinderson said in her usual bubbly bright tone.

There was a mummer of agreement in the room, that she gave a hush to with an amused look.

"While they are all moving here from Maryland, they are all three siblings, the oldest boy is Preston, and the two that will be in this grade will be Trenton, and Airiss Cloud." She said with a bright smile.

Well there names are interesting, especially their last name, cloud.

"Trenton will be in this classroom, so please all treat him kindly with respect, and try to show him the rope." She continued on.

Hmm, Trenton huh, well Trenton I hope you're ready for your first friend in Craig County high.

"Any questions on the new kids?" Mrs. Kinderson asked looking around the classroom eagerly.

A girl in the front of the classroom raised her hand, without a second thought I knew who she was, Alexis Delzar, the school gossip queen, of course she would want more details.

"Yes Alexis?" Mrs. Kinderson asked delighted.

"Why are they moving here of all places, are they insane?" She asked with a tone of disgust.

A few people snickered at that, and had to agree with her, who in there right mind would move here, sure it was beautiful, but the snow was just torture.

The teacher became serious now as she looked at us all.

"They were one of the unlucky families that's house had been destroyed in the big hurricane that had hit, and here in Craig house run cheaper than other places, so they decided to move here." Mrs. Kinderson said and looked down sadly.

My stomach twisted in sorrow, as I imaged how terrible that must have been for them, I truly now felt sorry for the Cloud family.

Now I am completely sure that I am going to become friends with this family not matter what the cost.