We followed a small dirt trail that entered the small forest in which his father hunts in, perfectly silent, and watching a mist of snow-flakes dancing around us in the grey-colored sky.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Sam asked breaking our silence, with a voice of pure bliss.

Sam was another member of Craig that actually enjoyed the blistering cold, and the harsh stings of snow that would assault your face when you walked outside the door.

"I guess, but I don't love it that much." I said giving the sky a slight annoyed frown.

Sam now turned from looking into the sky to looking at me with confused eyes.

"Why would you say that Leona, what's not to like about snow, it's beautiful, graceful, and pure?" Sam asked.

We had this discussion many times; Sam just never seemed to understand my view on the snow.

"There is so much more than just being perfect, beautiful, and pure, there kindness, loving, caring, and charming, snow has none of those things, all snow has is coldness." I pointed out.

"I never thought of it that way." Sam said with a slight frown.

I laughed.

"But you are right, snow really can be beautiful." I admitted.

Sam smiled at that, and nodded, regaining his earlier happiness.

He was always so happy, mainly when he was around snow because it reminded him of his mother.

She had always took Sam outside on walks when he was little, and they would jut spend time together, so when she was gone Sam had took comfort with the snow, so it was almost like she was still with him.

Sam never liked talking about it, but it came up during the summer, and well I can't stand not knowing something about someone, and I managed to get it out of Sam.

I watched amused as our fathers stalked out towards us both with shot guns slung against their shoulders.

"Hey kido's." Earl said with a quieter voice then normally, he must be deeply into the hunt already, not wanting to scare away the animals.

"Hey old man." Sam said with a roll of his eyes, but he smiled at him with respect clear in his expression.

"Leona you should go on and give your mother some company." My father said with a grin at me.

I nodded.

"Alright." I said and walked to the house, Sam right behind me.

"Aren't you going to hunt with your dad?" I asked curiously as we walked together.

"Nah, I'm not really into hunting." He said biting his lip.

"Why, I thought that's what all guys have in common, they love to hunt?" I wondered.

Sam shrugged.

"I don't really like the thought of killing, or hurting an innocent animal, how could that be fun, watching as you kill a creature for food, when you have plenty of other things to eat." Sam said with a slight frown.

He had a point there, but it was still so strange to know a guy that is pretty much the very opposite of all other guys.

At that thought I thought about Trenton, he was the same way, so different from other guys his own age, it was weird, but I shoved the thought away as I went to sit down beside my mother on the couch.

"Hey, how are you holding on?" I asked.

She gave me a halfhearted smile.

"I'm alright, just bored." She said looking back to the TV.

Nothing was on, that wasn't anything new, there never is.

My mother loved my father a lot; being here in this house right now was proving that now.

Sam's mother and my mother had been very close friends, practically like sisters ever since they were kids growing up here, but when Sam's mother found Earl she changed, and became very distant to my mother, and to everyone else, this broke my mother's heart, so of course she blamed Earl for this, and finally when Sam's mother died, that's when that pushed my mother to hate Earl with a burning passion.

Of course she would never tell Earl or my father this, she didn't like to hurt anyone's feelings, that's what I loved most about my mother, she might hate you, but she would break her back to do whatever it is to make you and everyone around you happy.

And tonight she was lucky, the guys would not stop hunting until one of them killed something, and it only took an hour to take down a deer.

"See you Earl; we should do this again soon." My father said looking content as he took my mother's hand, and slung the gun on the other side of his shoulder.

"Yeah, of course, come back any time, our door is always open." Earl said with an amused smirk.

My father nodded, and walked my mother out to the car.

Sam and I had a quick good bye hug, then I followed after them, actually just as eager to get home.

I had a lot to think about tonight, mainly about Trenton Cloud.