Title: Flip of a Coin

Fandom: Burn Notice

Characters/:Pairings: Michael Weston

Author: S J Smith

Words: 196

Rating: K+

Summary: Michael hates surprises.

Warnings: None. First person POV?

Disclaimer: USA, Matt Nix, etc. own all. I'm just hanging in Miami.

When you're a spy, you tend to look for the little things. A scuff of mud on your front step. A smeared substance on your door knob. It's the little things that keep you safe and keep you from coming home in a coffin – if someone's available to identify your body, that is.

I keep an eye on my place. The courtyard is kept clean but not immaculate. The steps are bare metal and generally clean – not that Miami's much for mud anyway. Too much sand. The door to my warehouse apartment looks beat up but I know each scrape and off-colored mark. Besides, I gave Fi her own key and Sam doesn't break in…well, not without my permission, at least.

So that smudge of something on the door, that was suspicious. I'd been visiting Mom – so I wasn't carrying a gun. That meant this could be tricky. If whoever was inside my place was waiting to kill me, well, they'd left it so I knew they were in there. So it wasn't a surprise. Which meant going in there was a gamble.

And I had to decide whether I was flipping that coin or not.