Dumbledore and Dobby were up in wizard Heaven, discussing socks.

"Dobby, what kind of socks do you like?" asked Dumbledore.

"Dobby likes all types of socks, sir! Dobby LOVES socks!" squeaked Dobby.

"Personally, I've always liked good old woolen socks, myself," replied Dumbledore.

"Dobby always idolized Dumbledore for his huge sock collection! Dobby is envious!" piped up Dobby.

"Well, thank you, Dobby. Did you ever give Winky any socks? Or Kreacher?" said Dumbledore.

"Yes, Dobby has knitted many socks for Winky and Kreacher. Kreacher never liked socks, he said to me. 'Socks are for lesser elves,' Kreacher says, Kreacher thinks Kreacher is king of the elves while Dobby and Winky are Kreacher's servants! Dobby hates that Kreacher!" steamed the elf, looking down from Heaven at Kreacher, who was at at Grimmauld Place, cleaning the chimney.

Dumbledore nodded curiously. "Well, one can never have too many socks, and you value that. I guess Kreacher has yet to understand style." The two spirits laughed together, sock brethren together in Heaven.