Drunken Consequences

Summary: In a fit of rebelliousness Bella decides that attending a college party and getting drunk is the best way of asserting her independence. However, she will come to realize that a certain vampire is not amused; on the contrary, he is downright furious.

Disclaimer: Do not own Twilight or any of its wonderful characters, not even Carlisle…sigh.

Warning: contains non-sexual spanking and bad language.

Note: Unless noted otherwise, everything is in Bella's POV. Also, I have never been drunk or to a college party, or been arrested so remember that this is fiction and events may be inaccurate or grossly exaggerated for purpose of a good story. Enjoy


This is all Edwards fault. If he wasn't so overprotective of me, I wouldn't have done this. OK, so maybe I went a little over the top, but if he was going to be so adamant about me spending time with my human friends as a means to keep me safe and away from the wolves, then who was I to protest. He probably wouldn't have considered partying in Port Angeles as safe, but that's his own fault. I was going to show him exactly how safe human teens are. As brilliant a plan as that was, what I didn't contend with was an angry and disappointed vampire father, my angry and disappointed vampire father to be exact.

Chapter 1: Damn Those Eyes

It was Thursday afternoon and Edward and I were lying on my bed. He was twirling a strand of my hair with his finger while I was running my hand up his chiseled chest.

"Bella", he said.

"Hmmmm", I responded as I started to run my hand up his muscular arm.

"My family and I are going hunting all this weekend. We're leaving tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday night", he remarked while intently watching me.

I stopped my assessment of his god-like body and stared at him. I hated it when Edward left. My heart was already aching at the thought. As though he knew my thoughts, Edward drew me closer to him and kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips. He then looked me in the eyes and said "I'm sorry love; if you want me to stay I can go another day."

I immediately felt guilty and protested, "Edward, don't be ridiculous! You need to hunt and I'm not going to have you starve yourself for my stupid insecurities. It's just a weekend. I'll be perfectly fine."

He continued to frown and watch me, so I gave him a kiss on the lips before saying, "Go Edward, and don't worry about me. I'll be perfectly fine".

He smiled that crooked smile I so adore and said, "I love you," to which I responded the same.

He then suddenly became serious and told me that I was not to visit the wolves while he was away.

I balked and pulled away from him. How dare he presume to tell me what I can and can't do! I glared at him and exclaimed, "You are not my father Edward and have no right to dictate who I can and cannot see! If I want to spend the weekend with Jacob or whoever, you have no right to tell me if I can!"

He sighed and then looked at me pleadingly with those gorgeous ocher eyes. "Bella, please understand!" he pleaded. "I'm only thinking about your safety. Please, the wolves are dangerous! They are young and out of control. They might mean well, but they are hot-headed mutts, and the second one of them loses their temper they could seriously hurt you! Please Bella, just this weekend. Do it for me, so that I won't spend the whole weekend worrying about you and annoying the hell out of my family."

I sighed and thought about what he said. I was touched that he cared for me so much, but I was also chafing under his rules. However, I thought, how can I deny him when he pleads with me so. I looked at him and nodded while muttering out a "Fine".

Edward beamed at me and then kissed my cheek. "Thank you Bella. Why don't you spend the weekend with your human friends? When's the last time you did anything with Angela or Jessica? They are much better friends for you than the wolves."

I snorted mentally. Yeah, my human friends are much better friends than Jacob, I thought sarcastically. He just thinks they're safer. However, I sighed again and nodded at him. "I guess…"

As we lay in each other's arms I began to think on our conversation. The more I thought about it, the more I became disgusted with myself for being such a pushover. However, I knew better than to start an argument with Edward because all he'd have to do is unleash his awe inspiring eyes on me and I was putty in his hands. Damn my human weaknesses! I was glad of one thing though; Edward mentioned his whole family was going hunting which meant I wouldn't have a babysitter. This meant I could sneak off to Jake's with Edward none the wiser. Just as I was nodding to myself in satisfaction, Edward burst my bubble. I swear that at times he really can read my mind.
"By the way Bella, Carlisle won't be hunting with us since he has an important surgery to perform late tomorrow, so he'll be watching you for the weekend.

I groaned, "Edward, seriously, I don't need a babysitter! I'm totally capable of taking care of myself. Besides, I'm sure your dads got better things to do with his time than watch over your clumsy human girlfriend."

Edward pulled my face so I was looking into his eyes again and chuckled, "Bella, I know you can take care of yourself, but your track record in Forks is counting against you. Besides, Carlisle is really excited about spending some quality time with you. So be a good sport about this, please? If not for me, then for Carlisle?" he pleaded, widening his eyes.

God damn those heavenly eyes! "Alright, I'll be good", I responded. "It'll be nice to get to spend some time with Carlisle", I conceded. I must admit, I felt flattered that Carlisle was excited about spending time with me. I adored Edward's vampire father and it would be nice to spend some quality time with him without the constant interruptions of Edward's more rowdy siblings *cough* Emmett and Alice *cough* .

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