Panakin awoke slowly. She must have fallen asleep watching TV last night. She blinked slowly as her eyes adjusted to the dark room. There was no light anywhere nearby. She yawned, and began to pull up her arms to stretch, only to discover they were chained to the chair she was sitting in.

What the… She thought. Suddenly, a large spotlight shone down on her. She narrowed her eyes in surprise and looked up. The room was dark except for the spotlight, and it was freezing cold.

She looked around. Panakin had seen this on TV before. She was in a torture room.

Her gaze quickly switched down to her arms, which were chained to the chair restricting movement. Her legs were also chained to the legs of the chair. She looked back up again and screamed at the top of her lungs.

"What's going on?" An exhausted voice on Panakin's right cried.

She turned her head, where another spotlight shone on another girl, also chained up to a chair. She was in Scooby Doo pajamas, and had short light brown hair.

"Where are we?" A voice to Panakin's left asked slowly. She turned her head again to see a spotlight shining down on a girl who looked almost familiar. Her long brown hair stood out under the spotlight. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, which were wrinkled, like she had been asleep when she was kidnapped.

"Who are you guys?" A final voice said. All three turned their heads to the right to see a forth girl under a spotlight, looking more confused than scared. She had a tank top and sweatpants on, which again were wrinkled. Her long strawberry blonde hair was matted from her deep slumber. Panakin's teeth were chattering as she looked at the other three girls. She felt like she had met them before, or at least heard their voices, but for all she knew, they were complete strangers.

Suddenly, all four heads turned to light entering the room from a large doorway. A silhouette of a tall girl leaned against the side of the doorway. "Good to see you all made it." She laughed.

"Fyre?" All four chorused.

Fyre entered the room from the shadows. All four girls stared at the young girl in front of them, who smiled evilly. Her long black hair fell over her shoulders, and her eyes danced as if she were excited about something.

"Fyre, what in your crazy head is going on?" Panakin asked, almost terrified.

Fyre smiled again, "Panakin, Summer, Passion, Jiao-Jie. I have selected you four for a very important mission," all four girl's attention was instantly brought forward, "I've been recently browsing the Avatar fandom, and it is dead. No new ideas, no creativity, it's all the same thing. People just can't come up with new ideas anymore."

"And that's why you kidnapped us?" Passion asked, very confused.

"Yeah, how did you do that anyways?" Jiao-Jie asked.

Fyre pulled out a can of knockout gas, "I stalked you, found your houses, and waited for the right moment."

Summer blinked in surprise, still taking in the situation, "Fyre, I knew you were crazy, but that's flat out creepy."

"Thank you. Anyways, you four are the most creative people I know." Fyre turned to Panakin, "You and I wrote random story after random story at midnight. Over the telephone!" Panakin nodded slowly, remembering the stories that made no sense what so ever.

"Jiao-Jie, we wrote a story about penguins with chainsaws for crying out loud!" Fyre looked at Jiao-Jie, who smiled knowingly.

"You were on the other side of that?" Panakin starred with wide eyes at Jiao-Jie, who nodded with a smile a mile wide.

Fyre turned to Passion, "You are one of the greatest Avatar writers on fan fiction, or that's what people tell me." Fyre shrugged.

"Aw, thank…wait a minute." Passion glared up at Fyre, who laughed like a maniac. Fyre turned over to the forth girl.

"And Summer, you are amazingly creative, and had the randomness to ask me who would win a fight, Perry the Platypus or Harry Potter!" Summer laughed at the random question she had sent to Fyre.

"Well you asked me who would win a fight, bloody penguin or penguin with a chainsaw!" Summer laughed again

"Wait, so what do you want us to do?" Passion asked. She was trying not to laugh at how strange Fyre was being.

"The fandom is dying. People are running out of fresh ideas. Everything you see is all the same, nothing creative anymore. I want to help people get new ideas, so that the Avatar fandom will become more than the same twenty-five stories somehow made into thousands!"

Fyre looked at her four friends, who finally seemed to be catching on, "Listen, I know you guys. If I lock you all up in a room, you guys will somehow make a story about penguins with chainsaws teaching about grammar, while randomly screaming about Twilight, and doing whatever it is Passion does!" Fyre took another deep breath before uttering the next question.

"What do you say? You guys in?" She asked, unsure of what they might say.

The four girls looked at each other and nodded before turning their attention back to Fyre.

Passion smiled, "We're up for the challenge."

"One more thing," Panakin added, "what's with the chains?"

"They add to the creativity of the story, plus I wanted to see you guys flip out thinking I was gonna kill you." Fyre laughed like a maniac again.

"I hate you." Panakin growled.

Authors Note: WARNING! This story will be extremely random. Proceed to the next chapter with caution. The people in this story are me and my four best fan fiction friends. Crazy old Fyre is me, Panakin is…Panakin, Passion is Passionworks, Jiao-Jie is the evil penguin loving Jiao-Jie, and Summer is Sun Daughter. Thank you guys so much for letting me use you as characters. This story is for you!