Title: Maura's Sexy Mix
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: Breezie531
Rating: T (for now)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. The book versions of Maura and Jane belong to Tess Gerritsen and the versions I write about TNT thought up.
Spoilers: no
Summary: Maura stumbles across Jane's ipod and a mix called "Maura's Sexy Mix"

Okay so this is my first story in the Rizzoli/Isles category please all of you let me know what you think! =D

A/N sorry about this guys but this chapter was bugging me so I am editing it if you want to reread please do if not then oh well i need to add more details and such thanks!

Doctor Isles walked into the squad room she needed to speak to Jane about what she'd found on their latest body but she was nowhere to be found. She looked at Jane's empty desk and sighed. She sat down in the chair next to her desk and spotted Jane's Ipod sitting there.

It was on a playlist called "Maura's Sexy Mix". Maura tilted her head to the side slightly resembling a confused puppy. She snatched the iPod up and turned to frost she needed to investigate.

"Frost tell Jane I'm borrowing her iPod and if she wants it back she can come down to the morgue and get it later. Thanks."

She walked out of the squad room not waiting for an answer. Frost had a look of slight fear on his face thinking about how he would have to tell Jane he just let Maura walk in and take something off her desk.

Maura got to the lab and put Jane's iPod in the speakers that were on her desk removing her own iPod and replacing it with Jane's. She looked through the playlist she'd never heard of any of these songs, "Trace Adkins- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk "

"Hmm I need to remember to ask Jane what exactly that is?"

She kept scrolling "Reba McEntire- The Heart Won't Lie", "Reba McEntire- Only You and You Alone". Many more Reba songs followed however one of the ones that caught her eye was "Reba McEntire- I Keep On Lovin' You". Maura's heart skipped a beat at the word "Love" and the fact that Jane Rizzoli had associated her name with such a wonderful word.

Love... Love was something that Maura Isles had never believed in before she met Jane Rizzoli. Maura Isles was all about Science. It was her love her, her passion, her life. She was the kind of person who needed to categorize every little detail of life. If it did not fit into a neat little folder or category in head it made no sense to her.

Sex, that made sense it was nature mating to reproduce and increase population. Natural selection to ensure that only the strongest genetic traits were passed on to the next generation, THESE things made sense to her but LOVE, love had never made sense to her. Sure she had dated in the past but it was pure recreation. No feelings were ever truly present. Maura had a problem relating to anyone who was still breathing. It had been that way all her life. The only living thing she had every REALLY bonded with was her pet tortoise Bass and until she met Jane she had been completely fine with that fact. But somewhere along the line she had grown close to the detective. closer than she grew to anyone ever before and one day it dawned on her. The impossible had happened... She Maura Isles respected scientist had fallen head over heels in love... with a Ms. Jane Rizzoli.

She drew her head out of the clouds, she would figure out why Jane had made this playlist later first she HAD to figure out what a Badonkadonk was.. so the hit play and started to move to the rhythm, her hips swaying in time with the beat.

Jane was exhausted it had been a long day. She couldn't wait to just grab her stuff and go home.

Granted she was going home to an empty apartment when she would much rather be going home with her best friend just a few floors away but alas that couldn't happen. Jane could never tell Maura how she felt she would ruin everything. So instead she resided to going back to her small apartment and her loving dog Jo Friday.

When she got back to her desk she sat down to grab her things to leave but when she looked at her desk she realized her iPod was missing. She turned to Frost.

"Hey, Frost have you seen my iPod? It was on my desk when I left."

He visibly gulped. "Ugh yea I saw it…" He said rubbing his neck. "Doctor Isles borrowed it she told me to let you know. She said if you wanted it you'd have to go get it."

The color in Jane's face drained and she turned white as a ghost. She knew exactly what mix she had left her iPod on and it was the ONE mix Jane NEVER wanted Maura to see. She immediately got up from her chair and ran toward the morgue.

She finally hit the morgue hallway when all her worst fears were realized. She could hear Trace Adkins commenting about womans hot ass's from here. She just gulped and kept running.

When she skidded around the corner of the morgue doors she stopped like she'd hit a brick wall. There was Maura Isles the love of her life and her beautiful perfect hips were swaying to the beat in a perfect little designer dress so free and beautiful.

She looked like she was dancing in the middle of her living room perfectly relaxed without a care in the world. It was one of the most beautiful sights Jane had ever seen and she could do nothing but stare. She could feel a familiar heat building in her lower abdomen. "oh this could be bad…." She thought but she still couldn't get her body to move.

Maura twirled around feeling the beat of the song move her. She really needed to get this song for herself it was slightly addicting.

She opened her eyes to find Jane Rizzoli standing in the doorway of her morgue looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Oh Hello Jane I'm assuming you're here to get your iPod. I'm sorry I borrowed it without asking but I was intrigued. I have to ask though what is a Badonkadonk?.."

Maura waited but got no response the great Jane Rizzoli was just staring at her like a goldfish. Mouth open eyes wide and what could have been a small bit of saliva forming at the corner of her mouth. She tilted her head like a puppy once again confused wondering what mystery she was missing.

Jane did not respond to her she just silently started walking toward the mystified M.E.

Jane had no idea where this courage was coming from.

Maybe it was the long day she felt as though she had nothing to lose anymore, maybe it was that song, but it was something and she couldn't hold back anymore. She walked toward the Maura with no words

"A Badonkadonk…"she said her voice low and seductive as she came face to face with her secret love.

Her tone sent chills down Maura's spine and left a heat building between her thighs.

Their faces inches apart Jane grabbed Maura's ass eliciting a very uncharacteristic *squeek* from Maura. "is an ass and I must say my lovely doctor and I must say yours is…" she paused

"purrrfffection" she practically purred.

Maura raised her hand and cupped Jane's cheek as they closed the distance between them in a heated passionate kiss that conveyed so many things words would not describe.

To be continued?