"Seven Minutes"

Summary: Adam goes to a party and makes quite an impression. (Adam and Eli Friendship fic!)

Author's Note: I'm name dropping places in Toronto like crazy in this story. Can you tell I visited recently? This story takes place after "All Falls Down" and is pure fluff. This is part 1 of 3.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Degrassi!


"Thank you!" Eli Goldsworthy told the saleswoman as he took his bags from the counter. He had just spent forty bucks on clothes and accessories at Hot Topic. Among his purchases were new kicks, a chain for his jeans, and new dark nail polish. Shopping wasn't his favorite activity but when he was at the right store he could browse for hours. His best friend Adam Torres had a much shorter fuse. He bailed after thirty minutes and decided to wait outside the store.

The two friends were spending the day at mall. Toronto Easton Centre was their favorite one to kill time at. It was in the heart of Downtown Toronto, a world away from the attitudes they dealt with at Degrassi. Every so often they ran into someone from school, but the mall pulled in people from all over. He and Adam felt freer here.

'There he is!' Eli thought when he spotted his friend at the benches in the walkway. Adam wasn't alone, which was not surprising to Eli. He lost track of how many times he exited a store to find his best friend chatting up girls. He and Clare agreed Adam was quite the flirt, but seeing him in action always made them smile. He wasn't sleazy, he was genuinely friendly and had a way with girls. He was confident and made them laugh. That combo seemed to pull them in.

However, at Degrassi his charm rarely shined through. He was always self-conscious and weary of people judging him. It wasn't all in his mind – people were judging him. It pissed off Eli to no end that many people never gave Adam a chance. If they got to know him, like Eli did, they would see how great of a person he was.

"Hey man," Eli said as he walked up to Adam.

"Hey!" Adam greeted him with a relaxed grin. He was talking with a group of three girls and guy. "Did you get everything you wanted?"

Eli held up his bag and laughed. "Well, I did my best to take home the whole store," he joked.

Adam turned back to the group. "My man Eli isn't kidding. Hot Topic's his store," he teased. "Eli, this is Katelyn, Jane, Hanna, and their friend Mike."

Eli nodded.

"Eli's my best friend," Adam completed the introduction. "We were just talking about grabbing some Bubble Tea in Chinatown. You up for a walk? We could head down Dundas."

"Or we could take a tram," Hanna interjected. She was a petite girl with long brown hair.

"No one told you to wear those sandals," her friend Jane teased. "But I agree the 505 would be a much shorter trip."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Let's do it!" Mike exclaimed. Everyone looked at him with amusement. His cheeks grew red with embarrassment, nearly matching his curly red hair.

Eli had Bubble Tea a few times, but he was blown away by the Coconut flavor. "This is like nectar from the gods!" he exclaimed. Adam nodded in agreement.

"Come here often?" Jane asked Eli shyly.

"Not really. I live much farther west," he told her. "But my girlfriend loves hanging out in Chinatown. She dragged me to the Art Gallery of Ontario a couple of times."

"This has been fun, but we really should get going," Hanna said. "Katelyn's having a party tonight."

"That's cool," Adam remarked.

"You guys should come," Katelyn invited them.

"Are you sure? We don't want to impose," Eli questioned politely.

Katelyn kept her eyes locked on Adam. "Yeah, the party starts at 8. There's going to be a couple of students from Degrassi there."

Adam tensed up, ready to decline. Eli gave him a look.

"Yeah, a few sophomores from her sister's science club," Mike elaborated.

"Come on, Amherst High knows how to party," Hanna smiled.


"Are you sure about this," Eli asked Adam as they walked up to Katelyn's door. "We could still back out."

"Something tells me you're disappointed that Clare couldn't make it," Adam teased. Clare was out of town this weekend with her folks.

"Fine, but it could get awkward in there with people from Degrassi attending. Say the word and we'll go," he assured his friend.

"Quit worrying," Adam dismissed him. "Besides, Hanna is hot."

"Alas, the real reason you signed up for this social experiment has been revealed!"

Adam merely smirked. He was dressed up more than usual tonight. His attire mixed casual with dress elements. He wore a black jacket with a maroon graphic tee underneath. He had on dark jeans with smooth black kicks.

In contrast, Eli wore his standard all black ensemble.

"Let's do this!" Adam yelled in faux excitement. The two boys laughed, recalling the incident with Mike.

"Hey guys! I'm glad you made it," Katelyn beamed when she opened the door.

Eli and Adam smiled. "Thanks for the invite. Beats playing video games tonight," Adam told her.

"Now I know he's being modest. Adam loves playing Halo," Eli joked.

The party had a good turn out of about 25 people or so. It wasn't a huge party but people were huddled in groups laughing and having fun.

"Want some punch?" a girl suddenly asked them. She had dark brown hair which she wore in a bob cut.

"It's not spiked or anything?" Adam quipped.

She gave him a toothy smile. "No."

"Well, too bad," he smirked.

Eli grinned. Fun Adam has struck again. He never needed a wingman so Eli decided to explore the party on his own. He spotted a couple of Clare's friends, Dave and Wesley. He struggled to remember if they ever had a conversation as Wesley waved wildly and came over to him. Dave followed.

"Hey man! What are you doing here?" Wesley said excitedly. Dave continued to look around the room, sizing up the events around him.

"Got an invite from some girls at the mall. I'm here with Adam," Eli told them.

"Wow," Wesley said. "Right on man!"

"Adam's here?" Dave frowned.

Eli didn't like his tone. "Yeah, you got a problem with that?"

Dave already zeroed in on Adam. He was standing by the drinks table, sharing a lively conversation with the girl with the bob.

"No," Wesley said quickly. Eli raised an eyebrow, and then turned to Dave.

"No, it's cool. Who's that girl he's talking to?" Dave inquired.

"Damned if I know," Eli said and walked away. He got an odd vibe from those two. He grabbed a few pretzels from the snack table.

"Having a good time?" Hanna asked him. He looked around startled. "Didn't mean to surprise you," she chuckled.

Eli shook his head. "Well, I have a one track mind when it comes to food."

Hanna laughed. They both turned away from the table to observe the party. "So, does your friend Adam have a girlfriend too?"

Eli smirked. Perhaps tonight wouldn't be a bust. "Not very subtle, huh?"

She punched him lightly on the shoulder. "Inquiring minds want to know."


Author's Note #2: This falls into my 'Adam is a flirt' meme, lol.

Fun Adam rocks! Eli is an awesome guy too. The jury is out on these Amherst kids though…