Five minutes later, Arthur and Eames are back in their seats. Arthur is impeccable; Eames reads Catcher in the Rye and still hates it, but it becomes more fun when he starts picturing Holden as Arthur (and then when he stops paying attention to what the book actually describes this Arthur-Holden as doing and makes it up himself).

Ten minutes later, Cobb wakes up. It's a close thing and no one speaks about it—it's enough to just breathe.

Some unknowable amount of time later but too goddamned long in Eames' book, he finally gets his bags but he doesn't leave. He's got another job already lined up and a hotel room reserved at the Marriot, but he doesn't think he'll be checking in for either. After this, his financial fate's made of gold—maybe he'll take a vacation or three.

And in terms of the room, well, Arthur's should do just fine.

"You coming?" Arthur asks, swinging his bag around a shoulder. He's unprepared when Eames dives in, stealing a kiss like he's got a score to settle (and who knows, maybe he does).

"Of course," he says, close enough to Arthur's ears he could lick them (and realizing this, he puts it on the list of things to do with no small amount of satisfaction).

And he smirks, and says, "It'll be interesting."


Thanks to callmebombshell for betaing.