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Well guys, I have come up the second chapter of this series, and those of you have been reading since it came out, many of you will be like 'WHOA! This guy already has a second chapter up on the first day it's been out! So the third chapter should be out tomorrow! SHWEEEET!'. Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, but nope, lol. I was just finishing up the touches on this chapter when I uploaded the first one and I am NOW starting on the third chapter.

It might take a week, maybe two, or maybe less, who knows? Just be patient as I will try to make these chapters filled with such quality it will make your eyes bleed. Nah, not that good lol. Though, I will try for that in my third chapter. I'm serious about that. So the third chapter might take a while for it to come out, since I'll be trying to detail it until MY eyes bleed, lol.

Also, if you haven't figured it out, the dates in the 'Important Info section above is in military format, as in year, month, day. No spaces, no hyphens, no slashes, just numbers back-to-back. Also if you have any suggestions for Naruto's new Taijutsu form, whether it's in English or Japanese Romaji, prefer JR, pm me please and which ever one I like most, I'll post it in the next chapter! Anyways, enough of my random rambling, enjoy the second chapter!

As of 25AUG2012, this chapter, along with the series is being edited before I post my latest chapter. I wanted to restructure each chapter to have a cleaner look to them. That's all.

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To Muroshi & Z: Thank you for pointing out the Sannin/Sennin mistake. Some things I just can't catch myself. The necessary changes have been made. Thank you for catching my mistake!

To Z: As for the Tomoe and the Magatama, that is correct, the Magatama is a necklace, but Naruto isn't wearing a necklace, and since Magatama is a jade in the form of a tomoe that is strung together as a necklace, the objects around Naruto is not a magatama. My theory is that it's just etched onto the skin, like the new fuin, throughout Naruto's upper body. Since the six tomoes that appear around his neck is not solid, I refer to them as tomoes and not magatama.

Also, a little tid-bit of info, three tomoes are called Mitsudomoe, so the design of the Sharingan and Curse Seal of Heaven is a Mitsudomoe. Also, the combination of Tailed Beast Mode and Sennin Mode is not weird at all. Not in my opinion. Also, just in case if you were wondering, since Naruto has complete control over the Kyubi, the two Elder Sage Toads, Shima and Fukasaku, should be able to merge to his shoulders, theoretically speaking.

To sabbath9997 & The Last Rising Of The Phoenix: Thank you for your kind comments. I hope I updated soon enough, lol.

To IfOnlyIf: Naruto didn't inherited the Sharingan from a corpse, he inherited it from Itachi and Sasuke while they were alive through Tensha Fuin, or Transcription Seal, which is exactly what Itachi did to Sasuke to give him Amaterasu which activates automatically by the sight of Uchiha Madara's Sharingan. As for Naruto getting the Rinnegan, Nagato is Nagato Uzumaki, meaning he is related to Naruto, thus making the Rinnegan the dojutsu of the Uzumaki Clan… Not kidding. I read the weekly manga chapters of Naruto that are released in Japan.

As for Nagato attacking Konan, well, Naruto doesn't know that much about Nagato in the first place, understand? They haven't been lifelong friends, so Naruto knows next to nothing about Nagato. So Naruto doesn't know what to expect from Nagato. Sure, Nagato wouldn't really hurt Konan, but it was a Genjutsu, so it doesn't matter. All the Genjutsu was used for was to help Naruto experience the necessary feeling to unlock the dojutsu of his clan, the Rinnegan. As for Nagato telling Naruto about the Rinnegan, that was explained in the six-month skip.

Last Chapter

Four Years Later


Nagato turned towards Naruto. "Fair enough, but I do believe we should continue this later. As for the training, I'll be your sensei for six months. By then, you should have mastered all the techniques of the Rinnegan as well as many more Elemental Ninjutsus. I will teach you to master all six types of Nature Manipulation and teach you how to perform Sub-Elemental Ninjutsus. Also, we will work together on forming a new Taijutsu form for you. You're ready?"

"Whoa… How am I supposed to perform Sub-Elemental Ninjutsus? I thought those were Kekkei Genkais?"

"It's part of the Rinnegan. Since it allows the user to user all six types of Nature Manipulation, it certainly allows it uses to combine those elements. Even though you can perform all sub-elements, it won't be easy. It might even take you an additional year after our training for you to master all of them. So are you ready for the training Naruto?"

The eyes of the Jinchūriki followed Nagato closely, not letting his guard down around his godfather's murderer. Even though Nagato revived everyone he killed in Konohagakure no Sato, some feelings of hatred lingered. "Hai lets begin, Nagato." '

Chapter Two

Return to Konohagakure no Sato


The Sun started to peak over the forest and mountain range surrounding, hidden behind the dense storm clouds covering the clouds which poured down rain and shot out lightning. A thunder echoed from the distance, disturbing the sleep of a blonde youth. Stirring in his bed, his eyes slowly drew themselves open as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.

Six months passed by since he first came to Amergakure no Sato. Training to master his newest abilities as been difficult and long. In fact, he still wasn't done with his training. It will take more than 6 months to have mastery over his clan's gift, but it was his final day there with everyone. He's been away from the village long enough. He knew he must return.

Naruto tilted his head to his left, staring at the black, cubic, digital clock. Slowly he made out the numerical numbers shown on the face of the clock. "Aww man… Seven in the morning? Really? Breakfast won't be ready for another hour… Better get out of bed before Konan drags my ass out of bed."

Naruto's mouth opened as a yawn escaped. "Then again, it would be nice to see Konan reaction again…"Naruto had a smirk plastered across his face as he decided to turn on his right side and pull the covers over himself once again, savoring the warmth.

Ten minutes slowly passed by until the door to Naruto's room flung out. "NARUTO! YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE AWAKE! NOW GET UP!"

Naruto flinched lightly underneath the thin layers of bed sheets. Oh man, she reminds me of Sakura… Naruto started to mumbled in a dark tone underneath the sheets. "I don't want to get out of bed Konan-chan…"

"I don't care if you don't want to get out of bed or not Naruto! I will drag you out of that bed if I must!" Konan marched over to Naruto; her hair untied and flowed through the air as she quickly moved forward. Her hands grabbed the sheets covering Naruto and ripped it off of him. "GET UP no-"

Konan's face turned a slight shade of pink as her amber eyes rested upon the figure stretched out in front of her. Slowly, she turned around from the nude Naruto and stormed out of the room without another wood. Naruto chuckled lightly, pulling himself out of the bed. I haven't pulled that prank since the first week. Her blush reminds me a lot about Hinata… Hinata… Naruto sighed depressingly and walked into the shower.

One thing I'm dreading for sure when returning home is going to be Hinata... It was an asshole thing to do to her... Naruto gave another heavy sigh before turning on the water. Fresh ice cold water came first, waking him up immediately before, finally, the warm water rushed through the pipes.

After the warm shower, Naruto pulled out a scroll and unsealed a set of clothes. Wearing tan pants, dark grey shirt, forest green flak jacket, his Konohagakure hitai-ate upon his forehead and black ninja boots, Naruto grabbed his khaki-colored cloak and swung it over his shoulder before heading out of his room. He then turned right after exiting out of his room and followed up the stairs to the second highest floor, where the kitchen and dinning room were at.

As Naruto walked by the kitchen, the scent of fresh eggs and cinnamon toast wafted through the air of the floor. "Smells pretty good Konan!"

Konan spat back with venom in her words. "Oh shut it you damn blonde! I thought you stopped with that childish prank of yours after the first week!"

"Hey, hey, it's my last day here, thought I'll make it memorable." Naruto smirked as he walked into the kitchen; Konan turned her amber eyes upon him with a deadly glare.

The door leading to the floor below opened slowly, revealing Nagato, the Rinnegan disappeared from his eyes once again. "Make what memorable, Naruto?" Nagato asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and yawned lightly.

"Uh… Nothing sensei!" Naruto shuddered like as if a cold winter breeze blew against his spine, trying not to remember what happened the last time he pulled that prank of Konan.

Nagato noticed Naruto's awkwardness but decided not to pry. Both Naruto and Nagato followed each other to the table, sitting side-by-side, contrasting each other: one was thin, pale and had vibrant red hair, while the other was muscular, tanned and had blonde hair.

Nagato turned towards Naruto as the blue-haired Angel walked in, placing a plate before Naruto. "I'm very proud of you Naruto. I'm happy to say that you have started to master our clan's gift."

Naruto lifted one of his hands and began to rub the back of his head. "Well Nagato, I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it so quickly if you were around. Anyways, I think it's time that I head to Myōbokuzan and visit Fukasaku and Shima."

"Ah, so you need to see the Toad Sages. Please tell them that I'm sorry for killing Jiraiya." Nagato sorrowfully looked down, regretting ever trying to take revenge.

"I'll will sensei. Although, they may not be so happy to hear that you're 'back from the dead'." Naruto chuckled lightly as Konan finally sat down, across from both of the men.

"You better eat my food before it get's cold Naruto." Konan jokingly pulled the meal away from Naruto when he wasn't looking.

Several moments passed by, Naruto stuffing the breakfast down his throat like as if there were no tomorrow. After depriving the plate of every significant crumb, Naruto hastily wiped his mouth with his right hand and sighed happily after gulping down a glass of milk. "Well, I really must get going. I have to get to Myōbokuzan and head back to my village. Oba-chan is going to yell at me for not staying in contact with her, so the sooner I get back, the less of a chance I'll become deaf."

"Ok Naruto, I'll visit you when it's a month before the Gedō Mazō breaks. Please do remember to do everything you can to better yourself for the up coming challenge." Konan pleaded to the blonde man before her.

"I will Konan-chan!" Naruto smiled warmly to the blue-haired beauty before him before vanishing in a yellow light.

"I'm happy that he can finally perform that jutsu without having to tap into his Tailed Beast Mode. Though, with the lack of chakra control for the jutsu, he's wasting too much chakra, don't you agree Konan?" Nagato stood up as he stared into the former Akatsuki member's eyes as she simply nodded.

Konan turned her head to face Nagato, pain plastered upon her ivory skin. "Do you think he knows I'm also dead?" Konan eyes started to shimmer as tears welled up.

Quietly, Nagato moved to the other side of the table and wrapped his arms around her neck lovingly. "I think he does, but I doubt he knows that it is Madara that killed you…"

"But-" Shimmering tears streamed down her cheek silently before she spoke again. "I want him so bad. He's so sweet. He's willing to carry on our dreams." Konan hiccupped for several moments before finally grasping control over her emotions. "I think I fallen in love with him over the past six months…"

"I know Konan, I know." Nagato wiped the tears from her cheek. "You must remember; we can't interact with the living in such ways… Once this is over, peace will come and we can see Yahiko and Jiraiya again in the afterlife. For now, let's do our parts to bring peace."

If only we met you sooner Naruto. If only, maybe none of this would've happened. The world would've been a better place already if you were born just a little sooner.

Naruto appeared about five kilometers away from the outskirts of Amegakure no Sato, into the dense woods of Amegakure no Sato. Naruto quickly bit his right thumb and performed five hand signs. Boar, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Ram. Naruto slammed his bloody right hand on the ground as black writing appeared on the ground for an instant. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A small puff of smoke appeared, revealing small, elder toad with thick, overgrown, white eyebrows, a chunk of white hair and a white, pointed beard. "I SAID I DIDN'T WA-" The old toad swiftly turned his head to the left and right in a sweeping manner. "Where am I?" The old toad spun on the spot, facing his summoner.

The elder-like toad was wearing a slight shocked expression before turning into a wide grin. "Why hello there Naruto, your hair certainly has grown to look like your fathers! Did you need something?"

"Well yeah Fukasaku…" Naruto rubbed the back of his head nervously, his fingers brushing through his long golden spikes. "I would like to talk to both you and Shima before I head back home. I have some important info to share with both of you."

"Good timing Naruto! It was getting boring without you around and Shima just finished breakfast! I'll take us back to Myōbokuzan. Besides, since you left the village a few months back, we've been trying to track you down. Ōjiji-chan made another prophecy about you." The green toad clapped his hands together in a praying formation. "Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Naruto hanged his head in grief. Oh great, I have to eat AGAIN… And it's… It's going to be… Bug stew… I just know it… In an instant, both the elder toad and the blonde shinobi vanished in clouds of white smoke.

After suffering from his stomach digesting the bugs Shima cooked up and explaining his six months of training with Jiraiya's former pupil; Nagato, Naruto laid back on the solid ground, starring passed the old greenery, following the drifting clouds and listening to the elderly sage couple bicker at each other. "Shikamaru, now you got me cloud gazing… ARGH!"

The purple and green Toad Sage, Shima, sprung from her hind legs and landed on top of Naruto's dark grey shirt, landing soundly on Naruto's abs. "So let me get this straight. You, the 'Child of Destiny', Jiraiya-chan's pupil, was taught by the murder that killed my own son?" Shima screamed out eccentrically.

Naruto tilted his had back even further into the ground, letting a sigh annoyance escape. Fukasaku quickly followed his wife and landed next to Naruto. "Listen Ma! Both of them are the 'Children of Destiny'. They have to work together to save the world."

Naruto tiled his head, dragging his lengthy blonde-hair out from the ground. "Shima-sensei, please understand, I need all the help I can get. Nagato did revive Fukasaku-sensei. He realizes his mistake and he's really sorry about it-".

"I don't care! He killed my son!" The ancient toad sage leapt off Naruto and into the woods of Myōbokuzan, stifled tears echoed out from the distance.

"Naruto, don't blame Ma for being so emotional, ok? We thought of Jiraiya as our own son, and losing someone that close is never easy, is it Naruto." Fukasaku directed his gaze up towards the heavens, as if there was a message written in the sky that only he could see.

Naruto tilted his head down; his long blonde hair spilled over his headband and partially covered his eyes, hiding the sadness shimmering in his eyes. "Yeah, you're right, it's not easy. It's just that he truly regrets killing Ero-Sennin. The first month around him, I constantly kept my guard up around him, but afterwards, I noticed that he really was a good guy that just did things the wrong way…"

"Well Naruto, I'll trust your judgment. It's time we speak to Ōjiji-chan." The elderly green toad hoped onto Naruto's shoulder as he rose back up to his feet.

The two sages follow a beaten path, wide enough for Gamabunta to fit. The blonde ninja constantly looks to his left and right, hearing the beating of large insect wings from beyond the giant elephant ear plants. "What does Deka Jiichan want to tell me?"

"Just another vision. Don't worry, Ma will be there too." Fukasaku simply remarked, keeping balance on Naruto's broad right shoulder as they continued down the path.

In the main room of temple sat the Ōgama Sennin; a Gamabunta-sized toad sat upon an enormous, green, bath-like chair, the skin a dusty brown color with the trademark toad ears and stomach a slight off-white color, warts running up and down the lengths of the arms, legs and back. A collection of red beads strung together, leaving a giant, crystal blue orb with the kanji symbols for 'Abura' upon it and upon the head of the squinting, thousand year old sage was a concaved, rectangular, black hat with a crystal blue orb stationed at the center of it, balancing the odd hat perfectly upon his head.

To the right of the toad was a phantom-green bottle of Sake large enough of fit in his hand, clearly holding more alcohol than the citizens of Konohagakure no Sato could drink, and next to that was also a traditional green cup to pour the drink into. To the flanks of the oldest toad were scrolls, the wooden ends a deep red color as the trim of the scroll paper were blue, the borderline of the writing were a deep red color. Each scroll was the size of Gamabunta, lined up against each other like pillars forming a wall. Near the feet of the ancient toad sat the two toad sages, Fukasaku and Shima.

"Are you ready Naruto?" Shima asked as she started down to the summoner before her.

"Hai, I'm ready to listen to Deka Jiichan's prophecy." Naruto quickly sat down, crossing his legs, waiting patiently for Ōgama Sennin to speak.

"Ok Naruto." The green, elderly toad spoke up, a small robe cloaking his body. Fukasaku turned towards the senile toad. "Ōjiji-chan, Great Sage Naruto has come to listen to your prophecy." Fukasaku bellowed out with respect.

The senile toad barely opened his eyes, glancing down to the blond summoner before him. "Shima, who is Naruto?"

"Naruto is Jiraiya-chan's pupil. You remember Great Sage Jiraiya, right? The kid with the long white hair."

Instantly, the prophecy toad grew a wide smile upon his face. "OH! Where is Jiraiya? I haven't seen Jiraiya-boy in awhile."

"J-Jiraiya-chan… I-is…" Shima started to stumble over her words, holding her tears back.

"Jiraiya-chan ain't with us anymore, Ōjiji-sama." Fukasaku replied quietly, saving his wife from finishing her sentence.

"Well then," The senile toad tilted his head, peering upon sights upon Naruto. "Then who's that?"

"You have got to be kidding me!" Naruto's face contorted with disbelief.

"Ya know, Naruto, as in Minato's boy." Fukasaku gestured towards Naruto, listing off a number of similarities between the father and son.

"Oh, Minato! I'm happy to see ya!" The senile toad smiled once again and rocked his head from side-to-side.

Naruto face-palms himself as Shima spoke this time. "That ain't Minato, Ōjiji-sama, this is Naruto, Great Sage Naruto. Minato ain't with us anymore and Naruto, the boy in front of ya, is his son. We brought him here because you called for him yourself, ya senile old fart!"

"Old fart? Ma! Don't call Ōjiji-chan an 'old fart'!" Fukasaku retorted violently to his wife's disrespect.

"No fighting children. A husband and wife have to be nice to each other." The Great Toad demanded with a fatherly tone.

"Yeah," Fukasaku mumbled darkly to himself. "Exactly what you said last time…"

"Now then… Who are you young man?"

You have got to be kidding me! Seriously? They said my name like what, eight times? Naruto removed the palm of his hand from his face. "C'mon Deka Jiichan, it's me, Uzumaki Naruto! When are you going to remember my name?" Naruto began to run his fingers through his golden spikes of hair, his fingers pulsing with aggravation. Why does this happen EVERY time I come to see him?

Shima muttered something along the lines of 'senile old fart' and after catching a glare from her husband she spoke up. "Can you please just tell him your prophecy? Be sure to listen well Naruto."

Before giving Naruto a chance to reply to Shima, the Ōgama Sennin spoke again. "Ah, yes, the prophecy, right… In my dreams, I see you both becoming a pervert without equal… and a shinobi of incredible talent."

"Wrong prophecy ya senile old fart!" Shima bellowed out as her husband face-palmed himself.

The Ōgama Sennin coughed lightly before speaking. "Sorry… Naruto… I have seen your future. You will meet an octopus-"

"WRONG PROPHECY!" Shima bellowed out once again, cutting off the Ōgama Sennin.

"Oh, right… In my dreams, I see you become a great shinobi, none like those who have come before you. You will train hard for one year to ready yourself for the fight against eight bijūs, coming up with a seal that only you can perform. You will take nine pupils and with your actions, eight of them will bring the salvation of this world or the end of it."

"W-what do you mean by that?" Naruto frantically spurted out.

The Ōgama Sennin slightly opened his eyes, the slits of pupils resting their sights upon Naruto. "What I mean is what you will teach your pupils, the eight chosen to be hosts, will either bring eternal peace or never-ending war."

"What can I do to ensure peace and not war?" Naruto asked, begging for the answer.

"To ensure peace among the hosts, you will have them read your favorite book."

It can't possibly that easy... "What about ninth pupil? What's going to happen to-"

"As for the remaining pupil, who will be your first student, what happens between the two of you will be up to you." With a smirk, the Ōgama Sennin closed his eyes again. "As for the Kyūbi, I foresee that you will pass it down your family."

"Is that all Deka Jiichan?" The blond shinobi asked as he rose from his spot.

"Yes, Great Sage Naruto, that is all." After his comment, the blond sage turned around and made his way to the exit. Just as Naruto reached the exit, the thousand year old toad called out to him once more. "Oh, one more thing Naruto, everything will begin with a Firework."

Just outside of Konohagakure no Sato's main gate, a blinding light shined forth, temporary blinding all within the vicinity. "Oh Kami, my eyes!" Cried out the leaf shinobi who's stationed at the post. The shinobi, his hair pulled back into a frayed ponytail, his hands shielding his eyes from the sudden appearance of a yellow light, leaving a blazing shinobi in its wake. Only one person alive could produce that light...

"Oi, Shikamaru, what's up?" The shinobi, coated in chakra so strong it looks like orange flames, disengaged his blazing form, his clothes undamaged by the flames of chakra that engulfed him.

Shikamaru, wearing his traditional Jōnin uniform, tilted his head back, his gaze redirected to the clouds with a heavy sigh. "Hey Naruto, Hokage-sama wants to see you…"

"Yeah, I figured as much, see ya around Shikamaru." The blonde shinobi's body flared up. "Oh, and congrats on becoming Jōnin Commander, Shikamaru!"

Shit! Shikamaru quickly covered his eyes and turned his head to shield him from the sudden blinding light. "Damn that Naruto! He needs to stop doing that, or at least get rid of that damn blinding light…"

Alone in a room, pictures of the former leaders hung upon the wall, was the Hokage, feverishly working on the dreaded stacks of papers in front of her. The female Hokage constantly swiped away the golden hair that that blocked the vision of her chocolate brown eyes, until her train of thought was interrupted by three knocks at the door. "Yes, who is it?" The Senju called out from behind her desk.

"Lady Tsunade, Lord Hyūga wishes to speak to you." The assistant called out from behind the thick wooden door.

"Let him in Shizune." Tsunade called out irritated, shoving the large stack of papers off to the side to finish later. The thick wooden door opened, revealing a man nearing his fifties yet only looking to be in his late thirties. "Hello Hiashi, what can I do for you today."

Hiashi walked into the room, staying about six feet away from the desk. "Well, as you know, the heiress to my clan, Hanabi, has become a genin, so I was wondering if you would appoint a capable Jōnin to train her to pass the Chūnin Exams?"

Tsunade continued to fuss with her desk, trying to organize the countless piles of paper that covered the wooden desk she had nightmares about. Why is he bringing this petty matter to me? I do have better things to do! Tsunade glanced at the towering pile of papers on the desk and sighed heavily. Well... Maybe I don't... "Do you have anyone particularly in mind?"

"No one really, just someone who is good all around. I can't teach her anything more of our techniques unless she becomes Head of our clan." Hiashi remarked, keeping a serious face.

"So you won't object to my decision?" Tsunade smirked as she begun to think of a certain blond-haired shinobi, but was quickly replaced with a frown, remembering that she couldn't get in touch with him over the past six months.

"No Hokage-sama, I trust your judgment. Do you have someone in mind?" Hiashi remarked quizzically, tilting his head slightly.

Tsunade swept the floor from right to left and back again with her eyes, as if expecting someone to appear. "Well, I did, but-"

Suddenly, a blinding flash of yellow light shone through the room, leaving Naruto just a foot away from her desk. "HEY OBA-CHAAAN!" Naruto bellowed out purposely as he stared at his surrogate mother, a smirk growing upon his face.

OH KAMI, MY EYES! Wha-what the! Did he just use the Hiraishin no Jutsu? Hiashi stumbled back from his lack of eyesight due to the blinding light.

Tsunade's fist clenched a stack of paper that was being held in her hand, crumpling the request forms she needed to approve or deny. "NAARUUUTOOOO!" Immediately, Tsunade threw the forms, as if they were weapons, blindly to where she thought the blazing shinobi was at.

Naruto quickly strafed to the right, leaving the forms to fly at Hiashi, each paper separating from the stack, harmlessly hitting him. The last living Jinchūriki quickly exited his fiery form and lifted his hands in a surrendering pose. "Sorry Oba-chan, I just thought you would be happy to see me after six months." Naruto pouted playfully before grinning.

"I don't care Naruto! You should at least knock first!" Tsunade quickly sat back down in her chair, lifting her hand to her forehead and started to massage her temples, hoping to relieve her stress.

"Sorry Oba-chan. Oh, hey Lord Hyūga!" Naruto's tone changed from cheerful to one of seriousness. "I guess I should leave since you and Hiashi are obviously talking." Naruto turned on his heel and started to march his way to the door.

How did he know I was here? I didn't even say anything? Hiashi quickly recomposed himself before speaking to Naruto. "Hello Naruto." Hiashi bowed respectfully to the hero before him.

"You're not going anywhere Naruto. I need you to do something." Tsunade commanded in a menacing tone.

Naruto froze, shivers running up his spine. Oh no... Here comes my punishment... He slowly turned his head, his sight resting upon his surrogate mother. "What is it?"

Tsunade smirked evilly as she turned her gaze to Hiashi. "I think I found Hanabi's teacher." Tsunade wistfully thought to herself as she was trying to play match-maker with her surrogate son.

Hiashi jaw dropped at what Tsunade was thinking. What is she up to? Sure, Naruto is good, in fact, he may just be the best ninja in our village, but still, he does things WAAAY over the top. I even heard he has a jutsu that can level a mountain, A MOUNTAIN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! No, I can't let him teach her, he'll put her at great risks to teach her those jutsus! Hiashi quickly composed himself before speaking. "Tsunade… Are you sure it's wise, I mean-"

Tsunade quickly cut Hiashi, her smirk widening even more. "Are you saying you don't trust your Hokage, Lord Hyūga?" Tsunade interlaced her fingers and rested her chin upon them as she played Hiashi into her trap, leaving only Naruto to agree, knowing she might have to pull an ace out of her sleeve on Naruto to agree.

"N-no, of course not Hokage-sama…" Hiashi muttered to himself, sighing in defeat.

"So you want me to teach Hanabi Hyūga? Hinata's little sister right?" Naruto asked as shivers ran down his spine, knowing that he would bump into Hinata. Suddenly, Naruto's eyes opened as if he remembered something. "Ha-Hanabi means Firework, right?" Naruto asked with a touch of nervousness in his voice.

Tsunade tilted her head, confused by the question. "Yes it does, why do you ask?"

"Uh… I'll tell you later. I guess I'll be her sensei." Naruto stood still for a few moments, shadows of red thickening around his eyes. He opened his eyes instantly. "Found her. I'll be sure to meet up with her later. I'll talk to you later Tsunade." Naruto pivoted on his heels and faced Hiashi. "I'll see you later tonight Lord Hyūga." Naruto bowed and flared into his Tailed Beast Mode and vanished once more in the blinding yellow light.

"He really is the Fourth's son…" Hiashi sighed contently. "I just hope Hinata doesn't kill him…"

"Yeah, I hope so too, but I think it will all work out. How are things going between Hinata and Shino?" Tsunade inquired.

"Everything is going well. We have it set up for them to get married. I think it's a good match. Shino doesn't get as much attention for the ladies like Naruto, so Hinata shouldn't be so… Possessive…" Hiashi sighed heavily as he rubbed his temples. "She still feels terrible for what happened between her and Naruto though…"

Tsunade stood up and started to pick up the papers she thrown earlier. "Yeah… Hinata really did some damage to Naruto. He didn't want to break up with her because he knew it would break her heart, but it had to be done… Naruto needs someone more independent." Tsunade smirked at Hiashi when she stood back up, holding the forms in her hand.

"So that's why you chose Naruto… You think Hanabi would be good for Naruto? She's a very feisty."

"Yeah, but I think Naruto is the only one who can control her. She likes to explode a lot, which is fitting for her name." Tsunade chuckled lightly as she stared at Hiashi's annoyed face.

"Well, it's not like we knew she would be like that…" Hiashi's eyes drifted off to the side, away from the gaze of the Hokage.

"Just mull it over Hiashi, you know that it's a match made in heaven for your clan. Your heiress marring the last survivor of the Namikaze Clan and one of the few left of the Uzumaki Clan. Sure, their kids won't take on the Hyūga name, but you have Neji for that." Tsunade smirked, placing the forms on her desk.

"Yeah, if everything goes according to plan…" Hiashi begun to massage his head again, trying to relieve himself of the trouble of his clan's rivalry.

"Let's continue this else where Hiashi, I could use a break." Tsunade smirked, heading towards the window and jumping out, leaving Hiashi there, sighing deeply and followed her, not wanting to suffer the consequences for declining the invitation of a Hokage.

A flash of light engulfed the living space of his apartment. Naruto looked around and took in the familiar surrounding; wooden floor boards and greenish tint walls. He faced towards the red door, seeing the layer of dust covering the square window placed in the door. Right next to the door, on the right side, was a nightstand, holding two picture frames, one of the original Team Seven and one of the new Team Seven. Next to the pictures was a tradition red alarm clock, obviously dead and continuing farther to the right, was Naruto's queen size bed.

Located above Naruto's bed was a poster of Konohagakure's symbol. To the let of the door lied the dresser, allowing him to hang up his uniforms as well as other gears. To the left of the dresser was a door leading him to his shower. Taking in the sight, he rummaged through his ninja gear, noticing that he needed to seriously update his equipment again. With that, Naruto formed the Kage Bunshin handsign and conjured up five clones.

One by one, Naruto pointed at them, giving orders to each one. "We need some food." Naruto redirected to another clone. "You, go get some new clothes." Pointing to the third clone. "Get me some new ninja equipment. Just the basic stuff." Redirected his finger once again. "Let my friends know that I have returned. Tell them to stop by sometime." Finally pointing to the last one. "Help me clean this room up." In an instant, for of the clones ran out the door to carry out their objectives.

A couple hours went by as Naruto and his clone finally finished cleaning his room the best he can. Naruto peaked out the window that was positioned next to his bed, spotting the Sun at the high point of the sky. "It must be noon." Naruto sighed heavily as he turned towards his clone. "I need to you go tell Oba-chan about everything important, and don't forget to ask her if I can tell my friends about it." The clone nodded in reply and exited the room.

Shortly after the clone left to inform Tsunade, several of the clones arrived back, each with friends in tow. Naruto immediately dispelled the clones, place away his goods and welcomed his friends in his little room, saying sorry for the cramp space and opened the window, allowing him to sit on the ledge.

"So Naruto," First one to speak was a blond kunoichi named Ino, who was dressed in purple attire. "What have you been doing since you left the village again?"

"Oh, I originally left to see the different Nations, like I did with Ero-Sennin, but with more understanding this time. At least, that was until I ran into an old acquaintance of Ero-Sennin and I."

Shikamaru, his body sprawled across Naruto's bed, asked next. "What happened?"

"Uh… Hold on…" Naruto closed his eyes, receiving information from the clone he sent to his surrogate mother and continued on. "By the orders of Oba-chan, I have to leave out a lot of details due to the sensitive information. Pretty much, all I can say is that I've gained another Kekkei Genkai and with it, I can perform Sub-Elemental jutsus."

"Oh great… First you've been given the 'Natural Born Uchiha Abilities' by Itachi and then Sasuke transferred the abilities of his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan just before he died." Neji frowned deeply as he stood up against the door leading to the full bathroom. "Naruto, you also have the Kyūbi inside you and you can call on the full power of the strongest Bijū at any time. This is just too much Naruto. Why would you need this much power? What in the world could possibly give a good enough reason for any shinobi to harness such power?"

"Well… Here comes the other info that I can tell you…." Naruto eyes glazed over his friends that were present in the room. "You remember Akatsuki, right?"

"How can we forget about their figure head completely destroying our village with one move?" Choji bellowed out with a thunderous voice, enraged by the mere mention of the group, as he sat in a corner near Neji.

"Well, the way the sealed the eight bijūs was suppose to in balance once the Kyūbi was sealed in, but since they never got me, the seal is weakening. So in about a year and a half's time, the Jūbi won't be able to contain the Bijūs will they will be unleashed upon the world once again. This is why I need this ridiculous amount of strength."

"Are you serious?" Kiba barked around leaning against Naruto's dresser, on the opposite side of the room from Naruto. "First you beat Gaara when the Sound and Sand ninjas invaded, fought off that Snake-bastard several times, defeat Pein when he flattened our village, killed a good number of Akatsuki, some of them you killed TWICE, then fought Sasuke and the mastermind behind the Third Great War and now this? How do you do it? How can you shoulder so much responsibility over and over Naruto?"

"Because Kiba, I do whatever I need to do to save those who are special to me." Naruto rested his eyes on Neji, a smile coming upon his face. "Also, it's my destiny."

"Huh? I thought you didn't believe in the whole 'destiny' thing Naruto." Neji remarked as he recalled the events of the First Chūnin Exams.

"Yeah, well when Deka Jiichan gives you a prophecy, it's going to happen. Maybe not the way which you thought, but it will happen." Naruto shuffled his body around to where he was now sitting sideways in the opened window.

"So the Ōgama Sennin gave you another prophecy Naruto?" Hinata asked quizzically as she stood near the foot of his bed, with Shino to her side.

"Yup, this makes two prophecies, which I think is pretty uncommon. I mean Ero-Sennin only had one prophecy, but I don't have anything to base if off of other than Ero-Sennin." Naruto glanced over his friends once again. "I also need to find some suitable candidates to become Jinchūrikis. I can seal the Bijūs in a containment jar for a while, but I still need to split them apart to the other four nations."

"Are you going to come up with a fūin for you to use, or are you going to stick with the Hakke no Fūin Shiki that your father came up with? Want to know how I knew about that? Because my father told me." Shino asked with his voiced muffled a bit through his mask.

I didn't even ask you that question. I was thinking it though... Naruto sighed heavily before responding to Shino's question. "Actually, I want to create a fūin. The Hakke no Fūin Shiki is good, but it degrades over time. Also I can't use Shiki Fūjin because it requires the life of the user, so that's a no go. Also, since I'm a Jinchūriki, I can't even perform the Shiki Fūjin in the first place."

"Oh… I didn't know that. You know why I didn't know that? Because I'm not a master in Fūinjutsu."

Naruto quickly glared at Aburame shinobi."Why does he talk like that? Naruto sighed heavily. "Well, I won't be able to get a hold of the Uzumaki's Fūinjutsu scrolls until my twenty-first birthday…" Naruto turned his sights to Konoha no Utsujushiki Aoi Yajū, whose hands were waving madly through the air. "Yes Gejimayu?"

"So how are you going to take on the Bijūs?" Rock Lee asked enthusiastically.

"Well, I will have to use several elemental Ninjutsus on them, some of them I will need to even use sub-elemental Ninjutsus. Along with Ninjutsus, I will be using a new Taijutsu form, using a combination of Gōken, Kawazu Kumite and Jikūkan Kata. You guys already know of the Gōken and Kawazu Kumite, but the Jikūkan Kata is as the name suggests. I will use Space/Time techniques while in my Tailed Beast Mode."

Neji analyzed the combination of the three Taijutsu forms. "Using Kawazu Kumite to enhance Gōken, you'll be able to inflict more damage upon the large surface that the Bijūs has, and with your original Jikūkan Kata, you will be able to connect multiple blows throughout their massive bodies in rapid succession. So have you given a name to this Taijutsu form?"

"Actually, I have. It's called the Jinsokuna hone sokuhō seiji no kobush!"

All eight of his friends just stared at him. "Seriously… That's…"

"A mouth full, that what it is!" Kiba barked out. "You need to come up with something easier to say man!"

"And something cooler at that." Lee suggested. "Something like The Leaf's Orange Beast Fist!"

"NO!" Everyone replied in unison.

"Well sooorry for not being 'smart' enough to come up with a short name…" Naruto's eyes glanced off to the side with a playful pout. "It's the first thing that came to mind. Anyways, I would like to mull over some things, so we should wrap this up."

One by one, most of his friends left the room, many of them leaving words of goodbye, leaving only a lavender haired kunoichi behind. "Uh… Naruto-kun…" The Hyūga kunoichi walked over to Naruto, sitting upon his bed. "I need to speak to you…" Hinata fumbled out her words.

Naruto tilted his head up, the Sun glaring into his eyes and sighed heavily, knowing that this would happen. "I'm all ears Hinata." Naruto ran his fingers through his golden locks as he rested his sights upon her face.

"Look… I'm sorry for how I acted; I really am Naruto-kun. It's just that… I was afraid I would lose you… To someone prettier…" The white eyes of the kunoichi shifted downward, too embarrassed to meet the gaze of her former boyfriend.

"I understand Hinata, I really do. It's just that it hurt me that you didn't trust me around my female friends." His gaze shifted off to the side. "Look, m-maybe we could give it another try…"

Instantaneously, Hinata's eyes shot up. "I can't…" Small tears began to build up in her eyes, blurring her vision of the blonde lover before her. "I'm in an arranged marriage to Shino-kun now…"

Naruto face was stricken with the pain of being turned down. Even though he knew it wasn't her fault, it still hurt. "Oh… I see…"

"D-don't get me wrong Naruto-kun… If I could, I would, but I just can't… I'm sorry!" Hinata jumped off his bed and bolted out of his room, slamming his apartment door behind her unintentionally.

Several seconds passed by before Shino stepped into the room, closing the door gently behind him and resting his gaze upon Naruto. "I'm sorry Naruto. I just thought you should know that this was Lord Hyūga's idea."

She was the only one that really cared for me… If I can't have her, then who else would want me for what I am... Naruto sighed deeply, suppressing his tears. "It's not your fault Shino, so don't say you're sorry. I'll be fine. I was the one who left her in the first place. Just… Give me some time." Naruto muttered as he climbed off the window sill and lay on his bed.

All Naruto heard was a gentle click of metal and then darkness came to his eyes.

Series Notes:

- The Ōgama Sennin's room which I describe is shown in Chapter 376

- The Hokage Mountain of Konohagakure lies towards the North, while the Main gate is on the opposite side, thus making the Main Gate also the South Gate. These notes are important for the Sun rises in the East, lighting up the Hokage Faces on right side, if you're facing towards the mountain that is. I'm 100% sure of this.

- Naruto commonly 'flares' into his Tailed Beast Mode and vanishes in a blinding yellow light. In his Tailed Beast Mode, his whole body is coated with yellow flames, only revealing the six tomoes around the neck and the seal throughout his body. Another effect is the clumping of his hair to where it looks like two horns.

- Jōnin Commander – Leader of the Jōnins was previously held by Shikamaru's father, Shikaku Nara.

- To see the Namikaze Clan symbol, look at Naruto's wristband on the cover page of Chapter 271. It features Naruto, Shikamaru and Gaara all wearing something showing their clan symbol and obviously Naruto's isn't the Uzumaki's symbol, hence my reasoning for it to be the Namikaze Clan symbol.

Japanese Romaji Translations:

- Kuchiyose no Jutsu – Summoning Technique

- Ōjiji-sama – Great Honorable Geezer

- Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu – Reverse Summoning Technique

- Deka Jiichan – 10x grandfather (as in Ōgama Sennin being 10 generations older than a normal grandfather, so like a great, great, great, etc. grandfather)

- Ōgama Sennin – Great Toad Sage

- Abura – Oil

- Konohagakure no Sato – Hidden Leaf Village

- Hiraishin no Jutsu – Flying Thunder God Technique

- Fūin - Seal

- Hakke no Fūin Shiki -Eight Trigrams Sealing Style (Used with the Skiki Fūjin)

- Shiki Fūjin – Dead Demon Consuming Seal

- Fūinjutsu – Sealing Technique

- Konoha no Utsujushiki Aoi Yajū – Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast (Refers to Rock Lee)

- Gejimayu – Centipede Brows (Another nickname for Rock Lee)

- Gōken – Strong Fist (Style used by Maito Guy, Rock Lee, and Naruto Uzumaki)

- Kawazu Kumite – Frog Kata – Toad Sage Fist (Taught only to those who have mastered Toad Sage Mode)

- Jikūkan Kata – Space-Time Form (Rapid teleportation, uses the Hiraishin no Jutsu to connect attacks)

- Jinsokuna hone sokuhō seiji no kobush – Rapid Bone-Breaking Sage Fist

- Tensha Fūin - Transcription Seal


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