Inspired by the story of my cat and her lil' boyfriend. Thanks to my friend Morgan for telling me the poem about her cat she wrote for school to get me to tell her my cat's story, so we both realized it could be a fanfic. :D THANKS "SIS"!

I looked out the window, lovingly. Waiting for my beloved to appear once again. Now that the master and his mate, Misty, are together, I must wait for my love to come back. Long, long ago, a Pikachu appeared outside. Sadly, I was an indoor Pikachu. The master only battled when people came here and challenged him. The Pikachu, Kachina, scampered onto the porch, and jumped on the outside windowsill. Our eyes met, and we fell in love instantly. I said to her "Beautiful, beautiful friend, what is your name, and why are you here?" And she answered me.

"My name? It is Kachina, given to me by my trainer, Phoebe. She loves me so, and let me out to take a walk. I sensed one of my kind around, and it happened to be you." It was a magical moment. We rubbed our noses against each other instinctively, feeling the cold glass of the window. I ran to the master, telling Kachina I would be back very soon. I got him to open the door, and we met. We rubbed noses and intertwined our tails, the traditional Pikachu greeting.

"Kachina, this must have been a destined meeting. Will you stay here, in Pallet Town, forever?" I asked. She nodded, and remembered that she must return to her trainer at the start of sundown, which was soon coming up. She quickly said goodbye and ran towards the east side of Pallet Town. Ever since then, I haven't seen her. I heard that she had moved to Saffron City, and I asked the master if we could visit her. He said that she would be back someday, and that I should wait for her. I guess he retained his stupidity over the years. I talked to Misty, or as I call her, Pikachupi, and she said that if it was true love, she would be back. I'm still not sure if she will ever come back to me. Who knows, she may not even be alive anymore. I wish I knew where she was...

"Hey, Pikachu!" the master yelled. "Get off that windowsill and come with me! We're going to..." he paused. I was too busy being depressed to go do what the master thought of as fun. I will never forget the Marry-Go-Round incident..."Saffron City!" I froze. Would I get to see my Kachina again...? "Come on Pikachu, I'll drive!"

"Pi Piika pi." I said, meaning in the master's language, 'Oh God no.'

Do you guys want a second chapter, or a sequel or something? I can try to make it if you want. :)