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Chapter 7

Kaname's POV

My eyes narrowed. Yuuki ran away from me. That child was mine but she was happy. I couldn't help but feel anger though, that somebody other than me brought such a smile to my little princesses face.

"Onii-sama?" Yuuki looked at me with a quizzical look and the chairman with an all-knowing look.

"it's nothing but come Yuuki, it is not safe for you here it is time to go."

"Awwww no fair…" Yuuki looked thoughtful for a moment "but only if you get Mr. Chairman to come back on day." Yuuki looked at me hopefully and I couldn't help but promise in return. I looked at the chairman with red glowing eyes. He immediately understood and left. Good it should have been me that gave my precious girl her first red rose.

Yuuki's POV

The chairman was nice and he gave me a rose. I saw my brother and he seemed a bit upset. But I smiled at him and that made him all better like always. He even promised me that I could play with the chairman again. I was happy. Kaname Onii-sama let me back to my rooms and world and sat me down. He gave a stern talking to but he didn't get too mad cause he loves me too much. I'm happy. Today was a good day.

Normal POV

Yuuki and Kaname was sitting on the couch as Yuuki played with her rose. Kaname was gently playing with her hair. It was now around seven. And Yuuki was getting sleepy. She had done a lot today.

"Onii-sama I'm tired can you carry me to my room?" Yuuki yawned and lifted her arms and pulled herself around his neck and silently waited. Kaname wrapped his arms his princess and got up gracefully. He walked down the hall after exiting the family room. He walked till he came to a door labeled Yuuki's room. He smiled. He and Yuuki had made the sign together a month prior. He opened the door and placed his child on to the four poser bed. The bed was huge but it was very comfortable. Yuuki smiled and reached up and to Kaname's surprise gently kissed him. He felt a bit of energy flow to her but other than that it was a sweet innocent kiss goodnight. After her lips departed she smiled. "A kiss good night to my price so that he doesn't get lonely on this night." She giggled sleepily and exited the world to enter another of her own imagination. One filled with roses on the outside.

Kaname smiled slightly this was just another typical day in Yuuki's world. A day filled with fun and games and trouble making in Yuuki's part. Yes this was just a normal day. The only difference was that Yuuki was a little more grown up. He walked out of the room leaving the door ajar a bit. He went to the gest bed and lay down. Yes just another typical day and it would all start again tomorrow.

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