"Edward…Why, why wasn't I good enough for you?" I cried. Curled up on the floor I hit my balled up hand against the wall every time a stab of pain went through me as my heart slowly broke. He never loved me. If he loved me, he would have taken me with him or he would have stayed no matter what Jasper did the other night.

They all didn't ever love me; Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, and Edward. I slammed my fist into the wall so hard that it hurt and would most likely leave a bruise. Charlie wasn't home; I could throw anything I could find against the wall right now to ease my pain and no one would interrupt. I reached my hand up to the dresser beside me and felt around for something without looking; a candle then slammed against the far wall and glass shattered everywhere. In the scattered pile of glass the top of the candle—now broken to a slant—rested in place; I reached for the piece with a shaky hand and found a box of matches with the other one. The front door opened and closed downstairs as Charlie announced he was home; now or never.

I was able to strike a single match and light the candle before Charlie made it to the living room and turned on the latest game. Fire was so alive burning the twisted wick into nothing; I lightly played with the small flame with my hand feeling the burn inches away from the visible flame. The burning danced more and more up my hand to my arm the closer the candle appeared; to anyone else it would look as if my arm was sitting on the flame by now but it actually was dangling just above it as the heat burst to an intoxicating touch. Charlie could be heard coming up the steps so I quickly moved my arm away and blew away the flame right as he knocked. Charlie entered before I could respond and looked around the room; he noticed the glass first.

"Bells, what happened?" Charlie asked quickly while walking more into the room to get a better view. I slid my arm into hiding while looking up at Charlie who seemed to know my answer already.

"He left dad, Ed-He broke up with me and left like that." I said trying not to cry. Charlie stood there understanding how I felt; I cried against my knees like a little girl when my dad picked me up and tucked me into bed.

"Sleep on it bells, it'll help sweetie." Charlie said moving my hair from my wet face then shutting off the light to my now quiet room. I tossed and turned in the sheets wondering how a person could deal with this. I surely couldn't.

During the early night, I heard Charlie quietly come into the room as I pretended to sleep and listened to the glass being swept off the floor; that's when I remembered the candle. He left minutes later with the mess cleaned up everywhere from the wall to where I was without waking me. I slid my hand out from the comforter and turned my arm over to see a good sized freshly made burn across my forearm; it stung slightly when touched but I sort of found the sting nice at times.

After a restless night I couldn't even force myself to meet the day but it would be the only way to show Charlie I'm somewhat okay. I tossed on a t-shirt and simple sweat pants just to go down to the kitchen and make a small appearance; Charlie was seated at the table with coffee and the police reports from possibly the past few days. He smiled slightly when I walked in the room although I never returned it and watched me casually as I poured myself a cup of coffee—I didn't really like it but it was caffeine. When I raised the cup to my lips I heard Charlie call out to me. I looked to him as he rose up onto his feet taking my coffee cup from my hand placing it onto the table without looking and grabbed my arm; His eyes intently looked at my burn that now left bumps in small places and red dots in other areas but hardly a big problem.

"Bella, Jesus what did you do to your arm? I want the truth!" Charlie said dropping my arm and folding his across his chest like any upset parent would. I sighed.

"I burned it; it's no big deal though." I said trying to cover up my arm with my hand while ignoring the stabbing pain of the stings. Charlie sighed loudly and scrunched up his face as if he were aggravated. Grabbing the truck keys, he looked back to me.

"Go put on some shoes. We're going to the hospital." I opened my mouth to protest but Charlie's eyes said I should keep my mouth shut. I didn't move quickly to my room because I didn't want to go. "ISABELLA MARIE SWAN, HURRY UP OR I'LL MAKE YOUR HURRY!" Charlie's anger roared from downstairs.

"Coming, coming" I called back slipping on a pair of shoes and practically running back to Charlie—to go to the hospital.

It wasn't busy at all. I sat on the hospital bed while a nurse skimmed through papers on the clipboard in front of me; Charlie waited in the living room and when I heard the door open for the medic a familiar voice came ringing through my head.

He was standing just behind me talking to my nurse when I turned my head ever so slightly enough to make out his blonde hair and recognize fully his voice. Carlisle was here.

"Bella, why am I not surprised to find you here" Carlisle said smiling softly to me with the clipboard the nurse once had now in his hand. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; before I knew it exactly I leapt off the bed onto the floor and wrapped my arms around Carlisle's waist missing everything about him: his cold skin, his eyes, the ring of his voice…everything. He hugged me back once setting down the medical papers on the bed.