"Carlisle, can I tell you something that I don't know exactly how I should actually say it." I asked as I slid onto the blankets while Carlisle stretched vertically down the bed.

"What might that be, if it's what I'm thinking may I have a reason as to why you want it." He said watching me.

I set my head on his legs looking up at the elaboratly painted ceiling.

"I want to be changed. Tonight." I said clenching my eyes closed waiting for him to protest like Edward always had in the past.

"Alright." He concluded.

My head shot up from his legs as I looked at him seriously. He stared at my face completely calm and well mannered like always. All this time Edward would never change me and despised the slight thought of having me as a vampire but after one tiny request to Carlisle who says yes of all things, I can suddenly live forever before the sun is up. I sat my head down again suprised by what just happened; I was going to become a vampire.

"How did all this happen, what made us fall for eachother this quickly?" I asked him turning my head in his direction slightly.

"We fell in love. From the day I saw you in the emergency room with your burn I could tell you were impatient but also curious as to if I would be around. I offered you my home because I knew once Esme and I ended the love we had and I came here again, you would be around to capture my heart again. The places I've taken you Isabella, the others nor Esme know of simply as I wouldnt reveal it in my mind for Edward or in my body at all for anyone else. You were the only one I felt compelled to share with. I'm not suprised you asked to be changed as it was brought up long ago but also because I promised you, Isabella I keep my promises."

"Thank you, Carlisle...For giving me anything I'd ever ask for including becoming like you." I said softly sliding up his cold torso to his lips. His responce started out sweet then passionately heated; he turned us over as my back was suddenly against a pilliow as one of his warming hands buried itself in my wavy hair. I wanted his kiss so badly as if it would be my last.

He politely pulled away and sat on the bed. I proped myself on my elbow and looked at him strangely but before I could ask a pair of cold hands were wrapped around my neck pushing me back onto the bed lightly.

I was startled, I'll admit it.

"Alice!" I said looking out the side of my eye to see her beaming smile. She bounced happily in place and smiled at the sight of us being so close. I attempted to ask her what she was doing here but she hardly gave me the chance as she straightened my messy hair and pulled me downstairs by my arm.

"Come on, come on you have to see who's here." She chimed as I came face to face with the rest of the Cullens. Emmett and Rosalie hugged me first since Emmett couldn't wait any longer, then Jasper finally able to control his thirst.

I stepped back from Jasper's embrace and felt a hand at my waist pulling me closer. Carlisle was respectfully at my back trying not to whisp me away in the middle of the reunion.

I pressed against him smiling up at his face before seeing Esme in front of me with slightly out stretched arms wanting a hug; looking as she was glad Carlisle and I worked everything out from her last visit. I hugged her and whispered a quiet thank you although the volume was useless to everyones hearing but mine.

She nodded and moved beside Carlisle politely.

Edward was the only one I hadn't hugged yet.

"Edward, I-I missed you." I smiled softly at him standing near the livingroom enterance. He looked at me intently like how he used to-causing a burn in my chest-before slowly walking over and pulling me into a hug. We tightened our arms more than needed around eachother tucking my face closer to his neck before respectfully pulling away.

"Hello, Carlisle." Edward acknowledged when I felt Carlisle's cold hand at my lower back.

I felt awkward in-between my current love and previous relationship. Prefectly understandable, right?

"Edward, It's good to see you my son. Surely you will have to excuse myself as I have not had the chance to hunt and prefer to disappear for an hour or two in order not to have such difficulty with Isabella's plans." Carlisle said to Edward then motioning outward to everyone in the room winking discreetly at me.

"Carlisle, why don't we all join you as we have not had much time either." Alice suggested in her ringing voice.

"But of bella?" Esme hinted unsurely to the obliviousness hanging in the air.

"I'll stay behind, my thrist is not as bad as the rest of you might feel. I'm used to controlling myself around her anyway." Edward spoke up stepping a slight inch closer to me.

Everyone nodded and left the room except for Carlisle.

"I'll be back soon, count on what we talked about earlier-I'd love it." Carlisle whispered into my ear and kissed my lips firecely full of passion before leaving the room the same direction the others had. In my thought of Carlisle, that kiss was not only to my pleasure but a warning to others.

Edward looked at me and smiled softly as we were the only ones left in the house.

I walked to the piano still sitting in the same place by the window and wondered if he had ever played again since playing for me. Skimming my fingers across the keys; I looked up to see he was not far from where I stood.

"Do you still play?" I asked leaning against the black hollow wood of the piano's frame. Edward silent moved around me and sat at the bench as if I commanded him and began playing my lullaby I hadn't heard in a very long time.

Swaying softly from side-to-side at the different keys playing I noticed I had begun to dance around the room to his music changing in continuing melodies. Rhythems I had never recongized and also the beautiful works of music that I knew well such as Esme's favorite. My bare feet were tired from standing on my toes gliding from one end of the room to the other but every sound coming from his fingertips made flashbacks run through my mind.

(Flashback): Listening to the melody I began to spin around to the beat—a classic song. My dress swayed with each step as Carlisle Cullen appeared leaning in the doorway watching me. I smiled still softly spinning as the sunlight began to shine through the giant living room window—Carlisle sparkled by his skin and his smile toward me looking absolutely breath taking. I stopped mid spin letting my dress fall back in place looking into the eyes of Carlisle.

(End of flashback)

Spinning the last few times my feet could handle I turned to the piano to find Edward had stopped playing and was instead watching me twirl around the room in the same motion as if the music was still alive. The sunlight began to shine from the late afternoon into the window and I slowly moved toward Edward with the images still lively in my thoughts. Edward skin glistened when coming into view of almost an arm length-he was beautiful like diamonds as always. Looking into his eyes intently, he quickly moved away before I could blink bringing me back ot reality.

What was I about to do?

Carlisle's voice could be heard chiming through the emptiness of the house shortly before he appeared with everyone else in the doorway of the livingroom. Esme and everyone-with the exception of Edward that had not shown himself yet from the moment occured-had bright dazzling smiles all directed toward my face. Alice pulled my hand lightly toward Carlisle who stood apart from the others.

"Carlisle told us of what's going to happen, we want you to be one of us. All of us." Alice's voice rang as she beamed once again.

"All of you?" I said looking for Edward still.

"All of us." Edward's voice sounded behind me as I felt his cold hands push me into Carlisle's chest softly before standing with his family.

Edward didn't show he loved me anymore because he understood I was meant to be with someone else, it all made sence now. The conversation Carlisle and Edward had when he had surprised me at Charlie's, Esme's visit, everything Carlisle had done for me. It was all leading to this moment-to when I would be like them.

Carlisle's arms wrapped around me my waist reassuringly as I placed my warm hands on either side of his jaw in a loving way. I never thought after all this time and every second of my being with him I would finally be able to have all of what I wanted.

"Relax, Isabella. I've told you that I keep my promises and I have not you must with yours; Will you promise to be with me forever?" He asked sliding my long hair away from my shoulders in one motion.

"I promise." By the ending of those two words rolling off my tounge I felt a quick pain against my neck then flooded by pleasure all of in a second. I promise. I promise. I promise. I was promised the burning of love.