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A slight breeze whipped through the yard of Yayoi's temple home, scattering the leaves she had been sweeping into a pile.

"Awww, I had almost finished," Yayoi sighed in annoyance. Her long brown hair was rustled in the wind, falling over her shoulder, making her grateful she had tied it up into a ponytail today so it wouldn't be all in her face. That didn't stop her bangs from getting in her eyes. She reached up and brushed them back, wondering if it was time for a trim again.

As she started to round up the errant leaves again, she wondered absently where her house guests were. Hakuyo was probably lounging around somewhere. That reminded her, she had promised to make him pudding when she was finished with her chores. And Ura was probably with his band of cats. It was funny how the proud prince of the demons got along so well with his furry friends. Yayoi smirked, wondering how his family would react to seeing him lounging around in his fully sealed form, ordinary cats pouncing all over him.

"Wait a minute," she mumbled. How long were they still planning on staying here? It seems like for a while longer, so shouldn't they be helping her with the chores? Yayoi frowned, thinking of ways to get them to help out around the house. Maybe Hakuyo would be willing to use his wind magic to get rid of the leaves in the yard. And Ura… well she wasn't sure what he could do yet, but she would think of something. She smiled at the image of their faces when she asked them. It might take a little convincing, but Yayoi was sure she could do it. It was her house, and they were free-loading, after all.

But still, the circumstances surrounding their stay at her home were serious. Ura's father was going to die if he didn't take her powers, but that would cause her to go into a coma, most likely. And even if she didn't have any side effects from the drain, without her powers she couldn't keep her promise to her parents.

Ouga's curse could only be healed by a mystic's powers. It reminded her of how she and Ura were transported to her past by the ungaikyo, because she couldn't heal it herself. Yayoi smiled sadly to herself. It had been wonderful to see her parents one last time to be able to say goodbye. Transporting… Yayoi dropped her broom as an idea came to her. Why hadn't she thought of it before...?

She spun around and started jogging to the outer wall where she had last seen Ura. She had to tell him.

"Ura, would it be possible for me to heal your father?" Yayoi looked up at him as he was lounging around with the other cats on the wall.

The little black cat with a lightning shaped scar on its forehead being mauled by female cats stared down at her for a moment, frozen, before roughly shoving them off him with a yell. "Get offa me! This is important!" The scattered cats got to their feet, mewling in disappointment. One black and white furred cat with a scar over his right eye yowled at Ura over his shoulders as he left, causing Ura to splutter in anger. "Shut up!"

"What did he say?" Yayoi asked, slightly distracted by their exchange. It had always fascinated her that Ura and Hakuyo could communicate with the cats.

Ura looked slightly embarrassed, as much as a cat could, and answered hastily, "It was nothing important." Yayoi stared at him a moment, and then hummed an affirmative, deciding to ask Hakuyo if he could get the answer for her later. "But more importantly, what did you say just now?"

"Would I be able to heal your father if you took be to the demon world?" Yayoi repeated. Ura pawed off the Cat God's rosary as he jumped down to the ground, landing in his human form. He stood from his crouched position and stared at her, a bewildered look on his face.

"You would be willing to do that?" he sounded like he wasn't sure if he fully believed her.

"Of course!" Yayoi huffed; it irked her that he would insinuate that she wouldn't help. She knew the pain of losing loved ones all too well. Ura still looked stunned, blinking slightly as if to clear his vision. And Yayoi knew for a fact that his vision was perfectly fine, better than normal even in his human form. "Well?" she prompted, placing her hands on her hips.

Finally seeming to gather himself, Ura said, "Thank you, Yayoi." He smiled, relief and gratitude filling his face.

Yayoi felt her face heating up and her heart give an extra thump. Huh? What was with that reaction? "Y-you're welcome," she managed. She frowned to herself, what was wrong with her? It was just Ura.

Ura hadn't noticed her reaction, too busy thinking on her proposal, which made Yayoi exhale in relief. He would have used the opportunity to tease her in a normal situation. When he had finally reached a conclusion, he looked up at her. "It might work," he started carefully. "But," here he gave her a once over, making Yayoi feel torn between being embarrassed or angry. As it was, she blushed slightly again and glared at him. He ignored it. "You can't go looking like that."

"Like what?" Yayoi asked in confusion. She didn't look any different from normal.

"You can't go looking like a human," Ura elaborated. "We'll have to dress you up as a demon." Smirking, he said, "Now at least Hakuyo's flamboyance comes in handy, for once." He nodded to himself. "He's sure to have some kind of disguise for you lying around."

Yayoi covered her mouth as she smirked, "You sure know a lot about this." It was too much fun to tease him sometimes, especially about his relationship with Hakuyo. Ura scowled at her, but refrained from commenting. Instead he asked, "How soon can we go?"

Yayoi became serious again, mentally taking stock of what would have to be done if she was to be absent for a few days. "…About two days, I think." She mused aloud. It would take that long to get her immediate affairs taken care of and notifying her customers and friends she would be gone for a bit.

Ura nodded in satisfaction, looking determined now that a plan of action had been set. "I'll go get Hakuyo, see if he can find your disguise." He started to walk past her, his demon world robes flowing around him, before he stopped, and half turned to her again. "Yayoi...?" She looked up at him, wondering what that tone in his voice was. Before she knew what he was doing, he had wrapped his arms around her tightly, his head resting in the crook of her neck. She froze as she felt his head shift so that his lips brushed her ear as he whispered, "…thank you." Yayoi felt herself softening, reaching up to wrap her arms around him in return. "You're welcome," she said simply, smiling softly.

He released her abruptly, turning his head to the side, but not before she saw a slight pinkening along his cheekbones, muttering, "I've got to find Hakuyo," before quickly striding away. Yayoi watched him as he rounded a corner, slightly shaken. When had he become so kind to her? It wasn't that long ago that he had vowed to kill her, but lately he had been protecting her without trying to take her powers, even hurting himself for her. She could feel her cheeks flushing again. Pushing that line of thinking aside, she chuckled quietly, her hand curling up in front of her mouth. It was the first time she had seen Ura embarrassed. He had liked so cute, trying to hide it. Clapping her hands together, Yayoi banished all these musings aside for later pondering. She had to get ready for their trip to the demon realm.

Ura strode through the grounds of Yayoi's family's temple, searching for Hakuyo. He was still slightly shocked over Yayoi's offer. He hadn't thought she would offer to go into the stronghold of the ones trying to steal her powers or kill her. But then again, this was Yayoi he was talking about. He was never able to predict what she would do. Truth be told, he had thought of this before, after he had stopped focusing on stealing her powers and started developing feelings for her. But he had never asked her, partly because his pride wouldn't allow him to, but mostly because he knew how dangerous for her. There were so many things that could go wrong with this plan, since he couldn't be with her all the time and they would have to keep a low profile, especially himself. If anyone noticed him there was sure to be an uproar. Ura broke out into a cold sweat, imaging the swarms of suitors his mother insisted on preparing for him if they got wind of his return. No one within a hundred kilometer radius would be safe from the hoard. He shuddered, visibly putting it out of his mind.

But since she had offered it herself, he knew that he had to take this chance. From all reports he had heard and what he already knew for himself, his father didn't have much time left. He slowed to a stop, his heart twisting painfully in his chest. King Araku might have been a bastard, but he was still Ura's father. Though he would never admit it aloud, he loved the old man. He had taught Ura how to stand up for himself… even though his way of doing it totally sucked. Ura still had the scars to attest to that. And he was softer on Ouga too, damnit!

Ura took a deep breath, knowing if he didn't calm himself he would just work himself up and forget why he was walking around the grounds. …Right, Hakuyo. Well, he hadn't seen him outside so he must be inside.

"Hey, Hakuyo!" Ura shouted down the entryway, as he stepped into the nearest doorway. "Hakuyo, I need to talk to you!"

"In here," was the muffled response, coming from an open door further down the hall. Ura made his way down the wood floor and walked into the room. And froze. He was greeted with a luxurious oasis; similar to the one Hakuyo had set up before, but this one with an oriental theme. There were thick Persian rugs covering the floor, silk pillows layered on top of the rugs with exquisitely detailed embroidery. He had even roped the stray cats into waiting on him again, with trays of food, paper fans, and everything. And in the center of all this extravagance was Hakuyo, lounging out on the pillows in a silk robe. And even though Ura had been expecting something like this happening again, it still left him speechless.

"So what did you want to talk about, lover mine?" Hakuyo asked from his lap of luxury. Ura managed to raise his mouth up from its position on the floor and growled, "We aren't lovers!"

"So cold, Ura," Hakuyo pouted. Ura just scowled at him in frustration. Hakuyo was never going to let that go no matter what Ura did, and anyways he needed his cousin's help with this.

So Ura pushed aside his irritation and got down to business. "Hakuyo, we're going back to the Infinite City."

Hakuyo sat up, his face lighting up. "Ura! So you're finally taking responsibility!" He stood up, making to come over to Ura, but stopped at Ura's next words, face turning grave.

"We're bringing Yayoi to the palace. She wants to see if she can heal my father," Ura responded, uncharacteristically grim. He didn't have to elaborate further, Hakuyo knew how delicate a situation this was. He immediately grasped the importance and implications of this statement.

"When are we leaving?" hakuyo looked to be calculating things up in his head.

"In two days," Ura answered.

Hakuyo nodded thoughtfully. He frowned thoughtfully, staring into space a moment. "What do you need?" he asked, already knowing Ura had a plan of some kind. They hadn't spent their whole lives together for nothing.

"We'll need to pass Yayoi off as a demon." The prince was relieved his temperamental cousin wasn't putting up any resistance. But thinking back, Hakuyo had started excepting Yayoi, becoming thick as thieves. Sometimes Ura would find them just sitting together talking, Hakuyo's earlier animosity completely gone.

Proving his silent observation true, the wind user stated, "We'll need to keep Yayoi out of the spotlight. We need to take back roads and alleys to the palace, and keep her as out of sight as possible." He stared back at Ura firmly, wanting to drive this sentence home. "She may be powerful, but if anyone but those completely loyal to you finds out about her being in the City we'll be facing every able bodied demon gunning for her power. Even the two of us would be hard pressed to protect her from every one of them. And we can't forget about Ouga, even though he's probably still out of commission."

Ura nodded in acknowledgement, already having realized it, but glad Hakuyo had too, and was still prepared to go through with it.

"Still," Hakuyo sighed in relief, "I'm glad this option came up, even with all the risks. It solves the problem of Ouga's curse of darkness on King Araku, and Yayoi won't have to face the consequences of having her powers drained. I've grown rather fond of her." He looked aside, smiling slightly in defeat. "Even though I tried hard not to."

"…Yeah," Ura replied softly, knowing all too well what Hakuyo meant. Somehow she had slipped through all his defenses with a natural grace, earning a special place in his carefully guarded heart.

"Anyway," Hakuyo exclaimed, throwing off the heavy atmosphere, "I have the perfect outfit to hide her in." He knelt down and started rummaging through the mountain of stuff in the room, muttering quietly to himself. Ura settled himself in the doorframe, leaning against the frame, waiting for the platinum blonde to find what he was looking for. Finally, Hakuyo gave an exclamation of triumph, holding aloft a light violet dress with a matching robe a few shades darker. "This is it."

Ura had to admit, Hakuyo knew what he was doing when it came to fashion. Imaging Yayoi in his world's clothes brought him a strange sense of pleasure, and this outfit would suit her perfectly. "Perfect," Ura grinned.

Yayoi had finished tying up the loose ends today, the last of which had been the most embarrassing. Her best friend, Kano, had been beside herself when Yayoi had told her she wouldn't be around for a while. No matter what she told her friend, she was convinced that Yayoi was going to visit a boy's home. Her reasoning being that she had heard rumors of two beautiful young men staying at Yayoi's temple, though Yayoi should have known those two would be talked about no matter what she did, they stood out too much. She had asked if it was that handsome guy who had come to their school in the cosplay cloths. It had taken Yayoi a moment to realize her friend was talking about Ura. She had felt bad about lying to Kano, but had reassured her that it was just mystic business, which was at least most of the truth.

As she had prepared for the journey, Yayoi had come across spots in her home that filled her with a feeling of nostalgia. There in the kitchen where she cooked meals for all three of them every day. Out in the back garden where she had fed Hakuyo his first pudding. And in the room where Ura had told her not to ask him to take her powers, and they had gotten rid of the spirit possessing him, working together. She had been hit by the realization over the past couple of days that after she had cured the king they would have no reason to stay here, with her, any longer. Pain had hit with that realization, fast and hard. They had slowly but surely come to fill the aching hole her parents' deaths had made in her, especially Ura. She didn't know how she was going to go on after another loss like that so soon after the first. The only balm to that pain would be knowing that even though she wouldn't be able to see them, she'd know they were alive. She couldn't be selfish when they were needed in their own world.

Now she was putting on the outfit Hakuyo had lent her. It was actually very comfortable, which surprised Yayoi a little. It fluttered about her as she adjusted her hair around her headband holding a fake horn, glancing in the mirror in her room to make sure it covered the light brown band. The two demons had even made fake pointed ears for her, putting the finishing touch on her outward appearance of a demon female. Overall, she had to admit she looked good, her robes accenting her figure just enough that it was natural but not overdone and the collar-like jewelry making her neck and wrists more slender than normal. Taking one last look at her reflection, she took a deep breath, steeling herself for this momentous turning point in her life, and opened the door stepping out into the hall.

When she stepped out into the back courtyard where they had agreed to meet in where they would open the portal, she saw two figures waiting for her. Both looked up at her approach, their reactions both different and what she had expected. Hakuyo had a proprietarial smile covering his face as he observed his handiwork. That was along the lines of what she had imagined. It was Ura who was completely off the mark. He was watching her with the oddest look on his face, like he was pleased but that he was also hiding something. It was unsettling, because it had been a long time since he was on his guard around her, but it didn't give her a feeling of danger. Her stomach had twisted a little when she had caught his eyes. They had been holding repressed emotions she couldn't recognize, they were there and gone too fast.

"Time to go," he said abruptly. Hakuyo had moved closer to Ura, Yayoi mimicking him. She released the seal on Ura's powers with a quiet chant. The air around him crackled with lightning as his powers returned to his demon's body, his long braid of dark hair settling over his left shoulder. He flexed his fingers as he readjusted to his true form. He raised his eyes and stared searchingly into Yayoi's eyes. "Are you sure about this?" he asked quietly.

"Well, durrh," she replied with a lightness she didn't feel, that ache of loneliness she had felt for the last couple of days reasserting itself. She buried it hastily. "I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't."

Ura smiled slightly at her, though she could tell knew something was off, but all he said was, "Alright." He turned to Hakuyo and nodded, which must have been a signal, because the wind user closed his eyes and started gathering power around them. Ura also joined him, adding his own to the mix.

Yayoi didn't know if there was anything special she had to do, so she just stood there. Suddenly Ura grabbed her around the waist, pulling her flush against his chest. Yayoi squeaked in surprise, feeling that odd knot turn to butterflies in her gut. She was rooted to the spot, her whole face alight in flames. "Hold on tight," he whispered down to her, tightening his hold. And the world erupted into a whirl of light.

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