Chapter 6: His Butler: Charming

Sebastian stood in front of the Phantomhive estate waiting for Ciel to depart, as was his custom when he did not accompany him on an outing. As always, he stood in place until Ciel was completely out of sight. Once his master was out of sight Sebastian returned inside to set about his duties. His first objective was to make the phone call regarding Paula. Once that task was complete he went in to the kitchen to assemble a breakfast tray for Elizabeth. He loaded the tray with anything one could possibly desire: sausage, bacon, eggs, various breakfast pastries, milk, juice, and tea. As ordered, he made his way upstairs where Elizabeth lay sleeping.

Once upstairs Sebastian stealthily made his way into the room. He decided against opening the curtains to let the sun rouse his new mistress. Instead, he would just leave the tray for Elizabeth to wake and find on her own. As late in the morning as it was he could not imagine that she would be asleep much longer. He placed the tray on the table in the sitting area and made his way to the door.

Elizabeth had been lightly dozing for the past hour, lazily fighting the urge to wake up. Hearing movement in the room she came to and slowly pushed herself up. She yawned and stretched her arms to the heavens, a move that felt so good it was sinful. She brought her hands to her eyes and rubbed the sleep from them, offering a "Good Morning" for Ciel as she did so. She opened her eyes to see a bowing Sebastian standing close to the door, Ciel no where in the room.

"Good Morning, Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian replied nonchalantly.

The world stilled and the seconds passed by like hours. Elizabeth had immediately been aware of her state of undress from the previous night. Her reaction time did not seem immediate. She clutched a sheet to her chest concealing herself. She stared at Sebastian for a moment, blushing, before she decided a sheet was not enough. She reached her arm out beside her and dragged the bed curtain across her person. This fully concealed her from the butler, head to toe.

Sebastian laughed inwardly at her actions. She hid behind the curtain like a child hiding in a pillow fort. She had unwittingly put on quite a show for him. The cat like stretch and yawn had been particularly tantalizing.

"I've brought your breakfast. Is there anything else I can do for you Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian questioned.

"O-o-o-ut. Out is good," Elizabeth stammered like a nervous child.

"Yes, my Lady," Sebastian replied, smiling. He turned and exited the room.

Elizabeth waited a moment after hearing the door close before peaking out behind her curtain. Seeing the room void of any other person she came out behind her curtain. She quickly found her night clothes and put them on. That was sufficiently embarrassing, she thought to herself. She couldn't decide what was worse; that Sebastian had seen her topless or that she had behaved like a frightened toddler. Why was it so hard for her to remain calm and collected in awkward situations. She should have just covered herself and spoken to Sebastian like the Lady of the house, which she now was. After all, surely Sebastian had been in service as a butler for quite a while. She was quite sure he had been in situations like this plenty of times before. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't quite shake always feeling like a child.

Once Elizabeth stopped berating herself she looked around and let her loneliness register. She wondered where Ciel was, and why he had not woken her this morning. She made her way to the table with the breakfast tray. Looking at the vast array she never felt so hungry. She picked up a sausage with her fork and inhaled it, chasing it with the glass of juice. Since she was alone, she grabbed a large scone in her hand and began to eat it while walking around the room. She pulled the curtain back from half of the window and turned to observe the room in the light of day. She felt a bit lost for the moment. She was a married woman now, but she still felt so much like a child.

She made her way back to the table. Being full, she decided to lounge in a chair. She waited for a while feeling a vast loneliness. There was nothing so strange as being alone in unfamiliar surroundings. At this moment she missed Paula greatly. She decided two things she wanted and bath and she needed to get dressed. Neither of these could she do without help. She would have to ring the service bell. She was sure Sebastian would be the one to answer it. How embarrassing to face him again so soon. She lightly smacked the cheeks of her face with her hands, commanding herself to grow up. She rang the bell and waited. Sebastian quickly arrived and Elizabeth blushed despite herself.

"Sebastian, please send Maylene to me. I need a bath prepared and help dressing," Elizabeth stated, hoping to sound authoritative.

"Yes, Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian responded, turning to leave.

"Oh, Sebastian," Elizabeth called, stopping him in his exit. "Is Ciel in his study this morning? I'd very much like to see him this morning if he's not too busy."

"I'm afraid the young Master is out of the estate this morning. He had several appointments that required his presence at the factory. He won't be home until late this evening," Sebastian answered.

"Oh, thank you," Elizabeth said, her face registered noticeable disappointment. Gone already, she thought, without a goodbye. That meant she would have to spend the day to herself. She now felt more lonely than she had already. She was now desperately wishing that they had left immediately for their honeymoon tour, rather than postponing it. If they had gone immediately Ciel would be by her side now.

Sebastian sensed the disappointment and loneliness. This girl would be easy to break in the end, he thought. "If that will be all, Lady Elizabeth, I will send Maylene to help you prepare for the day," Sebastian questioned.

"Huh? Oh yes, that will be all," she answered, roused from her mental ramblings.

Sebastian made to leave once again but then turned back to face Elizabeth. The move was quick and unusual, it startled her. "If I may my Lady," Sebastian began, "I'm sure it's a great burden for any man to leave such a beautiful bride behind on their first full day as husband and wife."

A smile returned to Elizabeth's face, along with a quick blush. "Thank you, Sebastian," she said, genuinely happy with the compliment. How kind of him to try and make me feel better, she thought. She returned to the sitting area, sipped a cup of tea and waited for Maylene to arrive.

Downstairs Sebastian walked through the hallways to locate Maylene. He found her in the library, on the ladder, pulling books from the shelf and wiping their covers free of dust. Sebastian entered the room and called her name. Startled from the interruption in the silence, Maylene jumped, losing her footing on the ladder. She fell backwards toward the floor, her hands clutching at the air above her. Sebastian sighed in annoyance. As he had done so many times in the past, he assumed the position to catch Maylene and prevent her from making contact with the floor. He caught Maylene in his arms, she barely had time to register her location before he placed her feet on the floor.

"Really, you must be more careful," Sebastian scolded the girl as she backed against the wall blushing.

"Y-y-yes, Sebastian," the girl stammered out.

"I need you to go upstairs and tend to Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian ordered after taking a moment to scrutinize the young maid. "She needs help bathing and dressing. You'll also need to change out the bedclothes in the room."

Sebastian seriously questioned leaving Lady Elizabeth in the care of Maylene. There was just no telling what havoc this clumsy maid would wreak. Deciding the situation called for a little motivation, Sebastian stepped closer to the girl. She blushed furiously and broke out in a sweat. Sebastian placed a hand over his chest and bowed very slightly at the waist. The action brought his face level with Maylene's, and also much closer.

"I would be personally grateful to you," Sebastian began, "If you would be very careful and do your best with Lady Elizabeth. In fact, Show me just how good you can be," he paused intentionally, eyes smoldering, "at your job."

Maylene was now beet red and quite sure that her heart was going to burst free from her chest. Resolve overwhelmed her. She would make Sebastian proud she told herself. Brimming with self confidence she gave Sebastian a hearty "Yes, Sir" , complete with solider salute, before hurrying from the room. Sebastian watched her hurry down the hall to the linen closet. He hoped his "motivation" would be enough to keep Maylene from causing any real catastrophe.

A/N: Sorry if this chapter is a bit boring. Also, I use "Maylene" because that's the name listed on this site rather than Mey-Rin.