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Demon vs Vampire

Chapter 2

By: xxxanimefreakluverxxx

Silent winds blow through the dorm of the night class giving the feeling in the air calm and peaceful. In the room inside the dorm there was an older teen laying on a dark red cushion relaxing as he continue to look at the 2 pictures in his left hand. "New students, huh" he started to smirked thinking of how he will make them obedient, he switched to the other pictures and his crimson eyes widen in disbelief. "It couldn't be…could it?" He sat up straight still staring at the picture, clutching it so tight that'll disappear out of his hand. "But how?"

Ciel woke up on the sudden stop of the vehicle. "Are we here?" he asked as he rubbed his right eye. He looked to his right to see a big building. 'So this is Cross Academy' he started to frown, he couldn't believe that he has to stay in such a place. A soft giggle was heard. He looked straight and gritted his teeth.

"What?" Ciel asked quietly trying to hold his cool. Yuuki smiled toward her master. Ciel right eye started to twitch violently. 'Why you-'Sebastian clapped his hand three times. "Now now Yuuki stop making Young master angry" Sebastian opened the door and walked out first. Ciel grabbed his cane and followed behind. Yuuki was last to come out of the limousine, a gust of wind, blowing her brown hair; she started too smiled wickedly. "It seems the game just got even more interesting" she whispered softly to herself.

Ciel turned around to see Yuuki standing still. "Yuuki hurry up" he stared at Yuuki as she continued to walk passed him. 'Something's wrong…she's hiding something from me' Ciel walked behind Yuuki having many questions that he will definitely find out.

As they walked toward the Academy, there was a man standing by the opened gate. "Hello" he cheerfully welcomed. "Welcomed to Cross Academy" Ceil walked up toward him and asked if he was the chairman of this school. "Ah yes I am, I am pleasure to meet you all, please lets go to my office and talked there".

"I am here because of the Queens order" Ceil sat on the chair across from the chairman's desk. "Ah yes the Queen, how is she by the way" he asked. Ceil looked at Sebastian and said that the Queen was doing well. Sebastian pulled out an envelope out of his pocket in the inside of his suit and gave it to the chairman. Chairman looked at the envelope and put it in a secret compartment inside his desk for safe keeping.

"Will I already arranged your dorm room and uniforms, I hope both of you would feel com-"Wait what do you mean, arranged" Ceil asked confused of what's the chairman said. The chairman looked at Ceil funny. "You didn't tell him" chairman asked Sebastian.

"Tell me what!" Ceil lightly shouted getting little bit angry. Yuuki covered her mouth trying not to burst out laughing. Chairman stood up from his chair and clapped his hand. "Well starting tomorrow you and Ms. Yuuki are enrolling Cross Academy"


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What will the student of Cross Academy think about Ceil and Yuuki? Will Ceil find out about the dark secret of the night class and Yuuki's strange behavior?

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