Shortly after the resurrection of the Skeleton King, a massive war was brought upon not only onto Sugarzoom, but the entire universe that surrounds it. As soon as the King had rosen back from the dead, with a stronger army of Formless, Chiro and his Hyperforce team set off to gain alliances from previous encounters. The numbers grew strong on Chiro's side, but Skeleton King's had tripled, outnumbering Chiro's side 50 to one, making a shivering reminder that anything was possible at this point.

He had to come up with a plan, but from what a little bird had told him much recently, Skeleton King had made a fresh new alliance with a group known as the Ookami Shifters, and was rumored to be just as powerful as Skeleton King himself, not as many in numbers, but were legendary fighters not to be taken lightly. The Super robot had it's last moments during a transit to the ship named The Empryss, leaving them with no option but to stay on the new vessel of the Allies. However, that recent attack left one of the monkey's carrying a tracing device, the evil forces were moving in fast onto their position.

Chiro was heartbroken when he had to tell his fellow monkeys they needed to leave, but the captain of the Sun Riders assured that they would come back in due time. Antauri agreed with him, and assured Chiro him and the four would be fine, and were hurriedly sent off back to a arctic planet.

They didn't retreat fast enough...that was for sure...