KKJ Snippets:

Episode 27

By Honest Beauty

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Adrenaline singing through my veins and Access flying behind me, I finally saw my goal: Jeanne. And she was in trouble, a demon possessed motorcycle trying to crush her as she narrowly managed to dodge it. I cleared the trees between us just as it launched into the air again, this time Jeanne wasn't going to be able to dodge in time, not without some help.

A spike of fear flash up my spine as I pushed off of the firm ground with my legs, launching my body into the air. The fear wasn't for my own safety, oddly enough, it was for Maron. I hit her body with my outstretched arms first, the bike looming over both of us.

I heard her fearful gasp as I gathered her slim body to my chest protectively. Then looking ahead I saw a problem; the ground, which had looked level, became a steep grassy slope that we were rapidly headed for. I wasn't able to alter our path so I used my hips to twist my body so that I would hit first, not the woman I was sheltering in my arms.

A lance of fire shot up my right leg as my foot found the ground for an instant, the force rolling and twisting my ankle. I hissed in pain as we continued to slide down the slick slope. Finally we stopped and I felt Jeanne sit up. I pushed myself to my hands and knees, but was unable to put any weight on my foot.

"Sinbad!" she sounded worried in spite of herself. Probably because my eyes are screwed shut from the pain.

"Kuso, I hurt my leg…" I muttered, my breath hitching. I was showing weakness and I hated it.

"You should have minded your own business…!" she snapped at me, laying a gloved hand on my shoulder as I tried to recover. Did she forget about the demon?

"Jeanne, go!" I urged between clenched teeth, pushing her hand away from me.

"I can't do that!" She protested, her left hand slipping under my outstretched arm and her other hand grabbing my shoulder. She tried to help me get to my feet but my involuntary grunt of pain halted her in her tracks. It was then that I realized that it wasn't just my leg, I had injured my left arm as well, and it was threatening to give out on me. We then both heard the ominous revving of the bike headed our way.

"Don't move!" she ordered as she rose to her feet quickly.

"Jeanne!" I looked up and saw that she was running away, drawing the demon away from me. I painfully managed to turn around, just in time to see the demon roaring after her. I heard her seal it and then scream.

I tried to get up to go to her but a lance of pain shot up my leg. I bit off my scream of pain and fell back down to the grass.

"Sinbad! What happened?" Access asked from behind me.

"Landed badly." I said shortly. "Go check on Jeanne." He nodded and flew off. Touching my left shoulder gingerly I bit back a curse of pain. Must've wrenched it when I fell. Maneuvering carefully, I was able to get upright, though I basically could not put any weight on my right leg.

Limping slowly, and praying that no cops found me, I made my way back up the hill, biting my lips to keep from crying out in pain. Finally I made it to the top and started hobbling towards a clump of bushes and trees that I could hid in till Access got back.

I stiffened as I felt a brief flash of demon energy, but quickly forgot about it when I heard my partner's faint yell. Moments later I heard the sound of something small falling through tree branches to the ground to my left. Gritting my teeth I make my way over there.

"Oi, Sinbad! Over here!" access' pained voice calls my attention down to a bush. My partner is tangled in it, leaves and bits of branches littering him. I bend down and offer my hand for him to crawl onto. As he does, I notice his right wing is dragging down at an odd angle. Grunting in pain, I straighten and lean heavily against a tree to take my weight off my right ankle.

"Access, are you all right?" my partner grunted as he changed position to look at me

"It looks like that last chess piece…completed the set…This is not good!" That's putting it mildly. I remembered what the angel had told me those pieces were really for.

"What happened?" I gestured to his wing.

"Fin happened. I grabbed the petit Claire and was trying to fly away, but she caught up to me. Her eyes turned purple for a second and she blasted me with demon energy." Access' lower lip trembled but I pretended to ignore it; knowing the girl you like is brainwashed by the devil must be pretty hard for him to accept.

"And with your wing, there's no way we can stop her. Kuso!" I cursed, then winced as my injuries sent spike of pain throughout me. "Well, in any case, we'd better tend to our wounds."

"Yeah. And wait for the hammer to fall." Access sighed as I transferred him to my right shoulder. Then I shoved off from the tree, trying not to think about the very long walk home.

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