I don't own Vampire Diaries or any affiliated characters. If I did own Vampire Diaries "The Return" might have ended like this...

"You've been drinking?" Elena asked.

"And you're upset. That's not a good combination"
Elena observed thinking Katherine must have done something to upset Damon.

"No I'm not upset. Upset is an emotion specific to those who care." Damon stated.

"Come on Damon that's a lie, you care." Elena responded truly believing in his ability to feel and be a better, more sincere person.

"You're surprised that I thought you would kiss me back. You can't imagine that I'd believe you would want to…"

"Damon…" Elena tried to interrupt him. She wanted to avoid this topic steer them away from troubled waters.

He continued, "that what we've been doing here means something. You're the liar Elena."
She was caught off guard by the conviction in his voice.

"There is something going on between the two of us and you know it." He rose up as he said those words. Elena wasn't sure what he would try to say or do next.

"And you're lying to me, and you're lying to Stefan, and most of all you're lying to yourself… and I can prove it."

Damon tried to kiss her.

"No." Elena stated trying to keep him away from her.

"Damon don't … what's wrong with you?" Elena questioned.

"I want this." He simply stated

"Stop it, you're better than this. Come on." Elena tried to reason with him.

He kept moving closer towards her.

"That's where you're wrong."

She promised Stefan, she had to think of a way to get him to stop, to convince him.

"No, no, no. Damon I care about you… listen to me I care about you… I do. But I love Stefan it's always gonna be Stefan."

Jeremy walked into the room and asked, "Elena what's going on in here?"

Elena pushed Damon's hands away from her as she said, "Nothing Jeremy it's okay, just go back to bed."

Damon had a strange look in his eyes as he said, "No, It's not okay Elena, he wants to be a vampire."

Damon sped quickly towards Jeremy and pinned him forcibly against the wall.

"NO, DAMON STOP IT!" Elena yelled.

Damon seemed in a trance as he held Jeremy's throat saying, "You wanna shut out the pain? It's the easiest thing in the world. And the part of you that cares it just goes away…"

Elena scrambled to think of anything to save Jeremy she recognized that threatening tone in Damon's voice…. He would do something terrifyingly stupid if she couldn't distract him.

She found herself saying the words she never dreamed she'd say,

"Damon, kiss me."

Damon with his hand still around Jeremy's throat turned to look at Elena, "What did you say?"

"Damon, please. I want you to kiss me." Eleana pleaded.

"What if I want to know … You said there was something between us right?"

"Yes, there is." Damon replied with a certainty as he relaxed his grip on Jeremy.

Elena looked towards Jeremy pleading with him silently to run when he got the chance.

"Prove It." Elena challenged.

"Prove it to me Damon, you said that you could."

Damon let Jeremy go and he rushed out of the room. Damon faced Elena and walked back towards her with an egar determination.

Elena steeled herself, she was prepared to feel nothing. It was only to save her brother, Damon was unstable right now… he would come back to himself once Katherine was gone and the liquor-blood mix was out of his system. Stefan would understand why she asked him.

Damon grabbed her face between his hands and searched her eyes. Damon kissed her fiercely, desperately as if she were air to him. Elena wasn't expecting his kisses to be so passionate. Stefan's kisses were usually tender and respectful. She couldn't help but notice the comparison.

Damon's kisses were electric …full of undiscovered, potential energy. Elena noted a wetness on her cheek, it felt like a tear… was Damon crying? She didn't have the heart to stop him. Elena tried to resist … but when she realized how much this moment meant to him she couldn't help losing herself, seeing images of Damon and her in Atlanta laughing, drinking, and having fun. She was suddenly bombarded by memories of their dance during the pagent. His smile which tugged at heart and made her want to trust him. His questioning eyes which challenged her to enjoy herself and not take herself too seriously. He had been there for her; she was grateful.

Elena had a terrible thought as Damon's lips continued to crash against hers, 'What if he's right?'