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"Thank you Elena, for believing in me." Damon said with a grin intently looking into her eyes.

Elena felt a slow burn building in the pit of her stomach she couldn't explain. Yet, she was more afraid of those flames than the ones she had jumped through.

"You're welcome." She murmured.

She found herself leaning closer to Damon. He kissed her cheek and then began to back away. Elena
grabbed his wrist with her hand; she wasn't sure why but all she knew was she didn't want him to move away from her just yet.

"I'll keep you safe Elena. I won't let Katherine hurt you."

"I know you won't. I trust you. You're always there for me. It means a lot to me, you mean a lot to me. I didn't want to lose you tonight."

"You won't lose me. I'm not going anywhere, Elena…"

She liked the way he said her name. It made her feel special; he knew how to make her feel special.

She looked down at their hands joined together.

Elena's heart was racing; she could hear it pounding loudly in her ears.

She felt her face flush… she wondered if Damon would recognize the sudden blood rush.

She dared a look up and saw he was looking at her cheeks.

She thought, 'Darn it, of course he is a vampire he might notice something like that.'

She began to wonder if he had always had this effect on her…
maybe she was only just beginning to notice it.

No it wasn't the first time he made her feel a sort of anxious excitement. She thought about their 'no-touch' dance , he had a certain charm that made it hard for her to focus
on anything else. He drew her into the moment, drew her into his eyes which seem to beckon her to take life as it came, wing it … don't worry and just dance.

"Umm… Elena," Damon stammered.

'Damon never stammers… will he ask…'

"Yes Damon?"

"I should…. uh probably finish cleaning things up here. Damage control you know. I could take you home first though, with my super 'duper' lightning speed… it won't be any trouble at all." Damon smirked.

"Thanks for the offer . Stefan said he would see me home…. I guess I should probably go and find him."

"Yeah, heaven forbid my little brother get lost at the fair." Damon said as he got up off the ground, he kept his hand steady so Elena could use it.

Elena stood up as well, "So sarcastic Damon."

"Well that's part of my charm isn't it?"

Elena rolled her eyes but as she turned from him to walk away when she was sure he couldn't see she allowed herself to smile.

"That and my unshakable self-confidence…." He called after her.

Elena had been distant for days now ….

Yet as Stefan held her in his arms while she slept he noticed she would grin.

He wondered what she was dreaming of; if she dreamed of him.

There seemed to be things she wasn't telling him; he thought of doing something very
uncharacteristic for him. Though he would normally never consider invading someone's privacy…
he needed answers.

He closed his eyes and placed himself as an observer in her dreams.

He was in a crowd hearing his name being called … "Miss Elena Gilbert escorted by Mister Stefan Salvatore"

He wanted to move towards the bottom of staircase but he saw his brother go in his stead.

'No, this must have been… during the pageant while I was distracted with the blood. I left her there.'

He watched as his brother held his hand out to her, Elena was surprised but she placed her hand in his. He couldn't stop them.
They didn't see him as they walked out together, bowed, and began to dance.

At first it seemed a formality, an obligation to perform for the onlookers but he noticed they began to lose themselves in the dance.
It pained him to see Elena enjoying herself without him…

More scenes played out before him… when or where didn't seem to matter, he realized these were more than dreams they were a collection of Elena's memories.

He saw Elena and Damon playing pool in Bree's bar in Atlanta.

He watched as Damon took an arrow in the back for Elena during what must have been their trip to Duke.

He watched as Elena saved Damon from Bonnie's fiery wrath at the fair. They sat together hand in hand, talking.

Then, Damon and Elena were alone in her room, he heard her ask, "Damon, kiss me."

And of course his brother would. He should never have trusted him.

Why wasn't he told about any of this?

How dare he kiss her like that.

Stefan thought as he opened his eyes, 'I'll kill Damon for this. For all of it.'