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Cliques and Colors

Chapter One: Skirts and Jerks

It was a lovely Saturday morning; partly cloudy, slightly breezy, and just a tad chilly in the early November air.

In the bedroom of a nice petite apartment, a large lump can be seen on the full sized bed. Thick tresses of glossy golden hair sticking out at random angles were visible on the pillow. The owner's face seems to be hiding under the soft green blanket, desperately trying to avoid the sunlight that was pouring in from the bedroom window. The lump sighs in content as it successfully eluded the bright sun.


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm clock on the bedside table screeched loudly, shattering the calm air. The lump let out a half-whine half-groan sound, obviously not pleased to be disrupted. A hand shot out from under the blanket and felt around for the offending gadget, it found its target and swiftly smacked the off button on the clock. "…"

The blanket gradually pulled down exposing an attractive, but irritated face. One lid slowly opened to reveal stunning amber, slightly squinting at the sudden intrusion of light before curiously taking a peek at the clock.

8:01 AM

The blonde sighed at the thought of having to wake up this early on a SATURDAY morning. For a moment, she mentally debated on sleeping some more or to actually get up and be on time for her appointment. Deciding on the latter, she got off the mattress and head towards her bathroom.

Cagalli Yula Athha had just moved to the PLANTS from her hometown, Orb. Wanting to escape her father's non-stop nagging about how she should behave like a lady more often, she traveled to the PLANTS for freedom and independence. Monday would be her first day at a PLANTS school, Destiny High. She did some research on it before enrolling and found that the school wasn't just your average high school. In fact, the school was almost for the rich and famous considering how a large portion of the students seem to come from wealthy homes. Google results seem to revolve around colors, cliques, mad fan girls, and an Athrun Zala? Cagalli was curious about all this hype and decided to enroll. But seeing as she was a new student, she was required to meet the Principal before starting her first day of school.

"Ugh, why do I have to meet him today? Can't it be tomorrow? Wah…my precious Saturday..." Cagalli miserably thought as she furiously brushed her teeth.

"Sigh, I should hurry before I'm late." Noting that she only has 20 minutes, she quickly threw on some appropriate clothing before walking out the door.

Destiny High

Cagalli stood in front of the door labeled 'Principal's Office'.

"Okay, this is weird, why the heck is the principal's door so decorated and colorful?" She sweat dropped as she examined the door fully adorned with pictures, collages, badges, and other accessories in all sorts of different colors.

"I'm almost scared to go inside."

She slowly raised her hand to knock on the door but before she could, it suddenly swung wide open revealing a tall blonde haired man in what looks to be his early thirties grinning down at her. She let out a small but noticeable "Eep!" from being caught off guard.

"You must be Cagalli Yula! Do you know that you are exactly one minute and forty-seven seconds late?" He narrowed his eyes at her petite form, looking almost creepy combined with the grin still on his face.

"Err...I'm s-sorry sir, I didn't mean to be late…I was j-just-" Before she could utter another word, the man started laughing hysterically, his face turning red as he bent over while clutching his stomach.

Cagalli raised an eyebrow at the man cackling in front of her, wondering if he was insane. Not for long, she grew impatient.

"JUST WHAT THE HECK IS SO DAMN FUNNY?" She shouted as her cheeks grew red with annoyance.

The man suddenly stopped laughing and stared at her, obviously surprised. "Sorry, it's just that you looked so funny when you're scared, you know that I was kidding about the late thing right?" He explained before letting out a few more chuckles, his blue eyes twinkling in amusement.

"NO! HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT? AND WHAT KIND OF PRINCIPAL JOKES AROUND LIKE THAT?" Cagalli fumed, her cheeks growing even redder from embarrassment.

"The ONE AND ONLY PRINCIPAL MU LA FLAGA, the coolest principal you'll ever have." He declared, flashing her a confident smile.

"Humph, we'll see about that. Anyway why am I here?" She raised her eyebrow in curiosity.

"Well young lady, you are here for a very special reason, come this way please." He explained as he led her into his office.

"Okay…By the way, why is there so much crap on your door?" Cagalli asked, her amber irises glowed with curiosity.

"Because I'm so very loved…Duh."

"Right..." For some reason, Cagalli didn't feel the need to be polite with this man.

"Okay here we are."

"Wow, your office looks so nice!" Cagalli exclaimed as she noticed the lush carpet, leather sofas, and is that a 50 inch flat screen TV?

"Why thank you, have a seat Cagalli." She nodded as she took a seat on one of the leather sofas facing his desk.

"Okay Ms. Cagalli, you are aware that this school requires its students to wear a dress code right?"

"Yes, but I don't know the exact details."

"Basically, every student has the choice of wearing a white or a black top, but only polo, dress shirt, or a blouse. For the bottoms, male students of course can only wear pants, and female students can only wear skirts." Cagalli's eyes twitched as she heard the word 'skirts', but kept quiet.

"The students can pick any color from this palette for the bottoms." Mwu showed her a chart full of different colors. Cagalli examined it, she raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are the colors suppose to mean something?"

"Excellent question Ms. Cagalli! You see, this is what makes this school unique. Your bottom color represents the group or clique that you are in. For example, our most popular clique is Navy blue because its members are among the most popular students. Although there are only a handful of actual Members in this clique, it has a massive number of Followers!"

"Okay wait, so how do you know who is a Member and who is a Follower?" Cagalli asked as she tries to absorb all the information.

"Simple, the Members all wear a unique accessory that can't be imitated."

"Do I HAVE to pick a clique?"

"Of course not, if you do not want to join a clique, you just simply wear black or white bottoms."

"Ohh...that seems a little boring." Cagalli mumbled.

"So does that mean that you'll join one?"

"No, but can I make one for myself?" She asked, eyes shining with excitement.

"Wow that's brave, but I've no objections. Here are some colors that have not been selected." Mwu show her a paper that listed the available colors. Cagalli quickly scanned the sheet for any greens, her favorite color. Although green and lime green was taken, there were two other greens left: emerald green and pukey green. She raised an eyebrow at Mwu.

"Why would you pick pukey as an available color? WHO would pick that?"

"I don't know! Somebody!" Honestly, Mwu didn't know why either.

"Okay I'll pick emerald, it's a nice green."

"Alrighty, now take this form and fill it out, after you're done, take it to the last door down this hall and give it to the lady. She will place an order for 10 emerald color skirts for you, don't worry it will arrive at about four in the afternoon so you can come back and pick it up then."

"How much are the skirts?"

"Well since it's your first time, they'll be ten dollars apiece okay? So a hundred dollars in total."

"A HUNDRED DOLLARS!" Cagalli bit her lips, she'll need to go look for a job soon, the money she saved up for the move will be used up by the next rent payment.

"I'm sorry but it's the lowest I can go!"

"Sigh, it's okay, I can pay for it." She quickly filled out the paper and waved goodbye to Mwu. "See you on Monday."

She reached the door down the hall and gave the lady her form. She saw the lady input a few things into the computer before making her sign a few things. Cagalli handed the money to the lady and was told to come back at 4:30 in the afternoon to pick up her skirts. She checked her phone.

10:40 AM

"Awesome! Five hours of free time, I'm sooo hungry!"

Cagalli stopped at a charming café called Cloud Nine , she quickly got a booth and was greeted by an auburn haired waitress.

"Hi welcome to Cloud Nine, my name is Miriallia and I will be your waitress this morning. May I start you off with something to drink?"

"Hello Miriallia! Um..a glass of water is fine, thank you!"

"Right away ma'am."

"Let's see, what do we have here?" Cagalli scanned the menu, everything looks pretty good to her. She decided what she wanted and checked her surroundings. She couldn't believe her luck when her eyes landed on the 'HELP WANTED' sign.

'YES! Just what I needed!' Mentally cheering, she saw Miriallia come back with her water and setting it down on the table before taking out a small notepad and a pen.

"Have you decided what you would like to order or will you be needing more time Ma'am?" She politely asked.

"Yes I've decided but first I need to know, you guys are hiring right now right?" Cagalli excitingly asked.

"Yes we are! We are kind of short on the waiting staff."

"That's perfect! Can I please apply here? I really need a job right now" She pleaded.

"Of course you can! Let me get your order and I'll call over my manager, she might just hire you on the spot!" Miriallia winked.

"Thank you! I'll have the turkey omelet please." Cagalli beamed, her amber orbs wide with hope.

"You're welcome, my manager will be with you in just a moment."

After a moment, a middle aged woman came over to Cagalli and asked her to fill out an application for her. Cagalli quickly filled it out and answered a few questions from the manager. The manager whose name was Lana said she'll be back with her in a few minutes. Cagalli nodded and ate her brunch. When she was about to pay her bill, Lana came out and told her she got the job. Cagalli got so excited she hugged the woman and thanked her a million times. Lana just laughed and told her that her first day will be Tuesday.

Destiny High 4:30 PM

"Here you go Ms. Cagalli, be sure to wear your emerald skirt tomorrow or else you'll be called to the principal's office understood?" The same lady from before explained as she gave Cagalli her ten skirts.

"Okay, thank you Ma'am."

After she left the room, she held up one of the skirts in distaste, shaking her head Cagalli started walking to the front exit but paused when she saw a boy with navy blue hair wearing a basketball jersey standing next to the door.

'Woah, I can't believe he has blue hair! That's so weird and cool!' She thought as she slowly walked towards the door. Just when she was about to pass him, she caught sight of something that made her stop in her tracks.

His eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she's ever seen! They were Emerald.

She didn't know she had been openly staring at his eyes until..

"What are you doing?" He asked, his voice smooth with a hint of annoyance.

"Your eyes! THEY ARE SO COOL! They are like the exact shade of my skirts!" She couldn't help but blush a little when he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Hn." He turned and walked away.

Cagalli was too shocked to react as she watches his retreating back. 'Did he just...IGNORED me?'

She took a deep breath and yelled, "WHAT A JERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK!"

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