Jake P.O.V

I can't believe she is finally coming back I haven't seen her for so long since I have seen her in so long. Again, she is finally coming back. I am going with Charlie to go get her tomorrow with my dad as well.

I had had patrol so I ran outside and I stripped and tied my cutoffs and phased as ran to catch up to Sam and Embry who were on patrol with me today and I kept thinking about how happy I was to have Bella coming back. And Embry being the curious person he is asked about it.

Who's Bella?-Embry

My best friend who is finally coming back here-Jacob

Concentrate guys talk late-Sam

Of course he would be grumpy. Well whatever I am not going to let him drag my mood down. I ran my patrol and in the morning I got some sleep until about 10 and then I got up and I got up and got dressed in cutoffs and a brown wife beater. Then I ran downstairs to see my dad also waiting.

"Are you ready to go?" My dad asked smiling big. I knew that he was just as excited to have Bella back as I was. But, Charlie was more excited then both of us. Bella is his baby girl.

"Yep lets go." Then, we left and headed off to the airport to see her again for the first time in years.

Bella P.O.V

I am so excited to see my dad again. My plain is about to land and my dad is going to pick me up but I can't help but feel that he has something in store for me.

"We are landing please all fasten your seatbelts." I fastened my seatbelt and felt as the plane angled down towards the airport. When the plane landed I headed to get my luggage and after I got my luggage I headed over to where I said I would meet my dad at. I made my way through the airport and then when I saw my dad, Jacob, and Billy. My dad looked the same pale with a mustache and curly bushy hair. Then Billy who was sitting in his wheel chair next to him with his long black hair and flannel shirt jeans and cowboy hat. Then their was Jacob who was wearing cutoffs and a form fitting shirt that showed off him muscular and a definite 8 pack that you want to run your hands over. He also got a lot taller. WOW! He is definitely not the same boy I knew. But, I ran toward my dad I gave him a big hug.

"Hi daddy. I missed you so much." And I did I have always been close to my dad. So you could say I have always been a huge daddy's girl.

"I missed you too sweetheart." He hugged me back just as tight and then we pulled apart and I was swept up in a pair of big warms arms and I instantly recognized the person.

"I missed you too Bells." My best friend Jake said.

"I missed you too Jake I just would love to breath." He was squeezing me so tight it was hard for my to breath. He laughed and let me go. Then I turned to Billy. He was always like a second father to me. I went and hugged him.

"I missed you also Billy."

"I missed you too Bella." He said as he hugged me back

After we pulled away we headed towards the car. And I asked a question at this moment I really wanted to know about.

"Did they get here yet?" I asked my dad

"Did what get here yet?" Jacob asked confused.

"My babies. I sent them over early." I said to him to clarify what I meant and then turned back to my dad. But, Jacob was still confused. Bye the look on Billy's face he already knew what I meant by that.

"You had a BABY! You are so young you ca-"Jacob started to go on and on about. But I can't believe that he would think that I would ship an actual baby over here.

"No Jake I didn't have a baby I was talking about my truck and car." I cut him off.

"Oh!" He said shyly

"Yeah now daddy. Were are they?" I finally turned back to my dad.

"You Audi is at home in the garage but your truck is here." He said and by the way he talked about them I knew he was itching to drive them I know it.

"YAY! Lets go then." I started to walk ahead and then was stopped because Jacob haven't moved. "Jake come on."

"You have and Audi?" He said really shocked

"Yeas I do and I have a ford F150 now lets got." I said as I turned around to leave again.

"You have a F150 too." He said and he was even more shocked.

"Yes now again lets go already." I said annoyed.

And after that he finally moves and we were headed toward my tuck and when we got their Jacob insisted that he was ridding with me. While my dad and Billy were going in the cruiser. And we were headed out. After we got to my dads house I took my stuff inside and Jacob helped me unpack. But only to extent because of my underwear. After we were done we headed down to La push for a cook out.

And for some reason I felt that something big is going to happen soon.

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