Bella's POV

I woke up feeling great and in an all around amazing mood. But, idk exactly why I was so happy. I then started to think about how I got to my bed and realized that Charlie must have carried me here. When I started to think about last night I couldn't help but smile because of how well Sam and I seemed to connect. But who am I kidding a great guy like that why would he be interested in a girl like me? Why would he ever want someone like me after having a girl like leah?. But at the Sam time every time I thought about not hurting myself and just being friends with him my heart started to hurt really bad.

I decided then and there to just let things fall where they may. I got up and started to prepare for the day I grabbed my cloths jumped in the shower and after headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Charlie was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee with some toast and reading the paper.

"morning dad," I said.

"Morning Bells" Charlie said

"Anything interesting?" I asked refering to the paper he was reading.

He just shook his head then said, "nothing terribly interesting," I just nodded my head while I got out some lucky charms, milk, a bowl, and a spoon. And sat down at the table to eat my breakfast. That's when charlie put down the paper a little and started to talk to me.

"so? You and Sam seemed to be getting along well," Charlie had a faint blush because you could tell her was a little embaressed to be asking me about it.

"Yeah, he's a really nice guy." I replied

"just a nice guy or a guy you like?" Charlie asked

"DAD!" I said shocked that he was asking

"What a dad can ask you are my little girl you know." He said as a defence

"I know but still I don't want to talk about this." I said my face now flaming red with my blush that im sure my face was red as a tomato.

"Alright. Alright I was just curious." Charlie said.

"Well all im going to tell you is I think hes a great guy." I said

"Yeah it was mighty nice of him to drive you here last night and carry you up to your room when you fell asleep on him last night at Billy's" Charlie said Shocking me with what he said.

"He did what?" I asked still shocked with what I was hearing.

"yeah when you fell asleep he brough you here and carried you up to your room." He said

"yeah that was nice of him." I said still in shock. After that we lapsed into silence. Charlie going back to his paper obviously realizing that I wasn't going to tell him anymore. Me I was just lost in my thoughts. He didn't have to do that. Why did he? Did he maybe like me? Feel this warm feeling when were talking? Feel like he can get lost in my eyes just like I feel like I can get lost in him beautiful dark brown almost black eyes that just seem endless?

After breakfast I went up to my room to grab my phone because it had gone off and it had shown that I had a text message and I saw that it was from Jake.

Hey Bells…wanna come to the beach and hang with me, the guys, and some of there girlfriends?- Jake

Sure sounds fun..when?-Bella

In about and hour.-Jake

Ok im in see you then.-Bella

Alright see you then.-Jake

After that I went upstairs to get my keys, my wallet, and put my bathing suit on under my cloths to head to meet Jake and his friends at the beach. And I couldn't help but be hopeful that I would see Sam again today and with that thought I heading off to La push hoping to see the guy that had taken over my dreams with just one night of getting to know each other.

Sorry for the long wait I promise to update more ofter!