"You should ditch that stolen car, Dean. How many times do I have to tell you not to bring stolen cars here, boy. You know how much trouble I could get in?" Bobby ranted.

"Sorry," Dean said. "I'll ditch it ten miles down the road and walk to that diner. You can pick me up there." Dean would have asked Sam if he wanted to come, but didn't figure he probably wanted to do a lot of walking after the beating he took yesterday. Although, he looked oddly chipper today.

Sam was a little hurt that Dean hadn't asked him to go with him. It's probably that he knows I have demo n blood inside me. That's why I never told him. I knew he would look at me differently.

"I got a van that should fit all of us," Bobby said.

The rest of them got in the van. Bobby and Sam up front and John and Mary behind them. They drove in silence for a couple minutes. There was so much to say, they didn't know where to start.

"Sam, I want to know everything about you," Mary said.

"Not much to know," Sam said.

"He went to Stanford, pre-law," John said.

"Really?" Mary asked. "That's a good school right?"

"One of the best. Sam's real smart," John beamed with pride.

Sam was surprised. He didn't think his father wanted to even acknowledge that part of his life.

"So you're going to be a lawyer?" Mary asked.

"No. I went back to hunting."

"Why?" Mary asked. Once she had gotten out there was no way she would ever want to go back.

"My girlfriend died." Sam tried to decide if he should say more.

"Same way you did," John added, before Sam had made up his mind.

Mary remained silent. It obviously wasn't a coincidence and she was just beginning to grasp the amount of pain she had caused her family, especially her youngest son.

"Sam, what was Jessica like?" John asked. He realized he had never really asked Sam about her, even though she had obviously been a very important part of his life.

"She was beautiful and smart. She cared about everybody. She wanted to be a doctor. She wanted to have five kids. She even had names picked out."

"Really?" Mary asked. "I was like that too, but I changed the names every couple of months."

"She changed them every couple of days," Sam smiled.

"There's Dean," Bobby pointed when they neared the designated diner.

Dean got in the car. "Dean, I want to know everything about you," Mary said.

"Like what?"

"Well, I just heard about Jessica. Did you have a girlfriend?"

"Not really," Dean muttered.

"Did you go to college?"

"Nope. So you used to be a hunter?" Dean asked changing the subject. He was never comfortable talking about himself.

"Yes. I hated it."

"So does that mean our grandparents were hunters?"

"Yes. They were killed by the yellow eyed demon, too."

"What happened?" Sam asked.

"There were some weird things happening around town. Long story short, a demon was going around making deals to get access to houses in ten years. We didn't know any of that at the time. Anyway, my friend Liddy Walsh called and her father's doctor was freaking her out. Turned out it was the demon. My father started saying an exorcism and the demon bailed. He ended up possessing my father. He killed my parents while I was out with John and then tracked us down and killed John and forced me to make a deal to bring him back."

By the time Mary finished this story, they were Illinois, pulling up to Pamela's house. They walked up to the door and Bobby rang the bell.

"Bobby," a sexy brunette yelled and lifted Bobby up off the floor.

"Pamela. It's good to see you again. This is Sam, Dean, John, and Mary."

"Nice to meet you all. I've been trying to find out who brought you all back. I've ouijaed my way through a dozen spirits and nobody seems to know anything."

"So, now what?" Bobby asked.

"Now, a seance."

"You're not going to summon the thing here are you?" Bobby asked.

"No, just a sneak peak. Like a crystal ball without the crystal."

They set up in the other room. "Join hands and close your eyes," Pamela instructed.

"I command and conjure you, appear before me," Pamela said. She repeated this chant several times. The table started shaking and the TV turned on with static.

"Maybe we should stop," Bobby said.

"I've almost got it," Pamela said and repeated her chant.

The candles on the table flamed up and Pamela's eyes caught fire. She screamed and collapsed. She opened her eyes and they were gone. "I can't see," she cried. That was unnecessary as everyone else could see that she wouldn't be able to. They called her an ambulance. Bobby went with her and the others went to find Dean's car.


After getting the Impala, they decided to get something to eat. Sam went to call Bobby to see how Pamela was doing. The waitress came over and Dean ordered a salad for Sam.

"A salad? Really?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, he's a weirdo." Dean smiled as he said it though.

The waitress came up with their food. She put it down on the table and then sat in Sam's extra chair. "You angling for a tip?" Dean asked.

"Thought you might be looking for me," she said as she flipped her black eyes.

One of the customers at the counter got up and went over to the door and locked it. Sam chose that moment to come back from the back where he was using the phone. Dean stood up and went after the waitress with Ruby's knife. As they grappled the customer at the door flung John and Mary against the wall and the cook put out his hand to fling Sam. Sam put out his hand to counteract it and exorcised him. Dean had managed to stab the waitress and stopped for a minute and stared at Sam in disbelief. The customer applied more pressure to John and Mary and they began gasping. Sam turned his attention to him and did his thing and exorcised him.

"What was that?" John growled.

"Um," Sam said.

"Let's go," Dean said. This wasn't the place to discuss it.

They went out and hopped in the car and headed out of town. "What was that?" John asked again.

"I can exorcise demons with my mind," Sam said.

"How?" Dean asked.

"I don't know. I just can."

"Ruby have anything to do with this?" Dean asked.

"Ruby showed me how to concentrate and do it. But this is a good thing, Dean. I can get demons out of people."

"Use the knife," Dean shouted.

"The knife kills the victim. What I do, most of them survive."

"The two you did back there didn't survive," Mary noted.

"That's because they must have been dead already. It's no different than exorcising with words, except that it's faster."

Suddenly a man in a trench coat appeared in front of the car. Dean slammed on the brakes and narrowly averted running into him.

"What the hell?" Dean asked.

They all got out of the car. "Who are you?" John asked, taking control of the situation.

"My name is Castiel. I brought you all back."

"What are you?" John asked.

"I'm an angel of the Lord," he answered.

"There's no such thing," Dean protested.

"Don't be so sure," Mary said. She remembered telling him that angels were watching over him. She wanted to believe in angels and God. It was the only way she could cope with the knowledge of demons and evil spirits.

"Why would an angel rescue me from Hell?" Dean asked.

"Because I have work for you. All of you," he said.

With that he disappeared.

"What do you think he meant?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, but I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of him," Dean answered.

The End

A/N I ended it here, because this is kind of the way the actual episode ended. I'm not going to leave it here, though. I will do at least one sequel. I may wait until the end of my "what-ifs" or I may do It's the Great Pumpkin as taking place right after this story, or I might write a filler story between this and It's a Great Pumpkin. But, we will have more discussion about Sam's powers and they'll find out he's drinking demon blood and all that. I promise. Whether or not they will remember where they were when they were dead is up in the air. Dean will, of course, have broken the first seal, but he may just find out about it, not actually remember torturing.