She Believed

Summary: She believed in everything he did. And that was probably the most stupid thing she could have ever done.

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Just to make this clear. I don't hate this pairing, I just felt like writing a sad story. This was Originally going to be a Naruto Fanfic, but I thought it fit this pairing best as Light is lying to Misa. This also doesn't completely follow the Death Note story line.

She Believed

She Believed.

She believed in everything he said. Everything. But that was one of the stupidest things she could ever do.

She believed in every kiss, every touch, every smile, and every word.

She believed him when he would say 'I love you'.

But now he is gone, with a small goodbye. He took everything she had. Everything. And now she was left in the dark. With Nothing.

She should have listened when her friends told her it was stupid to date him. But she didn't listen.

And now here she is wallowing in her own sorrow. And it is all becauseā€¦

He Lied.

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