Alexis and Starscream, Chapter one

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, it belongs to Hasbro. This is fan made only. No slash in this. I will not tolerate harsh or flames comments. Constructive criticism is aloud though.

Hi my name is Alexis and my day starts off great until my friends and I go to the Autobot base. It was just another ordinary day after school. I was going up the mountain to the Autobot base on Sureshock with my friends Rad, Carlos, Billy, and Fred, and their minicons Grindor and High Wire. Billy and Fred don't have minicons because they never met the Autobots at the same time we did.

When we got to the base there was an unknown Transformer there. We did not know who he was but something seem different with this bot, what it was I don't know. It was a little strange having an unknown Transformer in the base. There was a meeting going on today and Optimus Prime wanted us to go. He's the Leader of the Autobots.

When we got to the meeting Carlos, Rad, Fred and Billy quickly ran to the meeting leaving me behind when I came across the unknown Transformer. He almost walked rate past me and almost stepping on me. But his minicon and spark stop him. He suddenly looks down at me and saw that I was looking at him. It was almost like a staring contest until his minicon started beeping at us. Then he started to talk to me, "Would you like a ride into the meeting?" the unknown Transformer asked.

"Yes that would be nice."

He set his hand down for me and Sureshock to climb onto. "Okay hop on."

"Okay." On the way to the meet started to ask the unknown bot some questions. "What is your name?"

The unknown bot finally realized that he hasn't told me his name yet. "My name is Starscream. I was Decepticon before but now I'm an Autobot like others. What's your name?"

"My name is Alexander but my friends call me Alexis and this is my personal minicon Sureshock."

"Alexander, that a nice name. This is my minicon Swindle."

"Thanks, it's nice to meet you Starscream and Swindle."

"We better hurry if we want get to that meeting."

"You're right Starscream. Let's go."

When they got to the meeting Carlos, Rad, Billy and Fred were surprised that Alexis came in the room on the unknown Transformers shoulder. Hot Shot was watching Starscream since Alexis was on the Seeker's shoulder. Jetfire Was a little worried if Starscream hurts her and so were the rest of the Autobots too.

After the meeting was Alexis started to talk to Starscream again. "Starscream?"

"Yes, Alexis."

"Can you let me down so I can talk to my friends please?"



"You're welcome."

"See you later Starscream."

"I hope to see you later Alexis."

Alexis smiled and ran off. While Starscream was thinking "If you love please stop and turn around?" Starscream thought to himself. It was almost as if Alexis read his mind. She stopped and turned around.

"Hey Alexis." The kids called all at once.

"Hey guys. I need to talk to you Rad." Alexis yelled back at them.

"Yeah, sure." Rad yelled right back at her.

When Alexis got up to Rad she asked "Can we talk in private?"


When Alexis and Rad left the room. Alexis began to talk to Rad about the unknown Transformer, telling Rad everything about him and how she felt around him. Rad was surprised at what Alexis told him.

Rad started to ask Alexis some questions. "Why are you telling me this stuff Alexis?"

"Because you are mature enough to listen to me, right?"

"Yes, I guess."

"Never mind. I'm gonna go talk to Red Alert about this okay?"

"Okay, if you want to."

"Okay, see you later."

"Okay then, see you later Alexis."

Meanwhile, Alexis is look for Red Alert and finds him in the medical bay. "Red Alert can I speak with you?" asked Alexis.

"Sure, what is it that you want to talk about?"

"I would like to talk about Starscream, if that's alright with you?"

"Sure, What about Starscream?"

"Well I've been having these strange feelings around him lately and I don't seem to understand them at. What does it mean when your heart skips a beat?"

"Well for humans it's when you find you soul mate."


"Is that how you when you're around Starscream?"

"Yes. It seems a little strange to me though."

"Don't worry but you should get to know better, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks for helping me that Red. See you later."

"No problem, see you later Alexis."