Rory moved her curled hair behind her ear as she watched people dancing, she sighed and leaned her head on her hand watching the vast amount of guest chatting to others. She watched Paris from across the room, she never thought she would be the one alone after all this time.

Rory may have the job she wanted but she barely had time to read a good book, or go and see her mother or brothers. She could barely remember the last time she saw a friend. except for today of course.

It might sound so cliche but Rory wanted to be spontaneous, [No yacht stealing though] go on a date and fall in love slowly that it creeps up on you.

Everybody had the first ever love and Dean was Rory's. He was the ideal boy that you could bring home to your parents. Rory felt the overwhelming sensation of the first time he took your face in his hands and kissed you gently on the lips. The first time Rory felt that another person could love her as she loved him.

Rory had experienced all the first's with Dean from meeting each others parents to sneaking off to meet him and also the dreaded mistake of when she lost her virginity with a married man. That feeling of guilt and disgust not only at herself but at Dean for letting it happen.

But then Jess came along, the bad boy. Not only did she feel connected to him in a lot of ways but she had a few firsts with him as well.

Then Logan came along and Rory didn't know how to be other than the person Star's Hollow shaped her to. Logan was wild but Rory needed stability, someone who would stop what they were doing and be there for her. Logan proposing to her on her graduation party, she didn't want the big fanfare, she was not some prized possession. Rory could say that she didn't want to be a housewife for the rest of her life she was only in her early twenties for god sake but attending functions and parties was not a life she wanted.

Rory wants someone who can make her smile by just being with her. She wanted someone who loves what she loves but is not afraid to speak there mind. Someone who can be bad and wild but still make her feel safe and wanted.

Rory Gilmore wanted to be just her before she could commit to a long life commitment of being someones wife.

Rory sighed and looked around at the venue "Someone take me away" she whispered.

"Rory Gilmore" a voice said.

Rory drunk the rest of her drink and turned round "that's me" she stated "Marty" she exclaimed "I'm surprised you remember me" she said sarcastically

Marty had his hands in his pocket "Rory don't be like that"

Rory stood from her stool "Be like what" she said "someone that pretended to not know me the last time we met"

"I see your still mad about that" Marty said.

Rory shrugged "What gave me away" she said "What are you doing here anyway?" she asked.

"I work with Dave" he said "Can we start over?" he asked.

Rory shrugged "I suppose but i wont be able to keep in contact my job at the NY Times is very demanding" she explained.

Marty took his wallet from the back of his pocket and took a card out "Please take it" he said handing his card to her "I am sorry about that in Yale"

Rory took the card "its fine" she said.

Marty looked over his shoulder "I better go" he said as a woman waved at him "please call Rory"

Rory nodded "I'll try" she said sitting back on her stall. Rory leaned her head on the bar and closed her eyes. "but don't count on it" she whispered. She asked the bar tender for another drink and smiled at him.

Rory took a sip of her drink and thought back to the last time she hung around he bar. It must have hung round a bar when she was doing Post grad at Harvard once she returned from the Obama trial. The trial was the best experience she could ask for but not all things were god as she couldn't find another job so she returned to stars hollow for a few months.

Lorelai and Luke had a small ceremony at the town hall, she was her mothers maid of honor and April and GiGi was her bridesmaid. It was quite a month away from school that once Lorelai returned from her honeymoon she announced she was pregnant. A couple months later her new brother came into the world. William Arthur Danes was a small child but had a good set of lungs on him. Rory couldn't believe she was sister again at 26 years old.

It was sad to think the last time she saw her brother was last summer on his 6th birthday.

Rory had decided to move to New York the most fast paced city in the US and she couldn't believe that she had a good job and the best most comfortable apartment. But she always came home to silent place and a pile work files. Forever working even in her own private place.

Rory finished her drink and stood from the bar and gave the bartender a tip before walking over to Paris who was standing next to Dave talking to some family members. she tapped Paris on the arm "Hey i think I'm going to leave" she stated.

Paris stepped away from Dave's arm "can't you stay until we leave" she asked.

Rory shook her head "I can't i have to get up early for work"

Paris sighed "I'm sorry it can't be helped" she stated "your always working Rory"

Rory shrugged "As you say it can't be helped" she said "But you will call me once you return from your honeymoon right?" she asked. Paris nodded promising to call once she returned, Rory believed her friendship with Paris would have wore off when Yale had finished but she was the only friend she seemed to have outside of work.

Rory crossed her arms across her chest and walked out of the hall to get her coat from the coat check in. she smiled at the lady and put her coat on moving her purse to each hand as she put her arms through the sleeves. Rory asked the reception at the venue to call a taxi to her hotel.

Rory sat in the back and took her phone from her pocket, she had missed a phone call from Lorelai. She rung back after checking the time, she answered on the 3rd ring.

"Hello Loin fruit" she cheered from the other line.

Rory smiled "Hi mom" she greeted her "i know I'm calling a bit late" she stated.

"Hush child no need to worry i am watching a movie at the moment" Lorelai said.

Rory took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a few seconds before shifting in her seat "Mum I'm so tired" she said.

Lorelai took a deep breath "what do you mean?"

Rory licked her lips "I'm just tired" she repeated herself "I'm tired of everything"

"Tell me"

Rory looked out of the cab into the darkness "i have a early flight tomorrow and i have to go into work straight away" she explained "I'm tired of coming home to an empty apartment mum. i thought this move to New York and working for my dream newspaper would make me happy but i don't have the energy to even leave my office at the end of day"

Lorelai shuffled in the background "maybe you need a holiday" she stated.

The cab slowed down and stopped at the curb "Hang on Mum let me pay the cab" she said putting her phone on her lap and opening her purse for some notes "Keep the change" she stated shuffling across the seat "Thank you" she opened the cab door and stepped onto the curb "Mum" she said into the phone

it was silent on the other line for a second "Sorry Rory I was getting a soda" Lorelai stated a it sounded like she sitting down "Call in sick or talk to your boss" she said.

Rory walked up to the hotel lobby and walked to the elevator pressing the button "I'll be fine Mum maybe I just need to sleep" she said the elevator dinged and the doors opened "Talk to you tomorrow mum" she said.

"Okay honey I'll talk to you soon" Lorelai said.

Rory sighed "Okay" she said getting into the elevator and closing her phone to end the call, she stepped in and pressed for her floor.

Rory sighed as she stood behind her desk, once she had arrived back in New York she took a cab to the office with her luggage behind her. she took a seat and shuffling papers sorting through the dates of the documents. Rory huffed screwing her face up "Kelsie" she called moving round to the other side of the desk she leaned down and picked the fallen piece of paper from the floor.

A disheveled young girl walked into Rory's office with small steps with a small binder folder in her arms "Yes Miss Gilmore" she said timidly.

Rory sighed and turned round to face her "where are transcripts I told you to look over" she said placing the paper in the pile.

Kelsie looked down at her feet and put her arms out with the folder "they here Miss Gilmore"

Rory smiled "you can call me Rory, Kelsie I'm not going to eat you" she said taking the folder from her "only if you're a giant danish or a mug of coffee" she smiled.

Kelsie licked her lip "I can get one for you if you want" she smiled "I'll be back" Kelsie turned and left.

"Kelsie" Rory raised her eyebrow as she pushed herself off the desk "you didn't have to go" she said shaking her head and picked up her ring phone "Senior editor" she answered the phone.

"Is that any way to speak to the best thing that ever happened to you" a voice said on the other line.

Rory smiled "Hello Hudson" she said "the best thing to ever hapen to me is my assistant who is currently getting me danish and coffee as we speak"

Hudson laughed "Suck up" he jibed "I just wanted to inform you we have a meeting with some shareholders at 9. I am here to remind you because knowing you have not looked at your emails yet"

Rory smiled sitting back in her chair "you know me so well Hudson" she said "would you do me a huge favor"

"What does my life want?" Hudson asked.

"I know its short notice but can you attend the meeting with me as my typist?"

Hudson sighed "i would love to Miss Gilmore"

Rory grinned and leaned on her elbow "thank you i just don't have the energy to deal with him today and knowing Mr Hutzberger he will be asking me lots and lots of question"

"Okay i'll meet you at your office half hour before so we can catch up darling" Hudson said.

"Thank you"