This is written for Mew's "Because of love" challenge and daysandweeks "A Quiz & Challenge" at the HPFF Forum. The idea for these kinds of quote goes to Amy, but this quote is mine. This is also the first Justin/Penelope and Marcus/Penelope on this site so YAYY! :D


Because she was always searching for perfection, until she finally realized that's exactly what she never wanted.


"Does he know you prefer daffodils to roses?" Marcus whispered in her ear.

She was fully prepared to say yes - yes, he did. He knew everything but sadly this wasn't the case. Because Justin didn't know whether she preferred daffodils or roses; he never tried to find out. She didn't understand why it mattered - but it did. They were a perfectperfect couple who had the perfect names and the perfect relationship and the perfect future. It was all she had ever dreamed of - the perfect romance. Daffodils were so imperfect – roses were the symbol of perfect romance. Of course he would give her roses and not Daffodils.

"But it's daffodils you like, not roses."

Justin had always tried to give her exactly what she had dreamt of. They would go to the pretty posh restranauts, do the perfect ballroom dance and sit all cuddled up together the entire evening. He would buy her a single crimson rose everyday and she would blush and giggle and feel like a thirteen year old all over again. So it shouldn't matter if he knew whether she liked daffodils more than roses – it was still the perfect romance after all.

"But do you want perfection Clearwater?"

Of course she did – who didn't like perfection? Except that next to Marcus, it seemed so boring and so monotonous. With Justin everything was so predictable – something Penelope had always yearned for. But suddenly, the unpredictable seemed so much more exciting, so much more adventurous. So Marcus pushedpushedpushed the walls around her and without knowing, she let him until she no longer remained Justin's Penelope and became Marcus's Penelope.