This is a completely random drabble about the Fourth Doctor and what happens when he runs out of Jelly Babies. Doctor Who does not belong to me. If it did I'd be filthy rich.

The Doctor was having quite a perplexing afternoon.

"Romana… I seem to not have my bag of Jelly Babies in my coat. By any chance can you get me some from the kitchen?" asked the Doctor, fumbling with his coat pockets.

"It appears we're all out of Jelly Babies," said Romana, "maybe you should call the Brigadier."

"Good idea, Romana!" exclaimed the Doctor, grabbing a portable phone from one of his pockets and dialing the Brig's number.

"Doctor? What do you want?" asked the Brigadier through the telephone.

"I'm out of Jelly Babies. Do you have any?"

"I'm afraid I don't have any on me, sorry," answered the Brigadier.

The Doctor hung up the phone without saying goodbye. His normally cheery face turned to one of fear and panic.

"I don't have Jelly Babies… this is impossible… I always have them… the TARDIS always restocks… well, I thought it restocked for me… I can't believe it… no Jelly Babies… this is an utter nightmare. I NEED MAH JELLY BABIES OR I WILL HANG MYSELF WITH MY SCARF!" screamed the Doctor.

"Why not go to a convenience store and buy some?" asked K-9.

"That's a good idea, K-9," said the Doctor, calming down somewhat. "Why didn't I think of that? I should go to the convenience store." He immediately set the TARDIS on course to the nearest convenience store.

As soon as the TARDIS landed in front of the convenience store, the Doctor ran out the door, shouting like Braveheart.


The convenience store door ringed as the Doctor ran in. Like a homing missile, he headed straight for the candy aisle. He immediately began scanning the brands.

"Cadbury's… no. Nestle… no. Wonka? What's he doing making candy? No… no… no… AHA!"

The Doctor finally found a large bag of Jelly Babies! He hugged the bag like it was his child, and turned it over to see the price.

"Seven US Dollars? What do these people think I am, a money magnet?" the Doctor muttered. "Ah, well, it's my beloved Jelly Babies and I need them so I am going to buy them, yes."

He went to the cashier, a young pimply-faced fellow in a grey T-shirt sucking on a lollipop, and handed him all the money he had in his pocket.

"Have a nice day! Keep the change! JELLY BABIES!" shouted the Doctor happily, running back out to the TARDIS, waving his beloved bag of sweets wildly in the air.

The End.