Russia shrugged a bit, keeping him pinned. "Because I wanted to take a shower, and we can also have a lot of fun in here."

Prussia looked at him. "Fun? Being pinned so far isn't fun." he admitted.

"For me, it's very fun, because I can do whatever I want to you." Russia said, kissing his chest.

"No you can't." Prussia said trying squirm out of his grasp.

Russia just chuckled lightly. "Would you prefer that I handcuff you or tie you up?"

"Wouldn't be able to." Prussia stated knowing he would put up more of a fight then he usually would if he tried.

"And why is that?" Russia asked, looking up at him as he kissed down his chest.

"I wouldn't let you." he answered shivering at the kisses.

"You wouldn't have to." Russia said, kissing along his stomach and then over his hips.

"I still wouldn't let you." he said as his shivering continued beginning to feel his body heat up again.

Russia smiled, pulling his wrists down as his traced his tongue along his shaft. "You wouldn't have a say."

Prussia bit his lip and shivered again, "I would..." Russia shook his head, taking the tip in his mouth, sucking lightly. Prussia moaned softly, "Yes..." His hands closed into fists since he couldn't grab anything. Russia smiled and began bobbing his head to take more in, humming lightly as he rubbed his tongue along his length. Prussia moaned louder tightening his fists digging his nails a bit into his palms. Russia smiled and sucked harder, moving his head faster. Prussia's moans continued to get louder as he tried to move his hips a bit. Russia didn't hold his hips down, chuckling lightly at him. Prussia cursed in German and continued to moan moving his hips just a bit more. Russia smiled and grazed his teeth along him lightly, before he began sucking harder. Prussia began to feel the familiar feeling in his lower abdomen as he moaned louder. Russia smiled and pulled away, kissing his hip lightly. Prussia groaned a little at him not continuing but he tried to catch his breath.

Russia looked up at him and took him in his mouth again, deep throating him quickly. Prussia was caught off guard and just barely held back from releasing the moment he deep throated him again. Russia grinned and began sucking him hard, moving his head quickly. Prussia couldn't hold back for much longer though and released into his mouth his mouth moaning loudly. Russia swallowed and pulled away, kissing the shaft lightly, before he got up again, kissing his shoulder lightly. Prussia was slowly coming off his high breathing heavily with his head tilted back against the wall. Russia smiled and kissed him lightly, letting go of his wrists. Prussia wrapped his arms around him to hold him close as he caught his breath. Russia smiled and wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing his neck. Prussia kissed his neck as well moving along his shoulder and collarbone leaving a small hickey every now and then. Russia pulled him up and kissed him deeply, nibbling on his lip.

Prussia kissed him back opening his mouth. Russia slid his tongue into his mouth to lightly rub his tongue against his. Prussia lightly rubbed against his letting his hands roam down his back across his hips and up his chest. Russia shivered and wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him closer as he tilted his head, deepening the kiss. Prussia continued the kiss letting one hand ghost across his member. Russia shivered and kissed him deeper, moaned lightly as he pulled him closer. Prussia smiled a bit and moved his hand back to his member to lightly grasp it. Russia moaned a bit louder, rubbing his tongue harder. Prussia began to lightly stroke him tightening his grip every so often. Russia bucked his hips lightly, breaking the kiss to tilt his head back, moaning. "This is why you don't tie my hands up." Prussia smirked kissing his chest lower each time.

Russia shivered and smiled. "But tying you up is so much fun."

"Then how will you every enjoy this?" he asked swirling his tongue around the tip before licking his member from the base.

Russia moaned, and bit his lip. He tangled his fingers in his hair, trying not to moan. "You don't need your hands to suck someone off." Prussia laughed a bit as he continued to take in a little more each time and lightly stroked what wasn't in his mouth with his hand. Russia moaned a bit louder, tilting his head back as he tried to keep his hips still. He bit his lip harder, looking down at him, running a hand through his hair. Prussia continued the small ministrations before relaxing his throat to take in nearly his entire member. Russia shivered and bit his lip to the blood, closing his eyes tightly as his hips shook slightly as he tried to keep them still. Prussia smirked a bit and continued to bob his head faster running his tongue along the shaft and sometimes his teeth lightly. Russia moaned loudly, tugging his hair lightly as he did so, shivering at the sensation. Prussia continued to go faster now adding a relatively hard suck at the tip. Russia bit his lip, drawing more blood as he felt himself getting close to his release.

Prussia continued and lightly rubbed his inner thigh going as fast as he could now. Russia moaned loudly and bucked his hips slightly, reaching his climax as he released in his mouth. Prussia drank it all and slowly moved off his member giving the tip one last lick before kissing up his torso to his mouth. Russia kissed him deeply, putting his hands on his cheeks to make the kiss deeper. He nibbled on his lip, tilting his head a bit. Prussia smiled refusing him entrance and pulled away to kiss his nose. Russia pouted slightly and pulled him closer. Prussia smirked at him and kissed his cheek. Russia rolled his eyes and kissed his nose lightly. Prussia rested his head on his shoulder. Russia moved his hands to his ass, squeezing it lightly. Prussia moved closer to him moaning a bit. Russia smiled and rubbed a hand over his ass, using the other one to squeeze it. Prussia moaned again burying his face into his shoulder. Russia smiled and grinded his hips lightly. Prussia bit his shoulder to hide most of the moans but not enough to make him bleed.

Russia moaned lightly, applying more pressure to his hips. Prussia grinded a bit against him and nibbled on his bite a bit. Russia pulled him closer, biting his lip a bit as he tried to hold back his moans. Prussia smiled against his skin moving to a spot on his collarbone to give it the same treatment. Russia smiled and pulled him up, kissing him deeply. Prussia kissed him back deeply as well. Russia nibbled on his lip, kissing him rougher. Prussia pulled away smirking at him. Russia raised an eyebrow and pulled away from him, turning back towards the shower, moving away from him. Prussia shrugged like it was no big deal and sat on the edge getting tired of standing right now. Russia looked back at him, raising an eyebrow. He went over to him and kneeled in front of him, kissing his shoulder. Prussia kissed the top of his head and shivered a bit. Russia pulled him off the edge of the tub, sitting back so he could pull him onto his lap, kissing his jaw line. Prussia shivered and pulled him closer. Russia smiled and held his arms around his waist, kissing his neck.

Prussia shivered and pulled him closer. Russia pulled him closer, kissing his jaw lightly. Prussia smiled and kissed his ear lightly nibbling on it. Russia shivered and pulled him closer, putting his chin on his shoulder. Prussia licked the shell of his ear and moved to kiss his cheek. Russia shivered and moved his head, kissing him lightly. Prussia kissed him back stroking his cheek lightly. Russia tilted his head towards his hand, kissing him a bit deeper. Prussia continued to stroke his cheek lightly and kiss him. Russia smiled and kissed him deeper, wrapping his arms around his waist. Prussia wrapped his arms around him to lightly rub his back. Russia shivered and nibbled lightly on his lip. Prussia opened his mouth again so he could rub against his tongue a bit. Russia shivered and rubbed his tongue a bit hard. Prussia wrapped his legs around him to be closer to him.

Russia rubbed his hands over his legs, kissing his shoulder. Prussia tightened his grip a bit and kissed his neck lightly. Russia smiled and rubbed his sides, pulling him closer. Prussia tightened his legs around him resting his chin on his shoulder. Russia rubbed his sides lightly, kissing his temple. Prussia rested his head against him. Russia smiled and hugged him close. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Russia moved his hands down his back, resting them on his ass. Prussia squirmed a bit and moved closer to him. Russia smiled and squeezed him a bit. Prussia bit his lip and pulled closer to him. Russia smiled and moved his hand a bit, probing his entrance with the tip of his finger before he pulled it away. Prussia's breath hitched a bit and he tightened his grip again. Russia chuckled lightly and rubbed his hands over his ass, nibbling on his ear. Prussia moaned a bit and nuzzled into his neck. Russia smiled and traced his tongue along the shell, slipping a finger in him again. Prussia squirmed a bit but didn't care and kissed his neck. Russia grinned and moved the finger, before pulling it out again, only to push it back in, this time adding another. Prussia began to moan and continued to kissing his neck lightly. Russia shivered, tilted his head as he scissored the fingers. Prussia moaned more continuing to kiss and bite his neck lightly.

Russia moaned lightly, adding another finger as he began thrusting them, searching for his prostate. Prussia moaned louder himself moving so he could hopefully get his fingers farther in him. He suddenly bit down on his pulse harder than intended once he found his prostate. Russia hissed lightly and then chuckled, stretching him for a few more minutes before he pulled his fingers out. "Ass..." he moaned heavily against his skin.

"How am I an ass?"

"You just are..."

"How?" Prussia shrugged and sucked on his pulse a bit creating a larger hickey. Russia grinned and moved him so that he was over his erection and thrusted quickly into him. "Now you can say that." Prussia tightened his grip moaned loudly feeling the sudden intrusion. It hurt but he could deal with it. Russia paused, kissing his neck lightly. "Are you alright?"

"Fi… fine... asshole." he added.

Russia smiled and kissed his head. "I love you too." He said, starting to move.

Prussia kept moaning and kissed his cheek, "Fas… faster..." Russia chuckled lightly, and thrusted faster, putting his hands on his hips. Of course it was still hurting when he said that but it soon turned to pleasure making him moan louder. Russia moaned, pushing down on his hips to get deeper into him, burying his face in his chest. Prussia moved with the extent Russia would let him with his thrusts. Russia moved a hand to his member, stroking him in time with his thrusts as he thrusted harder into him. Prussia moaned louder feeling his breath get heavy and body heat up. He hit his bundle of nerves again making him see a flash of white. Russia smiled and angled his thrusts so he could continue hitting that spot. Prussia moaned louder closing his eyes tightly. He began to feel himself getting close moving as much as he could with him. Russia gripped his member slightly harder, moving his hand faster as he thrusted harder into him. Prussia moaned loudly as he felt himself release into his hand on their chests, "Ivan!"

Russia moaned loudly, thrusting a few more times before he reached his own limit, releasing inside of him. He licked his hand, grinning at him as he breathed heavily. "You finally...said my name..." He pulled him closer.

"I thought I might as well sooner or later." he panted breathing heavily looking at him. Prussia kissed the side of his mouth, "I love you Ivan."

Russia kissed him back, smiling widely. "I love you too, Gilbert."

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