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Warnings: Slash! Pre Fenrir/Harry, Severus/Voldemort

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The Days of a Flower

"….You look like shit."

Not the greeting she was expecting, but she suppose he had a point, she did look like shit with her hair in tangles and knots. Her skin rivaling a ghost in paleness, dark circles around her eyes, and she couldn't even imagine what her clothes looked like.

"Hello to you too, Severus." she said with a warm smile.

She stood there, waiting for the man to let her in, and he did with a sigh. Leading her to the warm living room, he offered her tea, which she accepted. They then sat across from each other, him in a cushioned chair, and her on the couch.

"So tell me what brings you here looking…..in such a state." Severus asked minutes later.

She shifted the bundle in her arms, drawing Severus's attention to it with a raised, and slightly suspicious brow. She smiled, before lifting her cup and taking a sip, not at all surprised that it was just the way she liked it. The bundle in her arms whimpered, putting the cup down, she rocked it until the whimpering stopped; she then turned all her attention to the man before her.

"I had a baby Severus." she said softly, Severus sneered.

"Another Potter, just what the world needed, and I expect you came here for an congratulations." it was a statement, not a question, and full of sarcasm.

Lily inwardly sighed, she knew this wouldn't be easy, after all; they didn't part on good terms. Not to mention her husband, and Severus never got along, and most likely never will. But Severus was a good man, she knew this, and knew that he would accept her request; though he wouldn't do it without a fight.

"Come look at him." Lily then said, ignoring the other's previous comment.

"I think not."



"Come on."

"Absolutely not."


Severus's eye twitched when Lily gave the infamous puppy dog look, from anyone else he wouldn't even budge an inch, but with Lily it was impossible; something he learned years ago. So with a scowl, he got out of his chair, and made his way over. He sat next her, not close mind you, but close enough to see into the bundle in her arms. The babe was asleep, it's little face relaxed, and Severus could make out many of the features of one James Potter.

"His name is Harry, isn't he cute?"

"Adorable." Severus said dryly, getting up to go back to his chair, gentle hand stopped him.

"Do you want to hold him?" Lily asked.


"Just a little."

"And if I drop him?" He did not want to hold the Spawn of Potter.

"You won't."

There was that sweet smile, another thing he could never say no to….and she knew it, the damn woman.

Severus sat back down, and held out his arms. Lily giggled, before handing over her son, maneuvering the man's arms to hold the babe properly. The sudden change woke Harry, Severus's breath hitched when large green eyes stared up at him.

"How old is he?" Severus found himself asking, watching the eyes close again.

"A few days."

Severus's eyes narrowed, a few days? That didn't sound right.

"And what is a few days exactly?" he asked.

Lily's face blushed, and she squirmed in guilt under the hard gaze, conforming whatever suspicions the other had.

"Two days after a C-section" Lily mumbled, knowing that telling the truth would lessen the blow she knew was to come, that; and it was impossible to lie to Severus.

"Two days!?"

"Severus please, the baby."

Severus, who had stood up during his outburst, looked down at the babe who was still asleep. He then turned his attention back to the woman sitting on the couch, did she look paler? And her eyes were more red than before.

"No wonder you look the way you do! Even I know your suppose to rest at least five days! Where was the staff when you snuck out!? Better yet, where was your damn husband!? Merlin woman, what were you thinking!?"

Lily listen to her childhood friend rant softly, pacing the room, her son safely in the man's arms. She waited until Severus carefully slumped into the cushion chair, and looked at her tiredly.

"Why are you here Lily?" he then sighed, massaging his temples.

Ah, finally, just what she was waiting for.

"Severus, I want you to have my baby."

Severus blinked at her, looked down at the sleeping Harry, then back at Lily. "You need to go back to the hospital."


"Obviously, you're delusional, I'll fire call the hospital."


A hand grabbed hold of his sleeve as he was making his way to the fireplace.

"Please, just listen to me before you do anything."

A soft sound from his arms had him looking down, Harry was awake again, looking at him.

"Lily." he started.

"Please Severus, I beg you."

Severus sighed, then took a seat.

"Let's hear it then."


Two hours later, Lily finished her story.

"And you trust me?" Severus said after several minutes, "I'm the Dark Lord's right hand-man, I could tell him all about the Prophecy, and hand the boy over to him."

"Even you won't allow a baby to be harmed Severus."

That was true.

"But why me?"

Lily didn't answer, but looked down in his arms, Severus's followed her gaze. Throughout the whole explanation, Severus had yet to let go of Harry, the babe cradled comfortably, and safely in his arms.

He had his answer…..damn it!


Later that evening Lily left, her arms bare, and no matter how much she wanted too; she didn't even looked back.

Three days later, the Potters went into hiding, three more days later they were murdered by Voldemort.

And Severus was left alone with an infant Harry.