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This will be about the (: wolf pack! Of course lol! We all just love them sexy wolf boys! So this will be a pairing of the two of them… if this story happens to turn into a good thing then I will consider writing another like it… okay this will be a Paul/Seth slash. Dom/sub. What a better pairing for Paul… don't you think? The hardheaded, sexy, yummy, perfect, mmm okay off track! But you get it right? The hot-head and the sweet, caring, sensitive, perfect Seth.

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Okay onward with the story now!

Another rainy day here in La Push. The sunny days are getting fewer and farther in between now. It sucks! I'm starting to hate the rain. I really am. I am always smelling like a stupid wet dog! Pun totally intended.

"dude you just insulted yourself you know that… right?" Quil stated.

"oh well. Its true! Sam has us always running patrol now. We are always doing double shifts! And well we do smell like wet dogs… its nasty. I complained… okay you all are most likely wondering who I am… right? Well I am Paul Duane Martez, the angry member of the pack. The moodiest by all means. It gives my pack brothers something to have fun over, seeing how pissed off I can get. You see, in the pack there is only Sam, Jake, Quil, Embry, Jared, and myself. We are currently waiting on Seth, Collin, Brady, and by the looks of it Leah as well. We all thought it was impossible for a female to shift but apparently we all were wrong. She has all the signs. Every last one of them. And she isn't the only female who has those signs either. Jared's imprint, Kim, for some odd reason has shown signs of phasing as well. Its weird to say the least. So in an all male pack we are going to have two females as well. Oh the joy. Note the sarcasm.

I have been a wolf for almost three years now. I was the second wolf to change. Sam, our current alpha, was of course the first to change. Jared was third, then Embry, then Jake and a day later Quil. Now so far Sam has imprinted on Embry. Jared on Kim, Jake on the soon to be wolf Collin, who we dub as Mr. Shy and Quiet, and me… well I have imprinted on Seth Clearwater. Another shy boy here on the rez.

Seth. He is perfect. The complete opposite of me granted, but perfect nonetheless. I guess what they say is true… opposites do attract. But I am so not complaining! He's my world. Even if he doesn't know it yet.

"dude our shift is over! Lets go so Jake and Embry can take over I'm hungry!" Quil thought to Paul just before he phased back.

Both boys were in the back of Sam and Emily's house. Walking inside they sat down at the table where Emily had piles upon piles of food on the table. Taking a handful of pancakes off the platter Quil added syrup, and dug in. boy could Sam's sister cook!

An hour later an urgent howl was heard from Sam. All the boys rushed out and phased.

"What in the HELL is going on? Why am I… OH MY GOSH I HAVE PAWS! Why do I have PAWS? I'm dreaming. Yea that's it I'm having some weird dream yup that's totally it…." Leah rambled. They guys waited until she was done before they began.

"you aren't dreaming Leah." Sam began

"who the fuck? Oh great now I'm hearing voices. My life is just peachy. Wonderful. Hmm I wonder if mom will put me in a mental institution for all this shit I'm dreaming of…."

"Leah you are not dreaming. I am Sam Uley. All the legends that you heard from a little kid are true. We are wolves. Protectors of La Push. And no your mother wont put you in a mental institution." the guys chuckled which made Leah jump and spin to see six wolves standing behind her.

"wow you guys are big…" again more chuckling until Jake said

"that's what she said!" which brought out more laughing from the guys. Leah just huffed and sat down watching as the guys made idiots of themselves.

"dude, that was fucking priceless! Oh oh oh remember when Mr. Riley was righting on the board and he said this is how big it is, referring to that dumb triangle, and, and Embry goes 'that's what she said!' and wags his eyebrows! Dude had that Bella kid in like the biggest blush! You could tell where her mind was!" Quil laughed while saying. By that time Jake and Embry were on the ground laughing so hard they couldn't stand up. Sam just looked at his imprint before picking him up by his scruff and putting him back up on his feet.

Sam's pov

My Embry was on the ground laughing so hard I thought he was going to pass out. He was about three feet from me but that's way too far. My wolf and I want him closer. So what's the way to do that? Pick him up by his scruff and set him closer. Its not difficult to do seeing how Embry is smaller than the Dominates because he is a submissive. All submissives are smaller and have a female wolf in them. They can produce pups. That scared the crap out of Embry when he was told that he can have pups. And he wasn't too happy with me when I told him he couldn't be around the guys without me being there because he is a sub and all the other guys are doms. And until a sub is claimed by his dominate then he cant be around other dominates. 'we will take him soon. He shouldn't make the decisions of when he is claimed! That is our choice not his!' my wolf ranted… though he does have a point. But if my little pup isn't ready I am not going to rape him. 'then we just need to make him see our way of thinking' again my wolf has a good point.

"um… Sam? Can you um, put me down now? You've been holding me by my scruff for almost five minutes now…" he stated quietly. He didn't know what his alpha and dominate was thinking but whatever it was about him. Maybe he shouldn't have been that close to Jake and Quil… maybe that's why Sam picked him up. Another five minutes passed…

My little Embry was talking to me… what did he say five minutes ago? 'he wants us to put him down.' oh… no I don't think I will. I began walking back towards my house with my pup still carrying him by his scruff. He curled his body inwards so as not to hit the ground.

Embry pov

Okay I know that I shouldn't have been so close to the other dominates but they are my best friends! This is so totally embarrassing. Being carried by the scruff away from everyone else. So embarrassing. But Sam is my alpha and my dominate. So he has the right by all means to do this. But that doesn't hide the embarrassment.

Another wolf phased which happened to be Seth. Paul's imprint.

'Paul he is all yours." Sam said. Oh so now he talks! Wonderful. If he's ignoring me then I will have hell to pay…

Paul's pov

"what… what is going on? Where am I? why am I a…. wait. What am I?"

I chuckled at my little wolf pup. He is so small! About the size between a great Dane and a pony. Compared to our horse size wolf. We are almost seventeen hands while my little wolf pup I would say he is only about twelve… see the difference?

"hey its okay I'm Paul." I made a point of looking in his eyes to see him look like he has been hit by a meteor. Boo ya! He imprinted on me! Oh yea am I good or am I good? "all the legends of our tribe are true. We are wolves. We protect La Push and humans."

"oh. Well that's cool." I chuckled again. He is much calmer than Leah

"he is always calmer than me! But shut up Paul!"

"Leah you're a wolf too?"

"yup squirt I am. Phased just before you actually."

I was miffed that she called my little pup 'squirt' granted he is tiny but he is my tiny. Mine. All mine.

I walked up to him and licked his muzzle before picking him up by his scruff and walking away. Once we were far enough away from the other dominates I set my little pup down to explain the wonderful imprinting. And him being my submissive.

"okay Seth. Wolves have this thing called imprinting… needless to say I imprinted on you a year ago. And you imprinted on me back there in the clearing… so far any questions?"

"yea one or two. One: why am I so small compared to everyone else?"

"oh that's because you are a submissive. Your wolf is female. You are able to have pups with your dominate. Which is me. Until you are claimed you can not be around other dominates. Well you can be around your sister seeing as she has no way of knocking you up."

"woahhhh I'm able to get pregnant?"

"yup. That you are."

"are there any other submissives other than me?"

"so far its you and Embry Call. Once Collin and Brady phase Collin will be a submissive as well. You are able to hang out with Embry and Collin as well as Leah. But other than that until I claim you, you are not aloud to be around the other guys unless I'm with you. Then you have to stay right by my side. Got it?"

"uh huh I think so. If not well I'll let you know when the time comes."

Oh he is such a good little puppy. I love him so much.

Seth's pov

I can get pregnant. WTH! I am a boy. Born a boy. And I can get pregnant. Have birth. Oh well ain't this just peachy! And to top all that off I thought I was straight. Until I looked at Paul… wow I already love him and it hasn't even been an hour since I first met him! I don't think I will mind being a wolf it seems pretty cool to be honest. But the whole ' you have a female wolf in you and oh yea you can have puppies.' thing going on I might have a little problem with that. But hey at least I will have Collin and Embry to talk to.

I walk over to Paul and rub my face along his face and neck. Must be an imprinting thing. Or the wolf in me. To be honest I did not plan on doing this. At all. I want to run away.. I don't want to become pregnant. I'm a man for crying out loud. But I feel this big tug towards Paul, hence the whole rubbing on him and all.

Paul pov

My little wolf pup is so sweet. Rubbing himself on me is just too tempting not to lick him. So I do. All over his muzzle and ears.

"come on lets go to my house and I'll teach you how to change back." pulling him to my side I start to walk. He's still getting use to his legs so its like he is a new born learning how to walk its too cute.

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