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A Wolf's love

Chapter 15

Back at Sam's house the pack each rolled up an extra set of clothes to their leg before shifting and following the pull of the imprint while the Cullen's waited for them in their vehicles at the treaty line.

Phasing Sam spoke to the Cullen's letting them know what would be going on.

"Jake, Paul and I will be following the imprint pull until we hit a populated area. When that happens, if you all don't mind, we will then ride with you until we can phase again."

"That's fine, we have plenty of room. Leah could go ahead and ride with Emmett and Rosalie if she doesn't mind. That was you three could just hop into the car with Esme and myself when the need arises." Carlisle spoke up.

Nodding Leah went further into the woods to phase and dress before jogging towards the jeep.

"Welcome to the Emmett Mobile grasshopper." Emmett exclaimed before his head hit the steering wheel with a crunch.

"Ow Rosie…" He mumbles

"Men." she mutters.

"Right then." Sam said before phasing back and leading the way.

'Soon boys, soon.' He promises through the pack mind.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Somewhere in the outskirts of New Mexico ~*~*~*~*~*~

"Okay… Where in the flip in dales are we?" Seth muttered

"Besides BFE? I haven't a clue." Bella answers her brother.

There was literally nothing to see. Just sand upon sand and upon yet again you guessed it… sand.

"Hey! There's a… oh no wait that was a mirage," Collin said while hitting his head on the passenger window. "My bad."

"See! I told you we should've taken a right back there!" Morgan shouted.

"Yes but there wasn't a sign for one and two why the hell did we let Embry control the map?" Seth exclaimed looking behind him at Embry.

"Hey, I resent that. I'm not that bad at reading a map."

"Dude. Really? You're reading it upside down. No wonder we're lost!" Collin huffed.

"What the hell man!" Seth yelled.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Back with the Cullen's ~*~*~*~*~*~

"So, Leah…"

"So, Emmett…" Leah mimicked.

"If we were to keep Edward away would we still be able to be in Bella's life? Because she's like my baby sister and all…" Emmett spoke quietly.

"I, personally, see no problem with it but that would be up to Bella if she lets you into her life or not. Well Bella and now Charlie, now that he knows about the pack and you guys and all that jazz."

"Good.. Good… And I will, you know, keep Eddie Boy away from her. Even if it means I have to kill him." he declared looking into the rear view mirror at her.

"That's good to know. I'm glad my sister has a big brother like you looking out for her."

Emmett just nodded his head in agreement.

It was quiet for a few minutes before Rose spoke up.

"I don't think they're heading for Vegas."

Up ahead Carlisle put on his turn signal leading off the highway. Sam, Paul and Jake walked out of the woods cut off shorts on before getting into Carlisle's car.

"What do you mean?" Paul's body started shaking.

"Well, they found all the other listening devices, what makes you think they didn't find this one? They could just be leading us on… I mean Bella would be smart like that, to leave one in place I mean, so that we would know they were okay and what not…" She trailed off letting Sam speak up.

"Embry would do the same. He wouldn't outright leave me in the dark wondering if he is dead or alive. It could be why they haven't been mentioning roads, signs, highways and the like."

"Damn it!" Jake yelled punching a tree.

"Okay so now we just need to figure where they're going; if we keep in the South East direction we'll be going through New Mexico and Texas." Esme said calmly.

"What if they're planning on going back to Virginia? Bella did say she owned that Victorian home." Carlisle said.

"That is true." Jake said trying to calm down and think rationally. " so Virginia?"

"We start heading that way. Once we get to a wooded area the three of us will phase and see if the pull is in the right direction. Then we'll see where we need to go from there." Sam said before Carlisle put the car in drive and pulled back onto the highway.

"Collin, we love you, but if you don't stop singing 'All my ex's live in Texas.' I'm going to find something heavy and I'm going to hit you with it." Bella promised.

"Yeesh! No need for violence my dearest."

"No need for violence my white ass."

"Yes, your ass is white. The whitest of white in every sense of the word." Collin helpfully put in.

"If you two don't shut up I'm going to through you out and make you walk!" Embry, now driving, yelled.

Bella and Collin immediately shut up.

"That's better." Embry sighed.

~*~*~ Five minutes later ~*~*~

"I'm hungry." Collin whined.

"Same here." Seth adds after both Bella and Morgan raise their hands in agreement.

"I am too. There should be a place we can stop to eat. I for one need to stretch." Embry says.

"We passed that sign a few miles back but there should be a Wendy's up ahead. We'll probably need gas in the car too." Morgan pipes up.

"Wendy's fine with everyone? Good!"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Sam's group ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The ringing of a cell phone once again stops the group of wolves and vamps.


"Hey Leah! Look I've been keeping track of the others. They stopped at a gas station/ Wendy's rest stop somewhere in Texas. They completely passed Vegas." Brady informed her.

"Yea we figured that out a few miles ago but thanks for the information about Wendy's."

"No problem. They are away from the car at the moment so I'm listening to other people's conversations trying to figure out exactly where they are. Oh, hold on a sec…"

The other side of the line was quiet for a few minutes before Brady popped back on.

"They are right outside of Houston Texas. Oh wait… they're heading back to the car now… Morgan is saying something about a shore? Or a house? A house on the shore somewhere maybe? I don't know but they are definitely heading out east for sure." Brady told her.

Seeing Sam nod his head in the car in front of them Leah thanked Brady before hanging up.

"So they're either heading back to Bella's Victorian home in Virginia or another home in the Eastern US.. On a shore." Leah told everyone a little confused. "Does Bella have anymore houses that she owns?" She asked no one in particular.

"Not that I know of no." Rosalie says.

"Let's continue heading East. Either we will run into them and take them home or the pull will tell us where to go." Sam responded.

With that they continued on, only stopping for food and bathroom breaks.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Back with Seth's little group ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Stopping at Wendy's, Bella let the others go in and start ordering, telling them to get her whatever, while she went and paid and pumped gas. Finishing that she joined the others at a table near the back entrance.

"Okay." Collin began. " Where are we going? Since we all out vetoed the whole buy plane tickets the hell out of dodge and we're just wasting gas and money, where are we going to go?

"Well, we have the option of going to my Victorian house on the Eastern shore. But they would obviously go there first to look for us since they no doubt know that we didn't go to Vegas." Bella supplied before taking a bite out of a lovely looking baconater.

"Oh! We have that house out in the country in Hickory North Carolina that we bought remember that Bella?" Seth excitedly informed them all.

"That's true.. I completely forgot about that. It would be plenty of room for all of us seeing as it has eight bedrooms and five and a half baths.." Bella was cut off by Collin.

"Wait. You two bought a house together. A house for crying out loud!"

"Why?" Embry butted in, mouth full of un-chewed food.

"Well," Bella starts to tell them after taking a sip of Orange Crush. "Seth and I figured we would be found sooner or later when we first ran. So we had bought another house, this time together, and we were planning on moving into it but we were found before we could."

"Yeah and we would have plenty of space. Hugh backyard!" Seth added.

"Cool!" Collin and Brady grinned at each other.

"Perfect." Morgan smiled shyly.

"And our destination is now set!" They all cheered, receiving chuckles and curious stares from the employees and other customers.

"Um guys…" Morgan hesitantly cut into the cheers.


"There's, um something I should probably mention…" she nervously took at deep breath before continuing. "I'm a wolf." she said loud enough for only them to hear and not the surrounding people.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah…" she said lowering her head and scooting fries around her wrapper.

"Morgan." Bella begins stopping Morgan's fry scooting with a hand. "We already knew. I mean you have the same temperature as they guys here." she points to the other three.

"Yeah! And plus you smell like pack." Embry adds while stuffing his face with yet another baconater.

Getting nods from the other four Morgan cheers up and smiles.

Admitting a quiet "Thanks." before finishing her meal.

Hours passed as the group joked and switched drivers every few hours. They finally decided to stop at a motel for the night when it got too dark to see and Bella was the only one still moderately awake.

Running through the rain Bella managed to get them two rooms. One had two twin beds, which Embry and Seth took. And the other had two double beds which Bella, Morgan and Collin shared.

Through the night Bella found herself wide awake for some odd reason.

"Bella…" Collin whispered "You awake?"

"Yeah. I am now… what's wrong?" turning on her side to see Collin better they continued whispering to each other, eventually waking up Morgan.

"Can I ask you a question Bella?""You just did but go ahead."

Morgan laughed quietly.

"Well, I know this is going to sound really weird and I know you aren't going to want to and you don't have to say yes but well.""Collin, you're rambling." Bella cut in softly.

"Right…" taking a deep breath he forged on. "Bella will you have sex with me?"

Nothing was said for a minute or two. Two who were too shocked to say anything and one taking the silence as a no.

"Never mind Bella I shouldn't have asked that. It wasn't right of me to do so."

"Collin… I'm almost eighteen. It wouldn't be right you're just turning fifteen and…" she cut off with an elbow to her ribs.

"Let him have a one time experience with a female Bella. We all know Jake wont let him around anyone but him like that." Morgan persuaded her.

That night Bella lost her virginity to one of her best, younger, friends. Knowing that in the morning they were going to act like nothing had happened between them.

The following morning the small group of five ate a breakfast from a local McDonalds before making sure everyone and everything was set to go.

"Gas? Check. Coffee? Check. Embry puking? Check. Seth puking? Double check. Saltine crackers? Triple check. Bottles of water. Check. Everyone in the car?" Collin asked looking around.

Four "Checks!" were the answer.

Slapping his leg Collin adjusted his mirrors before yelling out "FLORIDA HERE WE COME!"

~*~*~*~ Sam's group ~*~*~*~

Another gas break and a phone call later found the group waiting for the three shifters in the woods.

'Sam?' Paul spoke through the pack mind


'They aren't heading to Florida either.'

'I know. Phase out you two and lets head back.'

Getting back in Carlisle's car they started back for the highway.

"Where to now?" Esme asked from the passenger seat.

"Keep to Virginia. They aren't going to Florida." Sam said.

~*~*~*~ Seth's group~*~*~*~*~

Finally! After many states and way too many hours of driving, no matter how many times they switched drivers, they had finally made it!

"It's about time!" Collin complained. "My numb went butt a few hours ago." he said tiredly.

"Your numb went butt? That's a new one." Bella laughed while reaching over Collin in the passenger seat to quickly yet quietly open the glove box to rip out the listening device, before stomping on it.

"Now that that's taken care of we don't have to hint around at a different area." She replied while climbing over the front seat, subsequently over Collin as well, and opening the passenger front door and stepping out of the car for the first time in over five hours.

"Last one inside is a rotten egg!" Embry yelled running up the steps and smack dab into the front door when it wouldn't open.

"Uh, Embry. I need to unlock it first weirdo." Bella laughed.

"Yea… I knew that." Rubbing the back of his neck he tried to ignore his pack brothers and new sister before calmly strutting into the now unlocked front door.

Once everyone was inside they all ran to 'conquer' their rooms. Since they were all about the same size no one complained too much.

Three hours later and twelve box of ordered pizzas later Collin, Seth and Embry were sitting on one of the many couches in the house.

"I can't believe we're here…" Collin sighed leaning back and rubbing his bloating pregnant now full stomach.

"I know… countless days, hours and too many stops to count for pee breaks and we're finally… here…" Seth added. "But I miss Paul.. I know I probably shouldn't because they are the reasons we ran in the first place but since all this," He waved his hand towards his stomach. "happened. All I want is him. Sure I want to hit him until he doesn't wake up for a few hours but I still want him."

"I know what you mean." Collin said.

"Same here." Embry joined in.

"Um, guys?" Morgan called from upstairs. "We, have a slight problem."

The three looked at each other before heaving each other up to head up stairs.

"What's wrong?" Seth asked before the sound of Bella retching reached their ears.

"Oh damn." Collin slammed his eyes shut trying to block out the sound for multiple reasons.

"Double damn." Morgan nodded in agreement.

"Smooth move Collin! You are not only going to be a Mommy but you're also going to be a Daddy! Congratulations!" Embry slapped his shoulder.

Shaking his head Seth muttered "Jake's gonna flip."

Making Collin groan in misery.

A knocking at the door made everyone, bar Bella who was still puking her guts up, stop and look down stairs.

"Go get it Morgan." Seth said.

"Why me?"

"Because, you our dear Morgan, are not pregnant." Embry said while pushing her gently towards the stairs.

"Oh fine."

Sighing once she was at the bottom of the stairs she made her way towards the door before cautiously opening it.

"Hi? Can I help you?"

"Hi! I'm Ryder Mecca and this is Travis Cruz." A tall Native American said with confidence. "We live just up the road and heard about the new neighbors so we wanted to welcome you to the area."

"Oh that's sweet of you… um.. My friends are all kind of busy at the moment um…" A sudden summer breeze blew past bringing the scent of wolf and something she didn't know to her nose. Snapping her eyes up warily to her new neighbors she put the door more in front of her.

"We don't mean you any harm pup." He said putting his hands up showing Morgan he had nothing in his hands.

"Morgan!" Seth yelled waddling down the stairs. "Bella is puking her guts up even more and if I stay up there I'm going to puke. Love my sister. Hate puking." Coming to a stop beside Morgan, Seth observed the two men standing on the front porch before commenting. "Wolf… and wizard?"

"Good guess! I'm Travis Cruz nice to meet you." Travis smiled. "So there are four pregnant pups and one non pregnant.. Where are your dominates?"

"Obviously not here." Seth said. "We kind of ran from one coast to another from them. But they're most likely only a few hours away from catching up to us." He said rubbing his stomach.

"Most likely. Dominates can track their pups but the marking." Ryder said pointing to the mating mark on Seth's neck before looking towards the stairs as two more males and another female made their way down.

"Collin, I'm so not a big fan of yours right now." Bella griped before seeing two men she didn't know at the door. Getting a sudden sinking feeling Bella rushed to one of the bathrooms downstairs making it just in time for her to unload her stomach for the second time in under ten minutes.

They all listened quietly as Bella made an entrance again a few minutes later.

"Guys, I think we should call Leah." Bella spoke with difficulty, her throat sore.

"Why would we do that?" Embry asked "I'm not quite sure I want to let them know where we are just yet… I'm not exactly looking forward to the punishment Sam is going to give me once he gets a hold of me."

"None of us do you moron. But Bella's right. We should at least call Leah." Seth supported Bella.

"Fine." Embry grumbled. "But, if we get caught early I lay full blame on you and Bella."

~*~*~*~*~*~ Sam's group ~*~*~*~*~*~

Leah's cell phone rang stopping everyone mid bite.


"H-hi Leah…"

"Seth! Where are you? Is everyone alright?" she rapidly fired off.

"Uh yeah about that? Um well, you see…"

Everyone moved to try and take the phone from Leah before her bitch glare made them back off.

"Seth, you there?"

"wha… oh yea, yeah I'm, we're here… just um. You by yourself by any doubtful chance?"

Sam's head nod made her grudgingly lie to her baby brother.

"Yeah I'm by myself. You okay?"

"Yeah… sort of. Its complicated. So I'll just sum it up a little bit for you that okay?" Seth asked awkwardly.

"That's fine."

"Okay, well, you see it all started because Collin wanted contact. Female contact. You see. Before he fully gave himself over to Jake, who we all know wont let Collin around anyone else in that kind of way. Right?" He paused to make sure his sister was still with him.

"Right. So…" Leah urged him on.

"Right, so, Collin and Bella, who by the way Morgan thinks she imprinted on, who just so happens to be Sam's sister, who also happens to be a wolf so you won't be the only female wolf in the pack anymore. So anyway Collin and Bella happened to have sex. And now Bella is pregnant so now not only is Collin gonna be a Mommy, he's also gonna be a Daddy and well with four of us now pregnant and three of us being male… we…" He broke off to sniffle back his over flowing tears and sobs. "Don't know what to do any more!" He wailed. "We look like beached whales as much as I hate to say it! Bella, the lucky bitch, still has a flat stomach. And we want our men but they're there and we're here. And there and here aren't the same place and. And. And. We don't know what to do anymore!" Seth full out sobbed surprised that anyone knew what he was saying.

Leah looked over at the guys. Jake looked like he wanted to strangle yet hug Collin and never let him go. Paul looked like he wanted to go through the phone to comfort Seth and poor Sam was trying to stay calm for them all.

"Seth, honey, where are you? If you tell me then you boys can have your men there with you in no time at all." she soothed her little brother.

"Really?" Seth whispered.

"Really honey." Leah mothered him.

The phone switched hands and Embry's voice resonated through.

"Um Leah?"

"Yea Embry?" Sam looked like he wanted to tear the phone from Leah and demand to know where they were. Luckily for them all he didn't.

"Do you think, maybe you guys could wait two days before coming to get us? We know you guys followed us and are most likely only a few hours away. But could you wait for two days? Please?"

"Embry." Sam finally made the decision to take the phone from Leah.

"Hi Sam." Embry sighed.

"Where are you at? We will give you two days before we take you back to La Push. No later."


"We promise."

"Hickory North Carolina. But Sam?"

"Hickory. Got it. Yes pup?"

"Could you by any chance send Leah? Seth and Bella really need her."

Getting a nod from Leah Sam confirmed she was on her way with Emmett and Rosalie before hanging up.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Back with Seth's group ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Why is it once we hear their voices we cave?" Embry asked no one in particular.

"Not a clue but uh, Embry? Neither Seth nor I told them where we are. You did that all on your own." Bella smiled while the others laughed.

"Damn it!"

The time passed with the small group getting to know their two new neighbors. Seth and by marriage Bella, found out that Travis were fourth cousins on Seth's mother's side. An hour and three games of bullshit, with Bella winning later, Leah, Rosalie and Emmett pulled into the driveway.

Not bothering to knock Leah barged inside and went straight to Seth and Bella wrapping them up into her arms before noticing three people she didn't know. Pushing her siblings behind her she stared at the two men, figuring the woman was Morgan, Sam's youngest sister.

Ryder chose that moment to meet Leah's eyes.

"Oh my graham crackers." Leah muttered in shock.

Ryder walked towards her feeling like he was on cloud nine. Twenty- seven years it took to find her, his mate. He wasn't letting her go. Cupping her face he planted a passionate kiss to her lips, letting her deepen it before the need for air became too much.

"Welcome to the sub club Leah!" Embry joked.

"Right, well." Leah started turning around with Ryder's arms still around her waist. "Let me get this straight. Bella, my little sister, is pregnant with Collin's pup. Collin is pregnant with Jake's pup. Both Seth and Embry are also pregnant and boy are you three showing!" she yelped in shock getting a good look at them.

"Shifters are only pregnant for six to eight months. They grow quickly. And by the looks of them they each have more than one pup in them." Ryder commented.

"Guys… I know you wanted to wait two more days but I really think we should get you four back to the Rez quickly." Leah muttered while typing away a text message to Sam. Before looking at her younger siblings.

It took less than an hour for the others to arrive.

Sam immediately latched onto Embry, pulling him onto his lap to stoke his bigger than it was a few weeks ago belly.

Paul meanwhile had Seth held bridal style in his arms, walking around the room.

Jake on the other hand had not only Collin and his huge bump on one his but Bella on his other hip as well. Which Morgan, thinking Bella was her imprint, was not too happy about.

"Jake…" Bella whined.

"Hush Bella."

"But Jake.. I really need to be put down." she trailed off when Jake looked at her.

"Jake man you might want to unless you want to be puked on." Paul said as he made another lap around. But Jake was already making his way to the downstairs bathroom before Paul had even said anything.

Once in the bathroom Jake shut, and locked the door before even putting either one down. As soon as Bella's feet touched the ground she dove for the toilet, making it just in the nick of time to yet again, puke her guts out.

Holding her hair out of the way Jake ordered Collin to plant himself on the side of the tub.

Not wanting to anger him anymore than he already was, Collin sat down quickly, wincing each time Bella heaved.

"So Morgan." Sam began. "You're my sister hmm?"

"I guess. Why is he all over my imprint?" she huffed.

"Well now. Technically, Bella is officially Jake's. Collin is Jake's, Bella is pregnant with Collin's pup. So therefore. Its up to decide if Jake wants to take Bella as his chosen, seeing as Collin is his destined." Sam held up his hand as Morgan yet again went to argue. "Seeing as you are a female, and in our species females are never dominate, I really don't know how you figure Bella is your imprint but you will, most likely, be imprinted on soon." Sam finishes

"Bullshit! Absolute bullshit!" she yells.

Both Embry and Seth wince from their places, feeling bad for Morgan but not daring to step in.