Rated: T

Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Humor, and others.

Pairings: Satoshi/Many girls (Avatar girls mostly), Aang/Katara (Maybe or Maybe not), Zuko/Mai, Sokka/?

I want to create a new story and the first crossover I ever make. This crossover is about Pokemon and Avatar the Last Airbender. For the ones who watched the show and also the ones who are not aware of this western animated series, the world of Avatar is divided into four nations which are the following: the Water Tribes (Northern and Southern), Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. There are people who are gifted with the ability to manipulate and control his or her native element (in the nation which they are born); these people are known as benders (waterbenders for the Water Tribes, earthbenders for Earth Kingdom, airbenders for the Air Nomads, and firebenders in Fire Nation of course). However there is only one bender capable to master the four elements, that master is the Avatar who is the spirit of the planet in human form. The Avatar's job is to maintain peace and balance in the four nations, but then something terrible happened. The Avatar disappeared one day and the Fire Nation made the first strike on the other nations to start the war by committing genocide on the Air Nomads attacking all the Air Temples. 100 years later, the Fire Nation is almost on the brink of victory in its imperialistic war against the rest of the world but there is still hope that the Avatar will return.

It is going to be almost like the series itself, but with few things added like the appearance of the Avatar's life long friend and rival, the Aura Master. The Aura Master is the one and true rival of the Avatar, but not an enemy of course (The answer will be for later chapters), who can manipulate his own aura and bend it to his own use whether to attack, defend, sense people's presence, healing, and has a form that is as powerful as the Avatar State. The aura is a feeling, a spirit, and also the hidden energy inside of all living things but not everyone can actually manipulate it. Despite this, the Aura Master is also the Avatar's ally who they both achieve similar ends.


Avatar the Last Airbender

Aang: 12 years biologically, 112 chronologically. The current Avatar has already mastered airbending and must complete the other 3 elements.

Katara: 14 year old waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. Her desire is to master her native element and for the world to return to peace.

Sokka: Katara's older brother by one year of advantage. He comes from the Southern Water Tribe and aspires to be a great warrior like his father.

Appa: Aang's flying bison and long time companion.

Momo: Aang's flying lemur

Gran Gran: Sokka and Katara's grandmother. She was born as Kanna.

Zuko: Banished prince of the Fire Nation. His mission is to capture the Avatar to regain his honor, his throne, and father's respect.

Iroh: Retired General of the Fire Nation also known as the 'Dragon of the West'. He is a master firebender, uncle to Zuko and Azula, and brother to current Fire Lord Ozai. He is also full of wisdom and a bit laid back.

Zhao: Power hungry official in the Fire Navy and Zuko's bitter rival. Has a short temper and throws a fit whenever things don't go his way.

Azula: Princess of the Fire Nation and Zuko's terrifying younger sister. She is cold, calculating, powerful and terrifying.

Ozai: Father to banished prince Zuko and princess Azula. He is currently in charge of the War to establish a global empire just for the Fire Nation.

Toph: Blind 12 year old and Earthbending master.

Yue: Princess of the Northern Water Tribe

Suki: Kyoshi warrior and holds a soft spot for Sokka.

Mai: Azula's friend and Zuko's crush (both have mutual crushes on each other).

Ty Lee: Azula's other friend; she makes a living in the circus to become her own person.

The rest of the Avatar characters as well.


Satoshi: He is the only known for now as aura user and firebender, and was practically raised as Fire Nation royalty. Despite the grand attention he receives, he is actually caring and a humble person. Still he is powerful combined with a strong will. His ancestry lies with the Avatar's as well.

Riolu: Satoshi's blue jackal bipedal dog and one of his partners. The two of them share the same aura.

Pikachu: A small electric rodent who is Satoshi's partner as well.

HOUO: He will be Satoshi's spirit guide in a way that will advice him of his destiny and his relation to the Avatar.

Delvil: Satoshi's dark/fire dog partner.

Takeshi: Formidable earthbender who constantly has bad luck wooing women especially with his blueish purple poison frog jabbing him in his ribs.

Gureguru: the blueish purple frog who jabs with its poisonous fingertips.





That is all for this prologue. I wanted to do something new and a crossover was perhaps the best idea I could think of. Read and Review if you show some interest in this story. About the other Pokemon characters if you want them included doing some bending. Read & review for ideas and constructive criticism. I'll try my best to update faster as I can. Also to say that the 2010 film The Last Airbender could have been much better if they had better resources. I couldn't think of background for the others. Until next time