The Melody of the Heart is in Minor Key


She was just another


i n v i s i b l e

girl at school,

and he never paid her

a n y m i n d

(And now he r e g r e t s that with

All his heart)


Somehow, his eyes always

S k i p p e d

Over her

When he l o o k e d around the classroom,

Because she nevereverever made a sound,

And he feels


For never wondering why


They only met

B y c h a n c e

In the hallways

When he b u m p e d into her.

He apologized like he was supposed to,

And she responded by

W a v i n g h e r h a n d s a r o u n d

And he thought she was


(He's s t i l l ashamed of that)


The next time he saw her,

He was with his s i s t e r

And she (not his sister)

D i d n o t h e a r

The shoutshonkscar

When she

c r o s s e d t h e s t r e e t

And only b a r e l y

missed getting hit.

So he went up to her and asked

What was wrong with her,

And she a n s w e r e d

With m o r e hand movements

And w a l k e d away.

(Later that night, he asked his sister a b o u t it. Amy said,

"Can't you recognize

s i g n l a n g u a g e ,



From then on,

He w a t c h e d her

Whenever he could

(It was just

c u r i o s i t y)

And his friends called him

o b s e s s e d

But he kept watching-

And one day,

It p a i d o f f .

He must've been looking at

Just the right moment,

With luck on his side,

Because, out of the blue, she

s m i l e d

(And he was

h o o k e d

for good.)


E v e r y o n e k n o w s

That deaf people can't talk

Because they don't know

How the w o r d s sound,

But they still have voices

(Which everyone seems to forget)

And one day

He found her

S i n g i n g

Without words

And he had never heard

A n y t h i n g

More beautiful


Time passes, and

they g r a d u a t e

(They're big kids now)

And he still hasn't told her

H o w he f e e l s

Because whenever he gathers the courage,

He s e e s her,


And wonders who

(If anyone)

Is good enough for this

A m a z i n g


(He's not c o c k y enough to


it's him.)


He never sees her again,

Except on the TV

(Because someone besides him heard her voice)

Where her l a s t n a m e

Is now Singer

(It's ohsofitting, he hates to admit.)

And sometimes, when he's


He wonders

If she ever r e m e m b e r s him

(Because he sure as hell remembers her)


Yes, it is what you think it is- ANOTHER FREE VERSE! I had this idea about a week ago- a boy loving a deaf girl who can sing- but I only managed to make it into a fanfiction today, by adding Dan into the mixture.

My explanation:

At school, there was a girl who, like so many other girls out there, no one noticed. When Dan first met her, by bumping into her in the hallway, he apologized; she replied with sign language, but he didn't know that was what it was, so he thought she was just making insane hand movements. This happened the next time he talked to her, too- Amy, however, could tell it was sign language, and told him so. From then on, out of curiosity, he watched the deaf girl, and one day, he saw her smile- he fell in love. But he never summoned up enough bravery to tell her. In his adulthood, he saw her on TV, because someone (I imagine this person to be her husband, whose last name, Singer, she took) besides Dan realized that she had a beautiful voice.

By the way, I apologize for my slight cuss. Yes, I admit there were substitutes I could've used; but I felt that "hell" worked best. And yes, I suppose I didn't need to use any word there at all, but the sentence just sounds so much better to me with it.

Anyways, what do you think? I needed an unusual pairing for Dan, and my OC was just crying out to be written. :) Please, please, PLEASE review!



P.S. DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.

P.P.S. In case you haven't already guessed, the T rating is just for that one curse word. A fun fact, just if you're wondering.