Dance Away

Challenge 008: "Fly Through The Rainbow Sky"

Game: Fire Emblem 8 (Sacred Stones)

Words: 465

Characters: Tethys


In the beginning, she was always nervous.

Tethys swallowed hard as she peeked into the tavern proper from the sliver of a back room that the owner provided for her dressing area. The tiny room was the sole reason that she returned to perform at this establishment. The owner was a crusty old codger who skimmed a percentage off of her tips, but at least he wouldn't allow any of the patrons to harass her; in one of the other taverns down the line she'd barely gotten away with her clothing, let alone any of the money that she'd earned that day.

She stopped that line of thought abruptly. There was no need to dwell on the portions of the past that would cause her to lose her composure and cry like a child. Her baby brother depended upon her for his sustenance and she would not falter now.

Taking a deep breath, Tethys let it out slowly. Her cue would come in the next few moments, when the musicians finished tuning their instruments.

When the hush fell over the tavern and the odd scrape of chairs moving across the floor ceased, Tethys adjusted her veil one last time and stepped out onto her stage. She didn't trip over the rough planks as she had the last time; a quick downward glance showed obvious attempts to smooth the surface of the wood. That was good.

She forced herself to calmly face the crowd and awaited the music.

The first notes to the melody flew crisply through the air; apparently one of the musicians this time was a professional. Tethys recognized the tune immediately; "Dreamers o'er the Way" more commonly known as "Fly Tru Rainbow Skyes". Like most tunes found in the taverns it had a collection of lyrics that men sang when in their cups, each more bawdry than the next.

But only the music was important here, and as the tune rang out cheerfully from the flute and stringed instruments, Tethys began to move. From the first step, the first pirouette, the first flash of her veil as it passed before her eyes and she saw the multicolored hues of the fabric glitter in the dim light of the lamps; from that moment, Tethys was in a different realm.

There was no more audience, no more poverty and no more weary acceptance of the lot that life had dealt to her. Even the tavern that surrounded her faded and was consumed by swirling colors and the music that carried her along. Her feet ceased to touch the floor as she spun and twisted and danced.

Only she existed in this moment and the freedom that she found while expressing herself in this fashion.

Reality could return later when the music died.

Tethys danced on...


AN: Yep, another challenge piece. I love these things - I always get helpful comments from the other authors, even though I don't come anywhere near their level. Plus I get pushed to write for an idea that isn't mine under a deadline. (Even if there are extensions of said deadline... like almost all the time.) It's something that's really good for expanding your horizons in the wonderful world of writing.

And yes, it helps that I enjoy writing. :-)