November 2, 2010

The power grid had failed, leaving the emergency lights as the only means of illumination. Global Dynamics had been evacuated save for a single lab. Two people, however, remained inside the lab, trying to stop the overload. Power levels soared on the scanners, reaching critical.

At the consol, Zane checked the energy levels. "Antimatter levels are reaching critical."

Jo moved to his side. "Alright, time to go."

Zane shook his head. "If I can recalibrate the input amount, it should work through it."

"We don't have time." Jo said.

"One minute." Zane said. He typed as fast as he could.

Suddenly a bolt of red lightning burst from the device and struck the wall. As the bolt dispersed, the wall was charred and smoldering as a result.

"Times up." Jo said. She pushed Zane from the consol. "Move!"

Zane fought with Jo until he had finished. Then he turned and headed for the door. Another bolt burst from the device, striking Zane's left leg. Zane cried out in pain and fell to the floor. He reached for his leg to find that a circular burn patterned had replaced a section of his calf.

Jo stopped. "Zane!" She ran back for him. However, another bolt burst from the device. The bolt struck Jo in the center of her chest. Jo jerked on impact. Her face looked surprised. As the bolt dispersed, Jo sustained a hole in her chest and a charred shirt.

"Jo!" Zane yelled.

Jo seemed stunned, as if she had no idea what hit her. She dropped to her knees. Jo blinked in surprise. She slumped to the floor, lying on her back.

Zane crawled along the floor to her. "Jo!" He grabbed her shoulders and slowly lifted her into his lap. "Jo."

Jo's eyes fluttered as she struggled to breath. Her chest staggered up and down. Her hands balled into fists, trembling against the ground.

"Come on Jo, stay with me." Zane begged.

Her staggering chest began to slow. Her trembling has ceased trembling. Slowly, Jo's body became still.

"No, Jo!" Zane called.

Jo's eyes opened partially, looking up at Zane. Her pupils slowly dilated within her deep brown eyes. Her head fell still against his chest.

"Jo?" Zane asked. He gently shook her shoulders. "Jo!"