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Off Limits

Chapter One

I walked into the office at Teller-Morrow Garage expecting to find my mom sifting through paperwork like always. As the Old Lady to the Club President she took it upon herself to keep things in order. I had just received an invitation to study abroad in Belfast for the summer and I needed mom to sign some loan papers for me. I knew I could have just asked Dad, but he was so busy with the club lately that I didn't want to bother him.

"Hey mom, I need you to sig-" My words died in my throat when I saw who was at the desk, and it definitely wasn't my mother.

"Uh, hi." The man behind the desk nervously said as he stopped typing.

"Hi, I'm Milla, Gemma and Clay's daughter, and you are…" I let my question trail off. Since I didn't recognize him there were only two options. Either he was a Prospect or a hanger on. Based on the cut he was wearing I was betting Prospect.

"I'm uh Juice, the new Prospect. You're Milla huh, you're different than what I was expecting." He smiled at me and my stomach flipped a little.

"Yeah, I don't exactly fit the tough, image that mom and dad put out do I?" I smiled back at him.

"No you don't, but it works." He smiled wider and I decided to sit at the chair by the desk.

"So, Juice huh. What did your Momma call you?" I knew the boys penchant for stupid nicknames so I liked to find out the real names of the Prospects and Club Members from other charters.

"Carlos, but I don't answer to that name. I answer to Juice though." We heard a ding from the computer and he went back to typing. His fingers were almost a blur as he moved them over the keys.

"Hey Prospect did you just see a pretty little girl enter the office." I heard my dad's voice and smiled.

"Hi Daddy." I got up and gave him a quick hug.

"How's my little girl?" He asked as he squeezed me hard before he let go.

"Good, where's Ma? I have some papers for her to sign." I fished them out of my messenger bag and showed them to him.

"She's out running some errands. Why don't you and I go over these papers? Prospect, give us some privacy, we have things to discuss." He gave Juice the order and what surprised me is that Juice stayed where he was, usually dad said jump and prospects said "how high and in what direction."

"I'm sorry Clay, but Mrs. Morrow wanted some help with her computer so I'm running some scripts. It's some delicate work." He looked and sounded apologetic.

"Gemma will understand. Now go to the Clubhouse and clean the toilets, It's Taco Tuesdays at Riley's and Bobby loaded up. Go!" My dad's voice hardened and the Prospect got up and ran out.

Dad took the vacated seat and motioned for me to scoot the other chair closer and sit down. I took the offered seat and looked expectantly at my father as he read the papers.

"No, no way in hell." He turned around and put the papers in the shredder.

"Dad! What the hell did you just do?" I asked angrily as I got up and went around the desk, but was too late to save the paper.

"There is no fucking way you're going to Belfast. Hell if I wanted, you wouldn't be leaving Charming." His voice started to rise in anger and he stood up.

"This was important to me Dad! This kind of chance doesn't come along every day. Goddammit!" I got in his face, not the least bit intimidated by the most frightening man in Charming.

"You will back down little girl. What I say goes." He said it with the deadly calm that punctuated all of his threats.

"Fine, I'll back down. I'll back all the way down to Dunston." With that I walked out the door and marched to my car. Jax came out of the garage and started walking toward me. I held up a hand and he stopped, understanding that talking was the last thing I wanted.

"Millicent Gemma Morrow, get your ass back in here! We aren't done." My father yelled and got the attention of the Sons in the garage.

I said nothing, just got in my car and locked my doors. My dad started walking toward me so started the car. He was almost on me as I backed out of the parking lot. No one did what I just did to Clay Morrow and got away with it. I knew I was going to pay for this but I didn't care. I nodded to my brother as I left and shut off my phone. There was no way I was dealing with my dad's shit, not after that.

A Few Days Later

I was sitting in my dorm room working on a paper when the retribution my actions promised came down on me. The last three days had been pretty uneventful, save for my mom calling almost constantly and Uncle Bobby riding down from Charming trying to get me to talk to my dad. I normally wouldn't deny my Uncle Bobby anything but I felt betrayed. I was my daddy's little girl. As much as it felt like bragging it was true I was his favorite. He denied me nothing and it spoiled me. If my father didn't love me so much he never would have allowed me to go to school down here, one hundred miles from Charming, from family. I had thought about it over a few days too and realized that I had been just as bad. I didn't even stop to think about the club's ties to Belfast. The second I got off the plane I'd be fair game. The only thing that had stopped me from dropping everything and going to Charming to apologize was my damn Morrow pride. I knew neither my dad nor I would bend easily.

"Milla you've got some official letter here. It's got an urgent stamp on it." My roommate Veronica said as she placed my mail on my keyboard.

I immediately opened the letter and was horrified by its contents:

Dear Ms. Morrow,

We regret to inform you that, due to inadequate funds, you are no longer enrolled as a full time student of Ravencroft College. It came to our attention earlier in the week that payment had been stopped on your tuition bill. Due to the passing of the payment deadline we are unable to accommodate a pay schedule for you at this time. We are sorry for whatever inconvenience this has caused.


Janine Banks

Student Accounts

I stared in shock at the letter for what seemed like hours. This was my father's retribution, taking away the one thing in my life that made me happy. It made complete sense; Clay Morrow always seemed to know the appropriate punishment. I started shaking as I held in my sobs, I would not cry, I wouldn't give my father that. As if on cue I heard the familiar sound of motorcycles drift in through my open window. I had no idea how he did it but my dad managed to kick me while I was down. I stared at my hands as there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it sweetie." Ronnie had read the letter over my shoulder and offered silent support.

"Hi, we're, uh, here to get Milla and her stuff." It was Juice, the Prospect sounding nervous as Ronnie shielded me from seeing who it was.

"Who are you and why should I let you in?" Ronnie wasn't about to let me go without a fight. She had been to Charming a few times with me and saw the hierarchy of the club. She couldn't wrap her head around taking orders from anyone and wasn't about to let me do it.

"Just let him in Ronnie. If he doesn't do this Dad'll punish him and probably make sure he doesn't get patched in and I don't want that on my conscience." I sighed and shut down my computer. I had the Morrow pride but I also had enough sense to know when I was beat.

"Uh, hi Milla." Juice said nervously as he looked at me.

There was something about seeing his cut and his Prospect badge, that caused me to tear up. This poor guy really had no idea what kind of life he was signing up for. If this errand made him nervous, the club would eat him alive. I felt a tear escape and, without even thinking Juice rubbed his thumb across my cheek to wipe it away. That simple gesture said a lot about what kind of man Juice was and made me sure he was getting his patch.

"Hey Prospect, get the boxes. Hi Ronnie." Jax's voice cut through my thoughts as he made it to the door.

"What should we pack up first Millipede?" He asked using my childhood nickname to soften the blow of what was going down.

"Whatever's easiest for you guys. I'm going to go wait in the van, I can't watch you pack up my life." With that I packed my computer and a few necessities from my desk in my back pack, then I got up and hugged Ronnie before grabbing my purse and heading out the door.

"I'm sorry." Jax whispered as he grabbed my shoulder and squeezed.

"I know." I walked numbly through the halls, running into Juice and Happy on my way. Juice was struggling with boxes and didn't seem to notice me while Happy gave me a sad smile and grabbed my shoulder, giving it a sympathetic squeeze. My dad must have been madder than I thought.

When I managed to get to the door I was greeted to the sight of Uncle Bobby and Chibs waiting at the van. They said nothing as they each gave me a hug. I started crying in earnest as Uncle Bobby rubbed comforting circles on my back.

"It'll be alright girly. Clay will calm down, then you'll be back in school. Your education is important to your old man." Chibs grabbed my hand and held tight before he took my backpack from my shoulder and put it in the van.

"Hey Chibs we need your help." Jax called out as he put the first box in the van. Juice came down a few seconds later carrying two.

"I'm on it." Chibs gave me a smile and went through the door.

Jax didn't say anything else; he just patted my head as he walked by and went back to my room. Uncle Bobby continued to hold me as the tears faded away.

"He's really mad this time, he's never been this mad at me." I sniffled as I pulled away.

"He'll calm down, like Chibs said your education is important. You've got what…three classes left? Clay wouldn't sabotage that." He threw his arm around my shoulders as we leaned against the van.

I nodded as I watched my life piled into the van one box at a time. Once that was complete I simply stared at the van, not wanting to get in an accept defeat.

"I'll just take my car. I can't leave it here." I started walking toward my car before a hand on my shoulder stopped me.

"Oh no you won't lass. I rode with the Prospect for the sole purpose of bringing your car back. Your Da didn't want you to do something stupid, like drive to Calabos. You ride home with the Prospect and I'll bring your car home. Now be a good girl and go." He gently pushed me in the direction of the van and took my keys from my hand.

I walked to the van, where the Prospect was talking to Uncle Bobby and Jax while his eyes darted nervously. Every time I saw him I felt sorry for the poor guy, yet he was still here. He was definitely stronger than I gave him credit for. I decided I'd eavesdrop just a bit to find out why he was so nervous.

"Don't look at her, don't touch her and keep the conversation light. My sister is off limits Prospect. You touch her and it won't just be me you're dealing with but Bobby, Clay, Happy, Tig, Chibs and Gemma. That doesn't look too good for you." He gave a ferocious smile.

"Listen, I'm sorry I called her hot. You know my brain doesn't always filter what I say." He held up his hands in surrender and I stared at him wide eyed, he thought I was hot?

"Yeah we know. Remember off limits." Uncle Bobby placed a hand on his shoulder as he walked to his bike, leaving me with Jax and Juice.

"Ok sweetheart, you ride with Juice. He's taking you to Mom's, don't fight her too much, she's worried about you. Prospect, take good care of my little sister and remember what I just told you." He hugged me then got on his bike.

I simply nodded and got in the van, Juice followed suit and as soon as I was safely buckled he gave a nod and Jax and Bobby took off followed by us with Happy and Chibs in the rear. I sighed, it was fitting that I got an honor guard, my life as I knew it was over.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, Juice practically bouncing from unspent energy. I spent the time looking at him. I could have kicked myself for not noticing how hot he was. He was broad shouldered with defined muscles and big hands. I did notice his amazing smile, and that what I associated with him. He looked over at me and noticed I was staring I blushed and looked away, but not before he smiled at me.

"So Millicent Gemma Morrow, pretty strong name. Where'd it come from?" He kept his eyes on the road, evidently taking Jax', "don't look at her" to heart.

"Well my grandmother, Clay's mom was a tough bitch so he wanted me to be equally tough and of course he wanted me to be as tough as Gemma. Essentially my name was designed to make me uberbitch. Just another way to disappoint my father." I smiled sadly at him.

"I think it's a nice name, it suits you."He glanced over and smiled again.

"Juice, how did you guys get there so fast? I had literally just finished reading the letter and you guys rolled up. What's up with that?" I knew he wouldn't lie to me, he didn't seem like the sort who even knew how to lie.

"Clay'll kill me but I feel bad about what happened. He had me hack your school's mainframe and find out when the student account letters went out. Bobby also had some ears in the mailroom. We got called this morning as soon as your letter got sorted. It was just coincidence that you had finished reading the letter when we pulled up." He gave me an apologetic smile and I understood.

"Thanks for telling me the truth Juice." I gave him a smile and mentally prepared for the homecoming.